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Ashley Skyler, Syne's first disabled? [DONE]

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1 Ashley Skyler, Syne's first disabled? [DONE] on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:48 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Ashley Skyler
Age: 19
Birthday: August 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 1,62 meters if she could stand
Weight: 115 lbs
Face Claim: Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
HP 50|250 Aura

Major: Tech
-Her mech suit
-Her wheelchair
-Holes and other general hard-to-maneuver-through-with-a-wheelchair terrains
-People who avoids her because of her disability
-Being left alone
-Burning alive
-Being taken in pictures or filmed
Overall Personality: Since she lived her whole life without the use of her legs, Ash was always the kind girl that was optimistic in any situation, always helping others when she could and seeing things about people that usually goes unnoticed. She is also the kind of girl that will not fear to show that she is capable and strong while avoiding boasting. That doesn't mean that she will refused to be helped by others because of her disability and actually likes that people don't see her as either a martyr or as a girl that wants to absolutely prove that she can do anything even in her state. She knows that she can't do everything.

Also, believing she's the cause of her father's death, Ash is a very humble girl, rarely trying to show of or attract too much attention in general. It may be hard with her mech suit, but this is why she only uses it in battle and doesn't show it off wherever she goes. She prefers to stay to herself but will never turn down a good conversation and will rarely refuse to answer question about her disability. The best way for others to understand is by informing them directly she believes.

Even if Ash is someone that prefers keeping things to herself, she's a very passionate girl that will never hide what she truly thinks on a matter or how she feels in general. If she can't fully express herself through her body, she uses her emotions to their full extent instead to sometimes exaggerated results.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Violet
Semblance: Ashley lacks a proper Semblance per say as she was never able to find it. However, with the use of her mech suit, she can harness her aura to power it and use it for multiple things. The one that is the most obvious is that she can fly by using her suit (10 Aura/post). By increasing the power, she can boosts herself to move faster or make evasive maneuvers more easily (Speed Buff, 10 Aura/post). This speed boost doesn't have to be absolutely used airborne, but it is preferable. Her suit uses a negligible amount of Aura to hover around as the general way to move.

Mech Suit:

Although it is a suit of armor, this doesn't count as an armor. If it's too much damaged or runs out of power, Ash is left with nothing to properly defend herself. Against Grimms, if that would happen, she'd be as good as dead. Only with her suit on is she able to protect herself with her Aura like other huntsmen and huntresses (Canon-wise, not stat-wise). The height of the suit, taking into account the wings is about 2 meters, so it's not a giant mech.

Item 1: Weapon: Beam Cannon; One of the fonction of Ash's mech suit that uses a negligible amount of Aura, this weapon is powered by it but doesn't use the Aura itself, launching purple bolts of non-elemental energy at her targets as the primary weapon. The arm cannon can alter the property of the shots with the uses of Dust, giving the bolts of energy elemental properties while slightly altering the way the bolts travel. As an example, Fire Bolts that uses Fire Dust can burn but have a shorter range of effect.

Beam Cannon:

Item 2: Fire Dust

History and Sample
Nothing is really known about Ashley's real parents and their background as they abandoned her soon after giving birth to her. Was the reason behind all this her spinal distortion that would make it impossible for the girl to ever walk on her own feet? Was it because they didn't have enough money to have her live a good life? Or maybe just because she wasn't wanted among them? There was no way to know now and as sad as this sound, there was still hope for the brunette as a man took her in and decided to raise her like his own daughter. Regulius, Ash's adoptive father, was a very short man, considered a dwarf both medically and by society and always lived alone in his workshop building machines of all sorts that would help in many other jobs. Tools for construction, vehicles for transport, weapons for Huntsmen, etc. Even with his short stature, he lived a plentiful life full of achievements and personal success that made him proud of who he was. Regis always raised Ashley with the mindset that anything was possible if you put your mind to it, even if your disabled and that because of that, that you shouldn't spend your time trying to battle your disability, but fight alongside it. Ash followed this teaching all her life... for the most part. Her dream was to fly among the birds and the clouds, a cliched little girl's dream but still a dream she wanted to aim for. Believing she wouldn't be able to fly without aiming a little lower and trying to find a way to walk and used her father's workshop to build herself some sort of prosthetic legs that she would be able to wear like pants, but as time went on and while also avoiding Regulius to find out what she was up to by never actually using it, the legs became a complete suit for some reason, with wings and all. It seemed like her dream of flying carried her through the whole building. Something she didn't know though, is that Regis knew all along about her little construction, and went to get a power source to power her suit. Unfortunately, this source wasn't the safest one and the man died a couple of months from radiation poisoning. Ash was lucky enough to be spared form this, but it left on her an emotional scare as she strongly believed that if she didn't tried as hard as she did her father might have still be alive today. Without him around, Ashley tried to find a purpose to her life before ultimately meeting Huntsmen as they were defending her town against Grimms. She was so impressed by them that she decided to train and finish her suit, with another type of energy to power it of course, and after a year with the help on two Huntsmen that helped her, was ready to embark on the adventure that was being a Huntress.
RP Sample:
Ash got out of the airship in which she traveled to come here at Syne Academy, school for Huntsmen and Huntresses. She wasn't sure of where she would have to go first as this was her first experience in a learning institution as she was home-schooled by Regulius when she was younger. The girl stayed near the door that lead to the cargo bay of the aircraft as she was awaiting one of the crew members that would transport her mech suit from the ship to the school for her. It was rather complicated to move a huge reinforced steel container when you're siting on a wheelchair, so the help was really appreciated. The man joined Ash shortly and they both made their way towards the academy, the young girl telling him a story about her first flight test that went horribly wrong yet she had fun talking about it. After a while, Ash stared in awe at the castle that was now used as an school. From here it looked amazing and she wondered how it'd look from above in the sky, surely as magnificent. Ashley's marveled look quickly changed though when she came across her archnemesis, the one that was about to bring so much misery to her life: the first step of a set of stairs!!! The girl could be heard all across the courtyard cursing the stone slab.

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