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Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission)

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1 Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission) on Wed May 25, 2016 7:18 pm

Flash Driver
“Oh my god it’s a killer robot!” Various cooking apparatus made its way across the empty lecture hall at a breakneck pace, pots and pans and sieves to even spatulas.

The stumbling green android was simply glad there were no knives in the load as he awkwardly caught and balance each of the items in his arms; weaving in and out around the twelve cookers which he had been set up. Of course not counting the one at the front, the one Trinity Mace was supposed to demonstrate at.

He dropped the equipment, as gently as he could, rushing toward the tutor with all his robotic might. She dropped her cooking apparatus, letting out a squeal, as Flash quickly clamped her into a strong hug. Placing his screen face against the shorter woman’s forehead. Just before her eyes. His screen read in full;


It took a good few minutes of standing in that position to get the message across to the poor teacher, slowly calming herself and returning the hug.

“I’m… uhh… sorry Mister Robot.”

“It’s no bother ^^ My name is Flash Driver. Here to assist in this cake decorating class.” He gently released the woman, petting her twice on the head and picking up the equipment she had dropped.

“A-Alright then,” She smiled, “Class starts at five. Have you ever made a cake before?”

“N-No… I hope that’s not a problem >.<”

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2 Re: Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission) on Thu May 26, 2016 7:52 am

Flash Driver
Flash Driver was built for war. Flash Driver was built to both end and protect lives. He could topple buildings if he was truly inclined. He could beat a tank in face to face combat. But none of that compared to this. None of that compared to this... this... excitement. The coils behind the robot's screen had heated up a bright red, the outcome on the tinted screen was two small bright pink patches.

Flash Driver had never truly cooked before. Thus he had never worn an apron before. But most importantly, the warborne mass of metal, had never worn pink before. And yet, before him atop the oven he was to work at, lay a flat pink frilly apron.

"Um... I'm sorry Flash, the only one in your size belonged to one of my older girl pupils. I hope that's not a problem..." Trinity winced, still slightly scared of the giant machine.

"...It's really pretty..."

"I suppose it is?..."

"Um... can you help me put it on? I've never put an apron on."

"O-Okay?" The woman got on her tiptoes, apron in hand, and stretched the loop over his large head. She then rushed around his back, tying the apron around him, "A-Alright, so I'm going to show you how to make a cake and ice it. Then I can teach the class, while you go around and help those who need extra help... okay?"

"Got it ^^"

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3 Re: Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission) on Thu May 26, 2016 10:45 am

Flash Driver
Flash didn't have to learn much, most things he knew were simply loaded into his systems. Those which he did not know he could simply absorb the necessary files to know how to do them. But there were no good outlets around here, nor did the droid have the time to download the masses of data on cake making that would be required. As such the droid had to do this by hand. He had observed the woman before him, the hall was still empty. They had half an hour before the students would arrive.

All the required foodstuffs were lain out before him. He simply had to figure out how and in what order to combine them. He watched his mental recording of Trinity first cracking the eggs into a bowl... he did so with a bit too much force, then having to pull the tiny pieces of eggshell out. He noted the applied pressure and now knew to lower it. He added his butter and milk to the eggs and whisked it all together. He then added the sift flour into the mixture, whisking it thoroughly with his robotic power.

Soon the mixture was done, poured into the mold and set into one of the ovens which had been prepared.

"W-Was that good enough?"

"Well we won't know till it's cooked but I think you did perfectly well~" She smiled, more used to being in the robot's presence now, "You can take it home when we're done, ice it and such~"

"Okay ^^ Though I don't really eat so... I guess I'll just share it about."

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4 Re: Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission) on Thu May 26, 2016 6:49 pm

Flash Driver
Flash made mad dashes across the lecture hall floor, checking ingredients and cookers and the people working with them. Fifteen minutes into the lesson and he had put out no less than three fires. To say the class was a disaster however would be an overstatement, many of the students had taken right to Miss Mace's teaching method. Her demonstration had been excellent. However, there were a couple stragglers. That would always be the case with lessons. Flash had been using his accurate hands to guide them through the lesson.

A few minutes later however came something he had little knowledge of, the very decorating of the cakes. Icing of four colours; red, blue, yellow and plain white. He attempted to ice his cake alongside the woman, doing a simple and somewhat messy target design in red and yellow.

He then returned to rushing around the area, making sure the pupils were doing alright and complimenting their artwork all the while.

@940 words

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5 Re: Piece of Cake (Solo/Shadow mission) on Sat May 28, 2016 4:24 pm

Flash Driver
Flash finished packing the last of the ovens into the van, closing the door and waving the driver off. He quickly made his way back to the school, into the lecture hall, to get any final orders from Miss Mace... only to find she had already left. A note was left on the first table as he re-entered the building. He quickly picked it up and began to scan it.

Dear Flash

Sorry to disappear on you all of a sudden but I forgot that I am to tutor little Tommy on his maths for his test tomorrow. Hope that you understand. You have done excellently as a work hand and a student, your cake is on the chair in front of you.

Look after yourself ^^ From Trinity Mace.

P.S. You can keep the apron. It really really suits you.

Flash gently put the paper in the waste paper basket, his screen still garbed in the light pink hue. He retrieved his cake and hurried up to his room, passing many wide eyed students. He gently set the cake on his shelf in his room, left to contemplate what to do with his new article of clothing.

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