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A long history of violence and sorrow (open, night time stroll before curfew)

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Koko Hanazusaki
It was late at night, the sound of crickets filled the air, a boy, a faunes boy, ran through the halls. Huffing and puffing away as he had to make it to his destination, being thoroughly pursued by a phantom. The hallways started fading, and as he was ready to crash and burn he turned a corner and dove into an open room, slamming the door behind him. He laid his back against the door, trying to catch his breath.


He spoke huffing in oxygen to get his breath back. As he finished his sentence he smiled, and a grotesque blade impaled through the door right by the kids head, the kid let out a scream and shot off the floor. As the blade stuck, voices were heard coming from the opposite side of the door. They weren't even distinguishable, it seemed as though someone was making an incantation in a satanic tongue. Louder and louder the mixed voices got, then the blade that was stuck in the door slowly retracted back into the dark nothing of the hallways and the voices vanished.

"What in gods name was that?!" "I don't know! I was looking up what you requested when that thing came out of nowhere!" "Did you see it's face?! Was it human?" "It stood on two legs, knees bent, no face but black as coal eyes, I was more focused on dodging it's nasty blade rather than trying to get a good look." "Did you find what I requested? Atleast tell me you did that."

"Yes! Yes I did, a lot of Syne Students actually have been attacked recently. The suspect in question is a Kokokyokorimo Hanazusaki, son of Yokokyokori Hanazusaki. Their history is paved in thousands of layers of blood. Kokokyokorimo has been arrested over 54 times, for almost everything you can think of in just ONE YEAR! Drug trafficking, human slave trafficking, drug smuggling, murder, assault in first, second, and third degree, robbing a McDonald's at gun point with an automatic assault rifle, illegal firearms in possession, firearm trafficking, and a long history of violence.

He strangled his wife to death and served time in prison for that, but got off of a self defense report. Now I know what you are thinking, how in hell is this guy still on the streets?! Get this, he will go to incarceration, at the day of the trial the judge just lets him go. Every time.  Eye witness says that the judge looks almost possessed and the evidence against him just disappears. The history doesn't end with just him, Yoko has been involved with countless illegal operations with a fake swat team according to one of their goons. They break into people's houses dressed up as swat, move the family on the front yard and into a truck, rob the house and sell the family.

The mother and sisters are minor, sources can't find anything on them besides drug trafficking, murder, and slave trafficking, only one of the kids has a clean record so far. Kokokyokorimo is the only one to have been caught, and has been sent to Alcoholics Anonymous where he hasn't spent a single minute. The most amount of time he was there was to distribute bottles of Jack Daniels just to irritate the counselors. This is the most violent and vile family I've ever seen. All their roots of the family are out of the country, none of them were born here but they live in Bellmuse in a gigantic Japanese style mansion."

"This is beautiful! If I can convict the student I may be able to take down the most violently sick family in my career!" "Just be careful... People tend to go missing when dealing with these people. Kokokyokorimo even seems to have a nickname that he is famous for, the 'Faunes Hunter' in the means he dismembers faunes people and steals their animalistic body parts. Several students are missing teeth, ears, eyes, and tails. This is one sick monster we are dealing with." "I gotcha, once we bring this bastard to justice we can become famous!" "Yeah! Well, I gotta get to bed. I have class in the morning." "You gonna be alright walking by yourself?" "Yeah! I'm fast! I think I'll be fine." "Okay kiddo, take care alright?" "Will do. See ya."

He spoke with a smile, and as he opened the door and turned the corner and was immediately impaled. Blood spilled from the boy's body, and the body was kicked down the hallway. The woman screamed as a horrific beast slowly walked into her room, the nasty blade soaked in the blood of her friend was brought up to her face.

"W...what are you!?" "The devil."

The beast tilted his head, and within seconds the woman was dead. Blood covered the entire room, no scream, no noise. The beast walked out of the room and disappeared into the darkness.

