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Settling In (Open for 3 More ^^ Come On In)

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1 Settling In (Open for 3 More ^^ Come On In) on Thu May 12, 2016 4:12 pm

Byun Rogue stepped off of the dropship, left hand propped casually on the hilt of the hwando at his waist. He looked around him and smirked, seeing how people were bustling back and forth. Seems like an interesting enough place to be. Still smirking, he made his way across the courtyard and toward the building he remembered as the dormitory from his tour. He had been assigned a team; he was partially interested in meeting them. The rest of him was bored at the idea of any human/faunus/android interaction that wasn't battle.

"Oh, how I wish to fight someone!" he sang out. "Wouldn't that make the day so lovely~" Laughing to himself, Rogue walked on toward the dorm building, pushing open the doors that were necessary for him to arrive at his destination: his assigned room.

Ah, here we are. Rogue unlocked the door with his scroll and entered, dropping his suitcase on one of the beds next to the window. Nice place. He rested his hands on the window edge and leaned out, taking in a deep breath of air before exhaling and grinning widely. If my team's good, then, well, it'll be a breeze here. If not.... he stroked the hilt of his hwando. It's permissable to whip them into shape, correct? He laughed out loud. "Ah... probably not, though." Rogue turned to his suitcase, deciding it was time to unpack and prepare for life at Syne academy.

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