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Kim Dongmin

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1 Kim Dongmin on Mon May 09, 2016 10:13 pm

Enrollment Form


Basic info
Name: Kim Dongmin (Dongmin Kim in Western style)
Age: 19
Birthday: October 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 165 centimeters
Weight: 138.2 pounds
Face Claim: I don't know who the picture is, but the character is from one of my books and is based off of me so I'm face claiming myself I guess...?  

Aura 170|130HP

Major: Medical Major
Likes: Candy (specifically lollipops), rapping, dancing, taking care of others, singing, drawing and writing music
Dislikes: Admitting he's wrong, being mistaken for a girl, being wrongly accused, people hearing him singing/rapping or seeing him dancing/seeing his drawings, getting close to others
Fears: Losing those dear to him, being betrayed, bad weather
Overall Personality: Dongmin is usual quiet and seems melancholy, although usually he's just deep in thought. He is usually in a state of sadness or shyness, not liking meeting new people or being complimented. He doesn't often get along well with others, because he automatically assumes they're going to judge him and so he becomes defensive and sometimes aggressive. Dongmin often tends to come off as sort of crazy, because he is, but his favorite saying is "No one's normal, all of us have a little insanity --even you-- I just have a little more than you do".
Dongmin secretly likes to show off for the people he likes, sometimes --if he trusts them or really really likes them-- showing them his favorite art works or maybe dancing for them. But he doesn't really do that for very many people, since he likes to keep away from the possibility of being hurt.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Semblance: Using wind as a striking force
Item 1: WEAPON: A sword with a split in the center of the blade, dividing it into two parts; there is a thin piece of metal connecting from the right side of the crossguard to the pommel.
Item 2: Basic fire dust

History and Sample
Dongmin grew up an only child; he trained to try to make his parents as proud of him as possible. As time went on and he got older, he soon realized that he could no longer sacrifice his own desires for what they intended for him; so he left to follow his own path in life, deciding to train to become something more than he was. He began training in combat under an ex-White Fang member who took him under his wing, but they soon parted ways; Dongmin deciding to become a Hunter and a doctor, to honor both his parents, who were doctors, and the faunus who had began his training, who was wise in the ways of medicines and herbs. Somewhere along the road of life, Dongmin found himself in not-so-good company; being young and naïve, he followed along with everything they did, seeing the leader of the 'gang' as an elder brother, he followed in his footsteps to the best of his abilities-- until he was betrayed and almost killed by the leader he had looked up to. Ever since that incident, he decided to close himself off from most people, but often found himself opening up to some of them along the way; however, he made sure he was never as close to them as he was with his ex-leader. "Those who don't remember the past, are doomed to repeat it." Dongmin often chooses to test people around him, to see how honest and true they are; he also tends to say random things he heard in his gang life to see if anyone around him could be a spy for his enemies. "It's better to be safe and alive than sorry and dead." To Dongmin, betrayal is one of the most despicable acts that can be committed; on the occasion he is betrayed, he often fights the traitors-- to the death.
Over the years, Dongmin finds himself often meeting his ex-leader, which always becomes a battle between the two; though Dongmin never wins, he is never killed by his opponent, always leaving him wondering why his life is spared when he always tries to kill the man. "It's confusing, how you always spare my life when I try to take yours."
RP Sample:
Dongmin slid back, clutching his sword in one hand and gritting his teeth. "We don't have to do this!" he yelled, receiving only cold laughter from his opponent in response. He felt despair wash over him again before biting his lip and considering his options; he shifted his weight before charging his opponent, changing his combat routine. As though it had been expected, his opponent just smiled at him and moved out of the way, sword swirling around to lash up toward his head; Dongmin barely got his sword moved in time to block the strike. As it was, the blade still managed to cut his cheek; he hissed, before spinning toward his opponent and swinging his sword around. Once more, their blades clashed; frowned. This isn't going well. One wrong move and I'm dead, he thought grimly, forcing himself to remain calm and focused.

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