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An interesting turn of events (Miho, private)

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1 An interesting turn of events (Miho, private) on Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:00 am

Koko Hanazusaki
The light flooded the streets as the man walked with the black feline sitting atop his head like a hat. The two conversed for the time being, and stopped at a frozen yogurt station. Koko grabbed chocolate for himself and vanilla for the cat. They took a seat, and Koko took a disgusted bite of the ice cream.

"Why did you buy chocolate?" "Because I hate chocolate. The demon loves the misery. I have no say, she wanted to feed of the internal misery and who am I, a mere mortal to say no." "That's quite true. Either way, it's nice." "It's mostly because you didn't pi- leak on my bed. I'd of strangled you to death." "I'm not a young cat, I know what gets me thrown out." "Good then we won't waste any time with that lovely training process. Knowing you won't leak all over my bedroom. If you did, I'd turn you into soup."

He spoke and the cat hissed at him. She didn't like that little comment, just the mere joke is terrifying enough for street animals. Nobody wanted to be picked up and munched on as a "Hobo special". She eyed him for a few more minutes, staring into his lifeless black eyes. She stretched and continued to eat the frozen desert.

"Don't even go there. You know that's something serious. Almost as bad as you humans eating each other, the sight of that is sickening." "Yeah yeah relax, don't get all hissy with me I'll snap your delicate little neck. Like I said, you've made a poor choice in people." "All humans have something good about them. May not be perfect but it's something. I'm curious to see if the undying man has anything worth his life to be good about." "I bought you frozen yogurt. The kinda bullcrap is this you little fur ball. I did something nice, as nice as I could be, and you are a little rat about it?" "I'm kidding, though I notice you have a reoccurring anger issue."

Koko gave a dirty look to the cat as he looked down upon it. He shook his head softly and looked around the scenery. It looked to be around noon, and it was as peaceful as could be.

"Any family big guy?"

Koko sighed for a moment and maintained silence for the next due minutes. The world family to him was people willing to throw you away if you make any mistake. Even living was a mistake to them if you had a mere accident. So as his family was like this he wasn't sure what a real definition or picture of one would be like.

"I can't say on that one. I don't know rightly what you'd call a family. If you mean to say are there people who don't hate me as much as others who really hate me? No, not at all. I don't have one of those. One you get casted aside like a mistake you tend not to associate with any of them. Ones were quick to stab me in he back, others did stab me in the back, and others were silent. I made a mistake, that mistake was being alive and trying to live. As no one believes me or believes in me I was easily forgotten, hadn't seen any of them in 5 years. I like that too, nobody to worry about, nothing to care about, no one to betray you. After all you stop worrying about doing things once you lose everything you one held dear. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with any of those useless pests."

He spoke and Karla remained quiet. The little black feline had nothing more to dig about with such a strong opinion. Instead she laid about on the table to stay warm in the soothing sunlight.

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Miho Hanazusaki
After Miho was done eating her cheesecake she walked back into the shop to buy a full cheesecake. Once that was done she than started to walk again looking at the place she's going to be around for the next so many years. It was most likely going to be the next four years but if not. "Man this is a nice city. It has some bad apples in it but over all it's still a nice place." There really wasn't anything going on so she did what most girls her age with money go's Shopping!. After some time walking around some more Miho only really got a few things.

She than giggled as her self she always was buying things she didn't need. She walked by a frozen yogurt station and heard something she hasn't in some time. She looked at were the sound was coming form. It-it was coming form some guy with a cat she than walked over to him "Hello sir. i'm sorry to bug you but are you a Hanazusaki?"

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Koko Hanazusaki
The two spoke back and forth, ending up on a topic of fish which led them to argue for a few minutes. It wasn't until a woman approached the table that the cat bolted off and Koko was met with a woman's gaze. He looked her up and down, and if and only if he wasn't color blind he would have been able to tell who this girl was.

"You have the wrong person. A.. Ha-Hana- zoo saki? I have no recollection of meeting anyone of that name."

He spoke. He was unsure if this woman was an undercover cop coming to arrest him, someone sent to kill him, or worse, one of his fathers underlings. He had no idea the woman was his little sister, since he lost his ability to see color he really wouldn't have been able to identify anything about her. 5 years really takes a toll on someone, and with 5 years of growth he wasn't sure what any of his family looked like.

"Nothing comes to memory of anyone with that name, but I figure you may run into someone with that name if you look through the school hard enough."

He lied through his teeth. He picked up a cigarette out of a little glass box watched as the woman looked at him. He never broke from the formation of lighting up and smoking outside, and the little black cat he had been conversing with hid beneath his chair. Koko looked at the girl a little closer, she looked young, and had a faint smell of cat on her. It wasn't until further examination that he saw the cat ears. Just another victim was a thought in his head as he sat up and scooted his chair in, and scooped up the little black cat.

"Well, I must be going."

He spoke and turned, hastily walking away at a rapid speed, trying to get away from whoever this woman was. He didn't remember her, and in this day and age there really wasn't anyone that he could trust.

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Miho Hanazusaki
"You have the wrong person. A.. Ha-Hana- zoo saki? I have no recollection of meeting anyone of that name." Miho was a little sad to hear that and was about to thank the guy for this time till. "Nothing comes to memory of anyone with that name, but I figure you may run into someone with that name if you look through the school hard enough." As he said the Miho that knew he knew something and was now lying *I-is he one of the Hanazusaki...and if he is he sucks at lying.*

"Well, I must be going." he than started to do a like fast walk/ slow run away. "Hey wait." As she rain after him cutting him off "Hey if you run into someone with the last name Hanazusaki tell him or her that Miho Hanazusaki is looking for father." She than turned and walked away.

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Koko Hanazusaki
He was ready to make a clean get away before he got cut off, and after that his whole manner changed. He grabbed the handle of his sword and gave a dark violent look to the woman that decided to pursue, only to have a sick feeling in his stomach as this woman came out to be none other than his little sister, whom puberty hit like a speeding tank. A sick feeling came over him as he clutched tighter on the handle of the sword ready to draw down, until he turned away. Then the cat, the cat of all things, had to mess everything up as it chased after the girl. And as Delissia had a hold on the cat, instead of its speech coming out as meowing it came out as human English.

"You smell like my master Koko. And you said you are a Hanazusaki, could you be the family my master doesn't have?

The cat spoke and Koko's eyes grew wide. He'd strangle this damn cat for this, and before the woman had a chance to turn around on him he took off running as fast as he could to avoid any relations with his former family.

"I'm gonna kill that damn cat!"

He shouted out and kept running, not even looking back to see if he was being pursued or if the cat was following him as well.

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