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An Ode to Noone (Open)

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1 An Ode to Noone (Open) on Mon May 23, 2016 4:21 am

Gawain Egret
There he was again, sitting on that lonesome chair, staring out that dusty window at the open campus, with only himself, that piano, and his companion resting on the floor. The silence of the room echoed back and forth between each wall and object; not even a single exhale penetrated the airless tranquility. Everything was practically still, calm, peaceful almost as if time had left the room long ago, only to leave it to nature. Nature, however, graced the environment with life, the peace and calm life deserves, and that was the wondrous music, Gawain's music.

Gawain, ever since he discovered the room, found his place of respite there, playing music for all to hear, at least, whoever heard. Always on his own, Gawain barely ever had an audience to tend to; there was the extracurricular music class he took, but, even so, that was a bare minimum of the academy, students that had an aptitude for the musical arts. Thus, when the boy played, he played mostly to himself. Sometimes he played to his companion, but those were often joyous, melodic songs, resembling the relationship the two held together. That dog was the one friend Gawain could always rely on to keep him company whenever he was lonely, which was often of course. Still, the boy simply wished for an audience, a Human, Faunus, or humanoid companion to keep him company and to just talk to. His life was always lonely one after all.

Raising his head from its hanging spot, Gawain sighed as his mind slowly emptied itself of the prepared song's theme. He was there, with his blue long-sleeved shirt on, his white slacks, and white dress shoes, sitting on that wooden seat with the grand piano before him, music sheets stood atop the holder. His mind went through processing, analyzing, and relaxing before he finally came to his end conclusion. He knew the song's rhythm, he knew the meaning of the song, but most important of all, he knew what it meant for him to be a musician.

Drawing his hands on top of the keys of the piano, his eyes scanned the sheets once before he fell upon the notes, ready for the whole world to listen to his music.


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2 Re: An Ode to Noone (Open) on Mon May 23, 2016 10:05 am

Cenere Biancardi

Cenere James
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Cenere was wandering the halls of Syne when a faint sound reached her ears. It sounded like music, more specifically a piano. She hadn't known any musicians were there, nor had she expected anyone to be putting their music skills to use. She hoped it wasn't an entire group of students and set out to find the creator of the sound.

As she managed to get closer despite the echoy nature  the halls, she noticed -with relief- that it sounded like a single instrument, meaning either a small group of friends taking turns or a single person. This put her at ease, knowing she wouldn't have to deal with a bunch of others. And maybe they wouldn't mind me listening... she though, more of hoping that was case.

She came to a hall that appeared mostly unused. This fact proclaimed by the thin layer of dust that had, the hall was clearly not acknowledged as such, or it would most likely be clean as well. The sound seemed to come down said hall, an observation strengthened by the increase in volume of the music. Cenere travelled further down the hall and found a branch, the music coming from said passage. She followed the sound and found herself at the edge of a good sized room. In the room, there was a dog -to Cenere's displeasure- and a boy who sat at a piano. She waited in silence, unmoving, for fear of disturbing him.

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3 Re: An Ode to Noone (Open) on Tue May 24, 2016 12:13 am

Quill Darwind
Quill was on his way to his room after cleaning his violin all day. For some strange reason he hears a piano in the distance. "Hm i didn't know there was a music room or even anyone who could play a piano" He follows the sound of beautiful piano music and finds his way to where it was coming from. He had not been in this part of the academy before. He opens the door and see's a new face. He said "nice music ya playing mate but seems a little to sad for someone like you" He smiled "And you miss must be the person i was hearing in the dinning hall during me and Azures food fight again i'm sorry i got out of hand so badly" Quill then look at both of them and ask "hm mind if i play my violin here i never get to play it in front of people that like this kind of music" He places his violin case down and waited for an answer.

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4 Re: An Ode to Noone (Open) on Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:02 am

Gawain Egret
With the sudden introduction of sound, the boy lifted his hands from the white and black keys and turned to see the onlookers: one was the origin of the noise while the other was simply watching. Nevertheless, before the pianist could reply to the ambitious violinist, the fluffy member of the group was already up at arms, barking at the dark-clothed man. His eyes were locked on the male's figure, unmoved and focused like a predator stalking its prey. Anyone could tell that he certainly did not favor the disturbance.

Standing from his spot, Gawain knelt a knee for his aggravated friend, petting him on his fluffy head to calm the situation as best he could. Nevertheless, the boy was almost as bothered by the interruption; the thought of a cut performance made him think as if he wasn't worth anyone's time. Still, there was little he could do -complaining wasn't an option to him of course. Petting his friend once more and providing a kind hug after, Gawain sat back at his seat and waved at the two of them, first the male and then the female with a light smile. He truly didn't want any harmful intentions between any of them.

Despite all of the happenings, Gawain treated the situation as the time treats the present; he allowed the male his time with a gentle nod before turning his head to examine the female, while listening to the violin of course. Noting the ears that stood atop her head, he recognized her as either a bunny or a rabbit Faunus; either way, he willingly accepted her presence with a smile before turning once more towards his companion.

With the caring male calming the then provoked beast, the animal returned to his tranquil relaxing; however, this time his eyes silently watched the Faunus. He wondered if she was going to stay to play with them all; he believed that interacting with her would be fun, but if she didn't stay, then he had his owner to play with at least.

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