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Magenta Kruden

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1 Magenta Kruden on Thu May 19, 2016 6:45 am

Name: Magenta Kruden
Age: 15
Gender: male
Species: Faunus; Wolf
Appearance: usually wears black clothing, studded with multiple ebonies to store energy and boost his abilities, and always wears a ring with an amethyst. his hair is the same colour as his name, and has a few green strokes in it. he has a very bushy tail, and wolf ears.
Weapon information
Weapon name: Migaranian (pronounced; me-gah-ran-yahn)
Weapon description: at the base it is a rapier (similar to Myrtenaster, but it is black as night), and can transform into a lance (similar to Pyrrha's), a javelin, a giant flamberge, a bow, a bo staff (similar to Sun's Ruyi-Bang and Jingu-Bang, but doesn't transform into gun-chucks), a hammer (similar to Magnhild's base form), a katana and a simple One-Handed Broadsword. in all it's forms it is pitch black, and has many dust crystals embedded in multiple places, to aid his semblance. it is a good weapon for his semblance, as he can use it in any way. overall, it's fairly similar to Velvet's weapon.
Weapon creator: Magenta Kruden (He went to Signal, like Ruby and Yang)
Aura information
Color of Aura: Magenta.
Amount of Aura: Do i just leave this for you?
Semblance: Atmoskinesis. essentially, control over the five base elements; Storm, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. his semblance also allows him to store energy in gems of any type, but ebonies especially. with the amount of ebonies he usually wears on his clothes, his ability is increased tenfold. this not only adds to his aura, but his speed and physical strength.
Fighting Style
He will usually fight with Migaranian in base form (a Rapier), and is incredibly skilled with it, possibly better than Weiss. he has enhanced senses, night vision, and incredibly fast reflexes, so can fight multiple enemies at once. seen from elsewhere, he looks like a purple blur.

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