Now, hours later, Koko had came out of the shower after cleaning the blood out of his hair. His face was freshly shaved, hair groomed and slightly scruffed up, and he smelled of coconut and watermelon. It was late, the sky was dark and the street lights had been on for a while now. Koko walked outside for a cigarette, and started wandering around campus with near silent footsteps. Delissia, whom normally stayed hidden and silent in his shadow, had come out in the open as a shadowy see through figure, eyes as red as blood. Koko's voice was nonchalant and unsettlingly peaceful.

"You know, I really wish you wouldn't make me turn into that Delissia. That thing, I don't even know what to call it. Why do you do this? I can kill them on my own you know..." "Oh love, don't you remember why I possessed your puny human body? It's because you have a violent will that I can take advantage of, I can make you do anything I please in the blink of an eye and you can't do anything about it. So that's why, puny mortal."

"Yeah yeah, maybe I need to see about getting an exorcism if you keep talking like that." "Funny, do that and I shall kill every single thing you hold dear, oh wait, you don't hold anything dear. You are a sick twisted little psychopath with a family complex because you know nobody will ever love you like your family used to because you strangled your wife to death and got caught like the pathetic piece of human filth that you are and your child died because your dumb ass couldn't save her life. Oh, did I hit home little boy? Are you speechless? Are you gonna cry? Or are you being a good little dummy and not fighting back against someone more superior? And the only reason you'd try getting rid of me is so you can kill your pathetic little self because your existence in this world is a cancer."

Koko didn't reply, he decided not to reply to this devilish monster. Instead he kept silent and smoked his cigarette. To kill the time he decided to walk around the city instead and walked around. It wasn't before curfew yet, and he needed a breather after his body ached from the bones shifting shape. He hit the middle of the city, the beast still in her shadowy from floated beside him from his shadow.

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Koko Hanazusaki
The ill mannered man wandered aimlessly around the city, smoking until his pack was empty. Delissia faded away as he walked into a gas station and picked up a carton of cigarettes, paying the cashier who gave him a friendly smile.

"Quite the addiction there young man. Have you ever thought of quitting?" "Yeah... Every day I think of quitting, but I never get around to it." "What seems to stop you young man? Everything alright at home?" "Kind of hard for it to be a home situated reason because I'm basically homeless. But home does have a part to play. Family doesn't want me, I turned into the black sheep of the family because I defended myself in a life or death situation and went to jail. I put my love and trust into someone who did horrible, unthinkable things to me.

Many people would have gotten a divorce before hand, but she didn't think so. I was married at one point, I truly loved this woman. She just hated me. Hated that I was a faunes kid"
"Well, marriage can be a double edged sword, you give and take. Atleast that's how my marriage is going. And a faunes huh? I don't see anything that stands out." "Something happened that my wife did to me, that's why I don't have any special appearances. And I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Nor was I ever given the option for a divorce.

I'm a widow now, dead wife and a dead child who never got to experience the love I could have given her. I never got to be the father I wanted to be. I never even got to say goodbye. Every day I think of ending it all, but something won't let me. It tortures me, the suffering, the nightmares that I have every night make me wake up puking."
"God works in mysterious ways does he not? There must be a reason why he won't let you go." "Sorry old timer, I'm an atheist. After enduring everything that no human being should endure I have lost all faith in the lord.

What God would allow his children to be tortured like this, tortured like I was, while idly sitting back and letting it happen."
"So you are a non believer I take it? That's fine, I won't judge you one bit. That is your choice and who am I to force you to think otherwise?" "Thanks old timer. I used to be a good kid. I used to be just like you, wake up in the morning and tie my shoes, live life happy with what I have due now I can't and I won't, say I'll try but I know that's a lie because I don't, that's why I just don't know.

