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Honing skills

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1 Honing skills on Tue May 17, 2016 6:10 pm

William walks in the doors of the training arena where other students were training. He was hoping to get some training in before his first hunt tomorrow. He was partly nervous and partly excited for this. He looked around to see if anyone would spar with him. He looked for someone that wasn't overpowered yet someone who stood a solid chance. He found a bench, still looking for someone to spar with him. The Hunt he was trying to train for was in the Finnek Forest, where he heard that a large variety of grimm were staying. It would be a perfect chance to gain some lien for himself, maybe even enough to send some home back to his father in Mistral. If the first hunt was going to go well, he needed a sparring partner to assist in honing his swordsmanship skills. William kept scanning the room for a sparing partner.

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2 Re: Honing skills on Tue May 24, 2016 2:57 pm

Sky cracked his knuckles as he came up out of a crouch, the floor behind him littered with the remnants of a training bot. They never liked when he did that, but as he kept telling them, they should make them stronger! He wasn't going to get any real training done with these bots, that was obvious. They were too predictable, not intelligent enough.

He scans the room, looking for a suitable challenge. There were a couple others in here, but they were all busy... Oh? A bookish looking fellow, slight of build, curious gaze, confident walk? This should be fun, if he is anything like me. Sky walked over to the young fellow, saying Hello, there, are you as eager as I am to get some actual training done? I'm Sky Richardson. He says with a jovial grin.

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