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Anderson Aorn(FIN)

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1 Anderson Aorn(FIN) on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:41 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info

Name: Anderson Aorn.

Stage Name: The Black Mage

Age: 31

Birthday: October 25th

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6’11”

Weight: 200 pounds

Face Claim: Timegazer Magician from YGO ARC V


STR: 5




Aura 150|150 HP


Major: Combat

Likes: Theater: He didn’t join up 15 years ago because he didn’t care, he loves theater and loves being in it.

Entertaining People: He’s an entertainer at heart.

Defeating Grimm: It’s how he got to the academy.

Dislikes: People who ruin fun: It’s fun for a reason, of course, this only retains to things that really don’t need to be stopped.

His Family: It’s a long story, but he really doesn’t like his family.

Super serious people: What’s the point?

Fears: Death: It’s a normal fear.

Being stabbed in the heart: Not because it leads to death, but it’s just...yikes.

Being burnt to a crisp: Burning alive is the scariest thing because he doesn’t know how long it takes for you to die.

Rats: Yuck.

Overall Personality: Anderson is mature and kind to people, very smart and is almost always plotting something. In fights, he takes it easy at first, but when his instinct kicks in, he is ruthless and very professional. Something uncanny for an actor such as him, but it’s just how he is. His supposed training mainly comes from his smarts. He likes to think things up, as mentioned before, but it’s also to note that he’s read quite a few books on this stuff. Just in case. You never know when you’ll need to dive deep into something you’ve only read about.

He can't be bothered to be serious all the time, though. He's mature, just not always serious.


Aura type: Recovery

Aura Color: Black

Semblance: Pyromancy: He can conjure fire from the heat in the air, and manipulate how it how he will. It follows normal damage semblance rules, and is always purple in color.

Item 1: His staff! T1, It’s a staff that has a wooden-looking outside, but the inside is made of metal.


Item 2: His black cloak and hat are considered T1 magical armor.

History and Sample

Anderson was born to a loving mother, and a loving father, and was the youngest of three kids. He had a good childhood, up to about the age of 15. He certainly didn't mind having a brother and sister to wrestle with, especially since at 15, he was a good chunk larger than both of them. He as very, very tall. He towered over a ton of people, especially some of the teachers. Even his gym teacher was in awe at how fast Anderson was growing, and Anderson somewhat liked the attention. He certainly didn't mind the attention. It was nice, but he handled it in a mature fashion.

He was a star player on the basket-ball team, he's rather extreme height making him the center. Of course, there were some centers who could match him, but he always stayed a little ahead, with small tricks and things such being able to palm the ball at any point due to his large hands. Not that it so much mattered, but the main thing to know here, is the fact that he'd always entertain the crowd if possible. Sure, the coach got made at him more often then not, but hey. He's an entertainer.

In fact, that was when it happened. He joined the academy play. He played the evil wizard, and played it well. Only reason you knew it was him was that he was a good bit taller then everyone else.

Well, we best get to the important part, the reason why he's here.

It was about a year ago, a 30 year old Anderson was in the midst of playing his part in the ongoing story. He was the black mage, master of fire. They were in a large field, and it was an open stage. In was in the middle of the summer, and he noticed a large Beowulf start to approach the stage and spectators.

He had to take care of it, so in a show of theatrics at their finest, he leaped off the stage, and said his catch-phrase.

"You dance with fire, so you dance with me!"

He then sent a dragon-looking flame after the grimm, hitting it. Of course, he ended up finishing off the grimm after he did a good bit about saving the day, and hopped on stage, where his friend had been 'taken.' All a part of the show.

RP Sample:
“You need help?” He asked the person, who seemed to be struggling at delivering a rather large box. After the box was in his hands, he understood that it was a very, very heavy box. To most. To him, he was doing alright with lifting it. It wasn’t as heavy as it looked, but then again, most people weren’t as strong as he was physically. It was something he understood well enough, and certainly something he didn’t mind. He liked helping people, but the character he played was a bit more on the mean side on stage. Although, he had his good points.

The black mage took the bad out of people, put it into a character, and showed that even when you wanted bad things, sometimes, you needed to be good to be bad. He was a man out to rule the world, but first, he had to stop the current ruler from destroying it.

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2 Re: Anderson Aorn(FIN) on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:59 pm

Alright this is a very good app ^^ The only thing is, despite what you've put, two of your fears are a little to similar. Just add a fourth unrelated to his death and you're good ^^ Bump when done

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"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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