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Wax Burns [Candlemaker Shadow Mission/Solo]

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1 Wax Burns [Candlemaker Shadow Mission/Solo] on Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:43 pm

Oliver Balcross
Oli had been walking in circles for a while now. It was a lovely saturday morning as Oli went to check in on his job shadow. “It’s gotta be here somewhere.” Little did Oli know, he’d turn around and find the place. Which he eventually did. “Well, I’m dumb.” Oli then idly walked up and opened the door. Peering inside. “Uhm, Mister Waxamillion? You here?” Oliver would’ve been looking around until he spotted the elderly man sport out of the back. “Oh, hello there son. Come in, come in! Are you looking to buy some candles?” As the old man proposed his question Oliver stepped into full-view. Weapon on his back and scroll on his belt suggested to the contrary that he was here to purchase. “I’m Oliver.” The man looked up and put a hand to his ear. “What now? Say that again.” Oliver sighed and gave a slight huff. “I’m Oliver, Oliver Balcross.” Oliver had almost yelled that one. As a result the old man recoiled slightly and nodded. “Mm, ah. Pleasure to meet you sir Balcross.” Oliver gave a slight sigh of releif and continued. “I’m sure Syne Academy gave you some word ahead of time that I was coming for a shadow mission yeah? I’m a bit behind on that regard. Life n stuff.” Oliver shrugged and have his sheepish chuckle. “Sorry what, did you say meguard? Oh, and yes. Syne did give me word ahead of time. Shall we get to it then?” Oliver nodded slightly and moved to slip behind with the man into the backroom. Oliver had been rubbing at his eyes to keep them from watering too much from the strong scents that were only amplified by his faunus senses, and when he hit the aura of the backroom. It got much worse for him. Oliver shook his head slightly and winced. “Hoo, bit strong back here.” The old man nodded slightly and chuckled. “Not as bad as a whiskey store on fire.” Oliver nodded slightly. “Wouldn’t doubt that.” The old man glanced back to him for a brief moment with a raised brow. “What, potatoes?” Oliver shook his head and sighed. “Nevermind. Let’s just get to making candles yeah?” Oliver and the man nodded as they both went to work. Waxamillion preparing some strings to be used as wicks, and Oliver sitting over a pot with a huge bin of wax beside him. “So uh, just like. Prepare the wax to go on the wick yeah?” Waxamillion then turned to Oliver and shook his head. “Prepare the wax to go on the wick, not the max to go on the stick.” Oliver gave him an awry glance. “That’s what I said. Prepare the wax to go on the stick.” Waxamillion then gave Oliver a quick “Oh, sorry. I misheard you.” And then went back to work. Oliver then grabbed enough wax to make more than a few candles and started to get it prepped with the instructions he found off to the side. However soon after putting the wax into the pot, some hot wax bubbled up and jumped at him. Splashing onto Oliver’s hand and face. Which caused the faunus to recoil slightly and rub it off his face. “Ow. Wasn’t prepared for that one.” Oliver chuckled slightly which caused Waxamillion to look over. “What? Prepared for what win?” Oliver glanced back and chuckled. “No win Waxy, just got burned.” Waxamillion gave a slight chuckle and then went to use the wax Oliver had prepared to make some candles. “First timers usually do. Here help me out.” Oliver then swivelled in to help Waxamillion finish the candles. Eventually, the two of them took a short break in waiting for the candles to set, the two sat in mostly stoic silence for most of the break. Oliver was too busy enjoying his tuna sandwiches he brought to really talk. Eventually Oliver and Waxamillion went back inside the backroom to begin carving the candles. Something which Oliver was exceptionally skilled at. What with being a skilled artist. Using his claws to carve intricate designs of bears, eagles, seals, sea creatures, and a variety of other creatures that lived both in and out of the sun. Even some rolling landscapes were carved onto the surface of some of the candles. “Wow, you’re a talented carver there Oliver.” Waxamillion commented on the boy’s carving skill and Oliver just shrugged. “I guess It helps to be a skilled artist when it comes to that kind of thing.” Oliver smiled and returned to carving a few more candles. Before standing up to face Waxamillion as a small bell dinged in the doorway. “I’ll get cleanup, I think you got a customer.” Oliver was ensuring he talk loud so the old man could hear him fine. “Mm. Right.” Waxamillion then shuffled off into the front room and talking between Waxamillion and a familiar, feminine voice could be heard outside. Oliver perked a brow up as he was brushing up wax chips and such. However he’d probably find out later. Eventually after a few minutes of brushing with multiple brooms, thank god for a wood-kinesis semblance, Oliver had finished. Placing the brooms he used back into the closet and returning to the mainroom. He found Waxamillion there talking with his sister of all people, who had come out to buy a few candles as a birthday present for their mother, apparently. “Oh, Hey Alice.” Oliver waved to his sister and she waved back. Turning to Waxamillion Oliver gave him a wave over. “I finished up cleaning the back. I think you’ll be satisfied with the cleaning job i did.” Alice then turned to Oliver and attemptedly hushed him. Oliver then turned back to his sister and subtly pointed to Waxamillion. “Hearing issues.” He’d whisper to his sister before turning back to the old man. “Mmm. Yes. I’d say you’re done then.” He quickly signed a printed document and handed it to Oliver. “Hand this in to the Shadow Mission Bureau and you’ll be all set.” Oliver nodded to Waxamillion and then threw his weapon back onto it’s strap and left the shop. “Later sis!” Would be Oliver’s last parting words.

((1032 words and a complete shadow mission.))

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