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Clash of the Brash and the Percise(Private/Erin)

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Wearing his gloves, Logo entered his room after having arrived at the academy a little bit ago. It was a nice room, with two bunk beds, it was clearly meant for a team. He looked at the bag he had carried in, and just threw it on the top bunk of one of them, and lumped himself into the bunk under his stuff. It had been a long trip, and it was honestly bothersome to do anything at that point. It didn't help that he had seven different eyes on him the entire time there, as if he'd stop the trip with combat. Sure, he could have probably tried breaking the cuffs that were on him during the ride, but he figured that there was no reason to do so. Sure, it'd cement him as tough, but he's wise enough to realize that free school is pretty nice.

He put his hand to his face, and adjusted his glasses. He didn't really feel like doing anything. It took effort to do things, and he just didn't have it in him at that point. He also didn't have anything to do, no classes and no friends. Well, he didn't have many friends in the first place. He could name his actual friends on a single hand. He'd have to get back to his gang sooner or later, they must be working hard. It's undoubted that Logo is guilty of all his crimes, so he really doesn't believe that they were trying to get him free of his crimes. He wouldn't want them to, either. It's pointless to make a man innocent if he isn't innocent.

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Erin looked at his school map, and was in fact sure that Logo resided in the room ahead. The door was half-open, and a peek inside showed that he was right. There lay Logo. Erin opened the door fully and slid inside the room, his scarf and clothing all looking like they did when he had left. Not that it mattered. He threw the small bag he had on the other top bunk, and took the other bottom bunk. There was no need to be innately hostile to people, especially when you knew them for three years. The relationship wasn't that personal, but that didn't matter.

He knew Logo well enough that being in the same room like this was no strange. Erin slid his scarf off, and with a calculated throw, made it land nicely on top of his stuff. He figured that if Logo really wanted to take his head off, he'd have done it already. In the three years, he hadn't tried killing Erin, so Erin figured them a good bit friends. He never could understand something, though. To think that Logo would be sent to a hunting academy. It's something truly amazing that they find room for someone like Logo in society.

"Lo, How's your life going?"

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The large lump that is Logo slowly turned to look at the voice, who he swiftly recognized as Mr.Saier. He lifted his glasses, rubbing his eyes. It really was him. Then the shortened version of his name came out, and it was cemented. This was Erin, the annoying yet effective black-haired bastard. Was he his new room-mate, he was informed that they were giving him a room-mate, but did it have to be Erin?

It wouldn't matter, though. When it came to hunting, Erin was one of the most efficient and effective people he knew. Unlike Logo, he used skill along with strength. Logo...well, Logo used strength and he felt that was simple and nice. What's the point in overdoing it with skill, or overdoing it with finesse when just smashing the thing would work just as well? Logo stood 6'5, and he certainly used all that was him to be an effective combatant.

He figured he could take Erin on in a fight and win. On a good day.

"Could be going worse. Didn't get tazed on the way here, but was cuffed with multiple people watching me. For some reason, I feel they actually thought I'd try to escape. I don't know about you, but I was comfortable."

He stayed laying, now looking at Erin.

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