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Avy's Freeze Affinity Training [Solo]

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1 Avy's Freeze Affinity Training [Solo] on Thu May 26, 2016 4:22 pm

Avy Frost
Senses. Avery was breathing heavily, her body on high alert as she heard the distinct sounds of three fist-sized metal balls launching through the canons by the wall one after another. Precision. She located the positioning of the three balls through the sounds: one in front towards her abdomen, another directly on her side to the left and the last on the middle of her back. Speed. A blue circular insignia glowed beneath her as she used her semblance to coat the metallic objects in ice. And control. Using her manipulation, she stopped the ice-coated metallic balls in midair, halting their motion.

Avery let out a loud gasp, air knocked out of her lungs as she felt the ball slam hard against her stomach, another on her left rib and the last on the back of her right shoulder. She collapsed on her knees, reeling in pain and gasping breathlessly. That's when she heard the door slam open and footsteps barging in towards her.

"What's going on here?!" Castiel's voice rang in her ears. Regaining a little of strength, Avery pulled her blindfold down to her neck and glanced weakly at the fuming man.

"Why.. hello there.. back so soon?" She asked in a small voice before she winced and placed a hand over her mouth as she coughed harshly. Confounded, Castiel looked around the room. The walls were lined with several small canons while the floor was drenched in water from melted ice, littered with countless numbers of canon balls.

"You were using your semblance to stop these heavy projectiles blinded? What were you thinking, Althea?!" Castiel growled which made the girl flinch slightly. Her shoulders dropped both from exhaustion and disappointment of her constant failure.

"I know.. but.. I need to. I haven't.. improved anything ever since coming here.. and at this rate.. in three months I'll..." Avy didn't continue and looked at her palm, stained with blood from her cough earlier. Sighing, the blonde struggled to get back up to her feet. "I have to improve.. fast.. even if it kills me." As she stood up however, her vision blurred as the exhaustion and damage from earlier caught up to her. Her body shut down and her vision faded to black.


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2 Re: Avy's Freeze Affinity Training [Solo] on Thu May 26, 2016 4:22 pm

Avy Frost
Avery woke up feeling lightheaded but otherwise perfectly fine. Her eyebrows scrunched as she recalled what happened before bolting up to a sit. Glancing around, she realised she was in her room. Her hand came up to to her broken ribs, to her bruised arms, to her sprained ankle and noticed they were all healed... perfectly, like nothing happened. The door opened and in came Castiel bringing a tray of food.

"Oh, I actually don't eat inside cause the bed will get dirty..." Avy paused and simply bit her lip sheepishly as he gave her a glare. Softly, she lowered her gaze to the tray placed on her lap.  "Um.. thank you. For the heal."

"Without my semblance you'd be lying in the hospital for three days wasting your time recovering."

"I know. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking," the girl mumbled, rolling the spoon in her fingers. "Zenneth and I have the same semblace but he's leagues ahead. I guess I just got desperate.."

"The kid has four years more training than you, what'd you expect. Finish your food and come to the basement. Consider yourself lucky I'm lending you a hand."

Avy blinked and stared at him as he left. A wide smile curved on her lips before she hurried to finish her food. Changing attire to her combat clothes, the gunslinger waited a while to digest her food before going to the basement. Still with an enthusiastic grin, Avy turned the doorknob and entered before she was engulfed within a boiling atmosphere, her hand stinging from the burn of the knob.

"Ouch.. HOT! What is this? You turned my basement into a boil room?! This is worse than my cannon balls!" She exclaimed exasperated. The temperature in the room was so high she could see the floor and the walls producing heat haze and mirage. With a natural dislike to heat, Avery was quick to remove her shirt, much to Castiel's surprise as he turned away just as fast.

"What are you doing?! You were not raised to flaunt your underwear, young lady!"

"It's a sports bra..."

"I don't care. Put your shirt back on!"

Groaning, Avery wore her shirt back, mumbling incoherent words as they moved to the centre of the room. The two Frosts didn't perspire obviously, but Avy was more than uncomfortable with the blazing heat. "Your training is simple. You only need to freeze my bullets," Castiel said and transformed his giant axe into a chain gun before firing a bullet and hitting Avy on the shoulder. The girl flinched but realised it didn't hurt as much. Upon closer inspection, she noticed it was a rubber bullet.

"Are you kidding me? Rubber bullets are not as fast as normal bullets. How will this train me?" the girl whined before receiving another rubber bullet to her forehead which made her wince.

"Shut up and do as I say," the man grinned and started a barrage of bullets. Avy jumped back and her eyes glowed, using her semblance to freeze the projectiles as they got in range. This was supposed to be too easy for her but much to her surprise, the bullets reached her before she had the time to coat them in ice. Groaning, she tried again but every single time, her semblance was too slow. They're only rubber bullets... what the hell? she thought in exasperation. She was even having trouble breathing due to the heat around. Wait, heat?

It was like realisation hit her right in the face and she scoffed. Of course! The high temperature was making it hard for her to form ice thus she didn't have time to freeze them before the bullets reached her. There was only one thing to do then, increase the intensity of her semblance to overcome the heat.

Few hours later Avery gasped in exhaustion, placing a hand on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. On the ground were rubber bullets some drenched in water while the rest still imprisoned in ice. Castiel pressed a button. The room stopped  producing heat but the walls and floors still retained their temperature. "Freeze the place." Without a moment's notice, a circular insignia glowed beneath the girl and completely froze the walls, ceiling and floor within her range despite their previous boiling temperature. Avy blinked and gave a small smile before turning towards Castiel who had already started to leave.

"Not bad."


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