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Logo Rengo(FIN)

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1 Logo Rengo(FIN) on Mon May 09, 2016 10:27 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Logo Rengo Pachetti
Age: 27
Birthday: 23rd of November
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200
Face Claim:Nobuhiro Mashiro - Bakuman

STR: 5 + 1
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 50|250 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Simple things in life: It's the simple things that allow the complicated to happen.

Taking a good thing, and keeping it that way: Now. He's known for turning bad people good, but also bad people terrible. He does like keeping a good thing, be it a person or not, the way they are. Nourish it. Don'tch'now?

Making sure everyone's alright: He's really not the worse guy ever, honest. He wants to be sure everyone is doing okay.

Stealing things: His favorite pastime.

Seeing things through: He likes seeing things through.

Dislikes: Wanna-be Gangsters: God they're terrible. Won't even kill a guy.

Pineapples: They taste yucky

Coffee: Again, tastes terrible. He prefers cold water.
Fears: Haphephobia: The fear of being touched. It's to the point where he always wears gloves. As long as he wears gloves, he'll be fine.

Emetophobia: Fear of vomiting

Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens.
Overall Personality: He's a tough, stern type of guy. It comes from his stretch as a gang member, and for a time, leader. He might not look the type, but he'll go hand in- wait, you have to touch him?! Never mind. Not hand in hand. That's a terrible idea. However, other then touching, he's a tough guy. Sure, he doesn't hide his emotions. He finds absolutely no reason to hide his emotions. He, while liking to draw out the bad in obviously bad people, hates corrupting the innocent. He sees no point in it. Honest. Oh. He's also bluntly honest, to the point where it could be considered a flaw. After all, why do you lie when you can deal with whatever the consequence. One might think that you could die, one would have to care about death first. Mind you, he's not stupid. He'd rather not have to deal with death, but he notes it as something that can happen.

He's also not wise. He just has a few sayings. One is this, "I heard a rich guy tell me that we're all gamblers in life, no matter what happens. I think he's right."

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Earth Manipulation: Can be used in offense, defense but must be connected to the ground in some way.
Item 1: Due to liking things simple, he uses a large, heavy wooden bokken to fight Grimm and people alike. It's roughly 3 and 3/4s feet long, and weighs 2.5 lbs. Not the heaviest, but made out of strong wood. Strong enough to stop most metal, that is.(Weapon, T1)
It's held in a sheath on his back.
Item 2: His brown coat is T1 Physical armor.

History and Sample
Who cares about blood, guts and gore? Not Logo. Logo is an ex-mob boss at Syne under some special circumstances. Although, you’re interested in how he’s a mob boss, huh? How’d a man like him, go and become a mob boss. Well.

Let’s skip to when he was 18.

He was his 6’5 self, although a bit heavier set. Probably 250. He had taken some money from the mob, as he was thief alongside his normal job as a cashier. That made two goons get sent after him. Him, being him, didn’t care. Why would he? He kicked one unconscious, and after a right hook, informed them to, and I quote, ‘F*ck off.’

That got the attention of the current mob boss. Not that he cared. The Rengo family name were not easily scared people.

After all, his family coat had the animal of a wolf. It fit, oddly enough. Anyhow, let’s skip to when he’s 19.

He was stalked by the guy known for cracking heads. Not that 19 year old Logo cared. He did almost get his head taken off by a metal pole. Although, a quick duck helped him not to get knocked out and bleeding in the alley. A swift jab to the nose, and throw to the ground. The guy was out cold. Then a boot to the head proved fatal. He just continued walking. Skip a few months ahead, and the mob boss contacts him.

Tells him to join up. Take the place of the previous headcracker.

He figured why not, and joined.

Skip to when he was 25.

He was crowned mob boss, as the old one had died of 'mysterious consequences'.

Skip another year.

He takes a boxer out for not paying up.

Skip another year

He takes the fall, and basically gets told to become a hunter or die.

He chose to be a hunter.

Well. A hunter in training.

RP Sample:
Standing as tall as they do, and as tough as one of his sort would, he really couldn't care what he was doing. He had to call in every night, otherwise they'd assume he went rouge. If he did call them and they didn't like his answer, they'd off him. God, that was a terrible idea to agree. He should've just offed himself. He's not afraid of death or anything. They couldn't have just brain-washed him into a soldier or something, no. They had to make him a hunter. One of the most boring jobs. Grimm were predictable and most hunter's were stuck up in their own abilities. Honest. Plus, the guy next to him was insanely annoying, and so mundane that Logo was ready to fall asleep. The only thing keeping him awake was his want to violently punch people to make it end. Fast and furious, easy and clean.

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