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Hunting trips (Azure and Kei)

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1Hunting trips (Azure and Kei) Empty Hunting trips (Azure and Kei) on Fri May 13, 2016 11:08 am

Azure Phoenix
Azure was really bored waiting for Jack and Chace to settle their latest fight so without them noticing he left them to deal with that “I think i’m going to do a Hunt it’s still early in the afternoon.” He told himself aloud skating away from his friends (I should ask Mae to come with me!) he thought to himself as he pulled out his scroll and tried to call Maeva but no answer (She has like problem 99 other thing to do than help me. I’ll just go in solo it shouldn’t me that hard.) he thinks to himself as he made his way to the airship yard when he stops and realizes that he has no food on him at all (I should go and take a few things from the café before I go.)

Azure makes his way to the café so he can pick up some food on the go (All ready to go I hope!) he questions himself as he goes back to the airship yard. He pulls out his scroll and sends a message to Chace and Jack telling them by the time that they read it he will be on his way back to the school shortly “Hello is anyone going on a hunt and needs a partner or willing to come with me!?” he shouts slowly skating into an airship looking around for someone to join him just before he takes off and heads to the Finnek Forest.

He placed his scarf on on the floor and used it as an pillow (Time to rest /warm up before i get to that frozen hell of a forest.) he thinks to himself as the ship takes off into the air.

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Kei moved along the forest grounds in Finnek Forest. Though it was the middle of the day and the sun was high, the forest canopy protected much of the lower levels from direct sun, keeping it cool and moist. Dressed in his usual combat attire, Kei was out in Finnek Forest on behalf of a search and destroy mission. There was word of unusually high Grimm activity in the area, and as such, Kei was sent to come and thin it out.

Not too long into his trek, the roar of an engine from a airship from Syne Academy came rumbling from above. The airship came to a halt above him and began to slowly descend until it was level with the forest canopy. Kei quickly realized what this was, and frowned when he did. It seemed like he was going to have some unexpected and some unwanted reinforcements.

“This better not be some green-nosed brat,” Kei muttered annoyingly to himself as he looked up at the airship, “I’m not in the mood with dealing with one right now.”

Mood: Annoyed
Condition: Fine
Health: 200
Aura: 150

Status, Health, Aura, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 200/200
Buff: -
Status: Normal

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat - Fine

Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Fire Dust Tier 1 - 5 Vials
White Elephant's Tier 2 Fire Dust – 1 Vial

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 30 ft.
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine



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