The Devil is in my ear, I've been sober off drugs for almost a year and he keeps talking to me, he's all I can ever hear. Plaguing my mind with terrible thoughts."
"Seems like you have it pretty rough then. Have you ever tried counseling?" "I've tired, but I got tired of being fed the same lines everyone else is fed, being lied to by someone who just wants your money who couldn't really care if you died tomorrow or not. I have no friends, I've literally burned every bridge I've ever had because I am a terrible person.

I have nothing, just a name and some clothes are the only thing to my name that are actually mine. I used to be a straight A student, always was outgoing, happy go lucky kid who never had any problems in life. Used to, now I dorm even know what or who I am anymore."
"I understand. Things get difficult, that's why you gotta push on and keep going." "Thanks for the pep talk gramps, I gotta get going. It's dark out, don't want any crazy people jumping me ya know?" "That's quite alright. You take care now." " You too. Good luck on your marriage."

He spoke and left, immediately getting into one of the packs and lighting up another cigarette. The conversation inside depressed him, he never came out to anyone in the slightest, the words just slipped out of his mouth and he felt like he had no control over them. He wandered around for a while, eventually taking a seat at one of the outside dining tables to a cafe. Delissia never came back out so he was at his lonesome as he laid the carton out on the table and started deducing how long he had until he had to buy more. He couldn't get cancer, so he never really had to stop smoking to begin with.

It was more the habit, something to do, something to keep his mind preoccupied as he was by himself now. No demon, no person, nothing. He wondered where in his life he went wrong, and decided it was his uncanny niceness that was his demise. Had he never have married this woman he would still look like a faunes, he would still be a super genius, he would be able to prosper and pass his classes with flying colors. Most of all he wouldn't do to people what he did. His outlook on life, God, and everything in between was broken because of love. A fake love that destroyed a once peaceful man which turned him into a monster. A power hungry yet violent monster who hated everything.

"Why did I ever believe someone could love another human being. Love itself is a joke, once you become predictable you become boring. I wish it atleast got to that stage, maybe then I wouldn't have gotten locked in a basement. Maybe then I could have been a real father, instead of the joke I am now. If I could look at myself in a mirror now, I'd say I was pathetic. That my life was wasted. I'd give everything, my life even, just to have seen my baby grow up to be the opposite of me or my family. To be the me I used to know. But that will never happen, and I'll never get to see her in heaven because I'm gonna rot in hell."

He mumbled, picking up his belongings and walked back around the city. The street lights provided most the light for visibility, but the moon illuminated the rest. Koko continued his walk around the city in solitude, never expecting someone to come up on him. Even if he got jumped now, he'd wake up in a few minutes alive again. That was Delissia's curse that he was burdened with, the fact he could never die by someone or something was a horrible curse.

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Koko Hanazusaki
It had been roughly 30 minutes after leaving the old man, Koko had found himself in trouble. There was a group of them, all white fang, white fang who knew who exactly Koko was and what he had done to faunes kind. One of them had him bound with a semblance, the others took turns stabbing him in the stomach.

"This is the Faunes hunter? How pathetic. Looks like he can't even fight a simple binding semblance." "Could kick your arse, you disgusting animal *******." "What did you call me!?" "I said, YOU DISGUSTING ANIMAL *******! Are you blind, deaf, or retarded?!" "Kill him. Take his things, that blade should fetch something."

One of the goons approached Koko, and placed a knife into his head. Koko's body went limp, and the binding semblance deactivated and Koko's body hit the ground.

"Faunes hunter my butt. Just a vulgar senile prick with an ego. The Immortal Faunes Hunter, that was pathetic."

The head goon spoke. He walked over, and as he picked Abomination up off the ground he immediately threw it down. The blade, rather Delissia herself, started eating the mans soul. The group had a bit of a freak out on why the man threw such a unique weapon, and all he could speak of was feeling an incredible pain, and the feeling of his life slipping away. Another grabbed the blade, and as the fool held it too long the poor kid fell down dead, foaming at the mouth.

"Don't touch my god damn sword you foolish mortal."

