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Byun Rogue

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1 Byun Rogue on Thu May 12, 2016 11:26 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Byun Rogue
Age: 18
Birthday: January 1
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 140.01 pounds
Face Claim: Whoever's in the picture, I don't know the name -.- I just use Bing images

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 180HP 120

Major: Combat Major
Likes: Ice cream, combat, living up to the name "Rogue", music, drawing, watching other people fight each other
Dislikes: People, plants, pretty much whatever moves or lives, chocolate
Fears: His mother, drowning, losing what he cares for most
Overall Personality: Often coming across as cocky, Rogue tends to have full faith in his abilities, knowing how strong he is and usually being able to accurately judge if an opponent is stronger/weaker than him. Rogue is usually cold/cruel or unkind toward those around him, giving off a malicious aura at first; those who know him well know that he does possess a kinder side under the layers of thorns. Rogue is often the definition of psychotic, causing people to steer clear of him, which is best for their health; Rogue has been known to randomly start fights in the past, as combat is often something he finds as something amusing rather than something to be taken seriously.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dark blue
Semblance: {Damage Semblance} Gilded Fury: Rogue's Semblance is an electrokinetic attack that builds up inside of his Dan Jun (the center of his being) before he expels it outward at high velocity and with high power. However, Gilded Fury leaves him winded for at least five seconds, so he prefers not to use it unless it's for a one hit knock out, he's fighting with a team, or he's desperate.
Item 1: {Weapon} Dragon's Edge: a hwando (a Korean 'katana') of one meter and five centimeters in length, made of dark blue and deep crimson steel made to appear scaled, carried in a black geomjip (scabbard) at his left hip
Item 2: Water dust :3

History and Sample
Rogue was raised by his older brother, made to memorize the one thing that was pounded into his head over and over again: Friends don't exist. You are your best friend. Your weapon is your best friend. Everyone else means you harm. The only friends you can trust are the ones in your debt. Don't find yourself in anyone else's debt. Being young and influential, Rogue accepted this as the truth and chanted it like a mantra, day in, day out. He learned how to fight and how to kill from his older brother; everything was going relatively well in their lives until Rogue turned fifteen and his brother mysteriously disappeared. Rogue may have missed his brother, but he dismissed his disappearance as nature; after all, mother birds leave their young to fend for themselves after so long. Why shouldn't his brother?
Rogue left the place he and his brother had called home and went out searching for adventure and a fight or two; it wasn't long before he found his mother (whom he dubbed "the Fearful One") and learned about the school for Hunters and Huntresses. He considered it an option, but never quite decided to go to it; not, that is, for a few more years, when he finally decided that he might as well join the school, as it seemed like it would be entertaining (and he had nothing better to do at the time).
Rogue was amused at how easy the entrance exams were, but was a little more puzzled at the majors. After all, he was raised away from the rest of the world for his entire life. So, he chose the thing he was best at: Combat. A combat major was right up his alley, seeing as he'd been raised to fight by his brother, and he enjoyed combat anyway. May as well do what you enjoy doing.
However, before starting at the school, Rogue had errands to run first; such as making sure he had all the equipment he needed for the maintenance of his weapon, and making sure everything he had was in tip-top condition before he left.
RP Sample:
Rogue glanced at his opponent, shifting his weight ever-so-slightly. "You know, there's a saying." He smirked. "'What goes around, comes around'. I always did like that saying." He tilted his head as his opponent charged, lightly flipping to the side and landing gracefully on his feet. "There's a certain advantage to being quick and graceful," he trilled lightly, before his eyes hardened and he drew his sword in one swift motion. "Not that you would know anything about grace." He hummed thoughtfully as his opponent turned to glare at him, and his eyes widened in mock surprise. "Oh, please don't hurt me!" he laughed mockingly."I still have to tell my mother how much I love her!" Still laughing, Rogue dodged another attack before going in for the metaphorical kill, sword angled perfectly for the strike, cutting a gash in his opponent's side before leaping out of range again.

Main Theme:
Combat Theme:

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