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In An Irritable Mood

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1 In An Irritable Mood on Mon May 16, 2016 6:48 pm

Dongmin kicked the punching bag again, sweat dripping down his face as he released his welling up and spilling over emotions on the target in question. Having been forced to speak with three people in a short period of time and being driven crazy by his fighting teammates, he was officially in an irritable mood. (And that wasn't really the best thing.)

All I wanted was to be a Hunter. Why does it require interactions? Dongmin wondered as his fists and feet slammed against the kicking bag with satisfying thumps. His anger and hatred fueled his body; forgetting how strong he was, Dongmin punched the kicking pad with more power than he probably should have and snapped it right off of the base. Eyes widening, he stepped back, unsure of what to do now that he had broken his target; looking around him, he noticed that his peers were all staring at him; defensively, he exclaimed, "I didn't mean to do it!" Quit staring at me.

After a moment, Dongmin drew his weapon and began preforming complicated techniques in the air, not to show off but to become accustomed to using his blade in the higher altitudes. Every place, he had discovered, was different enough to make the way he wielded his sword ever-so-slightly different (Something he had at first disliked but grew to expect and eventually, anticipate.) The change filled him with an excitement unlike any other he'd experienced before.

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2 Re: In An Irritable Mood on Mon May 16, 2016 7:07 pm

Chace was in the training arena and he was slicing up dummies left and right cutting them in half. "Phew" he panted and wiped off some of the sweat. I think ill take a break he thought to himself. he held his 2 swords and wore his dust infused black jacket which glowed blue at the collar part from the top on both sides in a line straight down to where the jacket meets. His tail hung behind him and his cat ears had drooped from the tiredness.

Chace then heard what appeared to be another student say he didn't mean to do it. He looked over and saw a red haired boy looking down talking to a training dummy as if it was talking and resenting him for destroying it. Chace wondered if the guy was partially mental because it wasn't like the dummies were going to talk back.

Chace walked over to the guy "so those dummies said something rude to you?" he laughed jokingly Chace wondered why the guy had said he didn't mean to do it because by the state of the dummy it did look like the guy had meant to do it. Besides that was the point of having the dummies down here to cut them and strike them down so why would you not mean to destroy them. " Im Chace by the way Chace Coal".

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3 Re: In An Irritable Mood on Tue May 17, 2016 12:16 pm

Dongmin jumped. "Are you mocking me?" The redhead turned, eyes blazing with fire. He was going on the offensive, as he always did whenever someone said or did something that could be taken against him. His eyes narrowed, his red eyebrows slanting down. This guy must just want to start a fight with me.  

"I'm Kim Dongmin. Call me Kim and... you'll see what happens. It's my last name." He tilted his head back, sweeping his hair away from his face, for it to fall back in place when he leaned his head forward again to look -more like glare- at Chace.

Picking a fight wasn't usually Dongmin's style, but this time, it seemed like the fight-starter would be him; he smiled slightly when he shifted his weight, looking over his opponent. He seems worth fighting, actually.

So he started a fight, right there. He charged Chace, spinning and back kicking toward the other boy's center.  

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