Koko spoke, the wounds in his head and stomach were smoking. They were vanishing, as if they weren't inflicted to begin with. Koko walked over to the dead body of the white fang boy and picked up Abomination, and cut off the Faunes kids animal parts. He got up and turned to the group, and looked at his blade.

"We killed you.... How are you moving... How are you holding that blade that just took the life of a human being?!" "Yeah, you killed me. So what? Don't you know, gods don't die? Well, I'm far from a god. Hell, I don't even believe in the lord himself. I just know that there are some things in this world you shouldn't mess with. This blade is possessed by a being of great sin and evil. That's why I can hold it, she chose me as a host, and your souls are weak. Delissia, show your face darling."

He spoke, Delissia had manifested as a shadow from his shadow. Koko plunged the blade into his chest, and as the beast drank she become more and more full, more real. As enough of his blood spilled he ripped the blade from his chest, the group watching in horror at the monsters. They had never seen such horror in their lives, as they were in the presence of utter evil.

"What the hell are you. Monsters.... Monsters!" "Huh, thanks for the compliment. We've surely been called worse. Well, your time is up, all of you. Delissia, eat them."

He spoke, and she vanished, and as she did, they did. Next thing Koko was all alone, the body in the street was gone too. No blood, nothing. Koko lit up a cigarette again and kept walking, venturing through the city. He was followed the entire time, not by a person or Delissia though. He paid it no mind and walked into a park, and sat on a bench. As he stared into the sky, a cat with a peculiar hat jumped up on his lap and looked up at him. He looked down to it, a purple furred little lay stared up at him. It meows  at him for a few minutes, and Koko tilts his head to the cat. Then, things started getting weird as Delissia turned the cats meowing into speech.

"Can you understand me now, devil boy?" "Devil boy, that's a new one. Whatcha want cat? I don't have food for you." "That epidemic back there, you are something else. Spitting in the face of death just to come back, amazing." "When you can't die you get used to the pain of being stabbed, the pain of dying. Well, I'm lying about that, the pain is something I'll never get used to. I'm no fan of the thing, I'm tired of my brain replying memories, and the only reason I can remain who I am is because the Demon you saw stores my memories and everything else my brain is used for that keeps me, well, me. But, as a cat Faunes, you could just say I used one of my 9 lives. Well, more like 99, but since you've seen all that you get the joke."

"Quite impressive actually, I thought you were a goner. Any normal human would have died from just being stabbed repeatedly. You were stabbed over 36 times after all." "37 if you include getting stabbed in the head, but that one was the finisher. So, again, whatcha want cat?" "I've decided that you are my new master, since you can't die you can't leave me by my lonesome." "What if I refuse?" "You can't, it's been decided. You are my human."

"Is that all? No strings attached, you are just gonna follow me around?" "Basically. I just want love and affection, like any animal." "Hate to break it to you but I hold no concept of love and affection. Well, I can't say that, just my concept of the idea is all torn to pieces." "You will learn. And I know you won't kill me, the girl says you won't." "So you can communicate with her too then?"

"Yup. She has a soothing voice, that of an Angels even though just the feeling of being around you two are giving me a horrible vibe. But I'm gonna need a name from my new master, and I'm going to need my master and his possessors name." "That's fine, you wanna stick around that's your choice. I'm not gonna stop you. I'm Kokokyokorimo, she is Delissia. As for your name, I think I'll call you Karla. Seems like a dark fitting name for a purple haired cat."

Koko conversed with the cat, and as they finished talking she curled up in his lap. They continued to sit there for a while, Koko eventually gave into his inner human being and brushed the cats ears under the hat, and rubbed her soft body. He was lost in the softness of the female cat that chose him, but he still wondered why. She wanted him to outlive her, but she didn't want new owners. Poor thing, little did she knew Delissia already stuck her claws into the animal, making the cat the same as he, undying. He'd have to get used to having a pet, one that could talk to him like any human could. Oh the awkwardness.

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