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The Oath[Ask to Join]

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1 The Oath[Ask to Join] on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:22 pm

Yín Sterling
The beach was most peaceful this time of the night. The water was creeping over her bare feet. She just wanted to feel the sand on her toes again. The cool ocean. Were it not for the crowd making a raucous and warming next to a fire further down the beach, she might have been in awe at the gentle sea of sounds before her. It was a perfect place for reflection. She had almost had it with deliberation, though. She left to straighten herself out. There were just so many distractions in that school, but she was moving so fast there. Now? Now, she was a static heap. A perfectly stock-still existence. It had been so long since she had moved faster than ever, or scored the highest, or anything in that vague description of a realm. In truth, she must be hungry. So ready to feed on the competitive nature of others to feed her own. Competition. Absolutely jocular. Side-splittling, and hilarious! Hysterical! She almost couldn't help but bite her lip. What a childish concept.

Everyone lately seemed so petty. Breeding hatred for the Grimm in one way or the other. Silly little "freedom fighters" and "guardians" too nauseatingly daft to possibly know they share a coin. The Grimm loved it. They bathe in it, and grow. We grow weak, all the while. That's why she had to do it, yes? A perfect body. An unstoppable force pulling it's self inexorably towards sovereignty! No, feeble word play. Never the less, all would fall in line. Everyone would obey in adoration of the new peace she brought.

Yín's features softened, letting the grin that had tip-toed it's way across her face recede. What was that? Evil? She was beginning to wonder if her light was dark. Did that make her dark just darker, or was she simply delusional? No, she would to help people. That's what she was here for, after all. Severa seemed to think so at least. She would slink down into a squat to twirl her fingers curiously in the water, the of her jacket quickly becoming soaked. She had a dream of fixing everything as a child. Seeing the path it was setting her towards, she was beginning to wonder if her delusion was her anodyne. It had become so confusing. Perhaps the reason it felt so awful, was due to the fact that she was the only one that could do this. She knew that in her heart. She could create a divine body if she continued. Only, how does one wield something like that without becoming what makes it a necessity?

The girl stood with an inconclusive sigh, her coat dripping onto the sand. "Sine qua non..." She must. Her curiosity couldn't handle NOT doing it. She would just have to figure the rest out later on. What would happen? Would she feel the rotation of the planet? Become conscious of the molten rock beneath her feet. Even speculation was intoxicating.

((OOC: Aside from me still warming up to role playing again, I have a pretty tight schedule the next couple of weeks. Don't join if you're not okay with one post a day, or maybe none for a while.))

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2 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:07 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
'Ahhh, peace and quiet. What better a time for a little R & R.'

The twenty-four year old man thought as he was staring out over the ocean from the comfort of land. A black feline sat on the head of this easy-goingly dressed man wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts. He watched everyone keenly, and the cat watched every other bit of movement, but both were fixated on one person in particular, a woman talking to herself. He was far enough away to not hear what she said, but he could see her jaw move. He slowly reached over to a spot of disturbed sand, but retracted his hand away. There was no need for 'that' yet, there was no threat to be worried about not intention to be a threat on his end.

"Is she talking to herself master? Do you think she is alright?" "Eh, could care less. Probably some damn hippie high off drugs, prime example of why I don't do drugs." "You mean in public? That's why you don't do drugs in public?" "Huh, what did I say? Oh, never mind I know now. But yeah, wait... Never mind. Again, probably just some useless hippie who probably has no idea where the hell they're at."

The man spoke to his magical talking cat with no real intent of hiding or quieting his words. She could probably hear him had she been listening, and as the cat turned her head away Koko was fixated on the girls movements. As he pulled out a pack of smokes the cat jumped off his head and wandered the beach for a few moments while her master lit up. As the cigarette was lit Koko pulled his attention away from the girl and back to the makeshift grill cooking today's catch of fish, ranging to assortments of sizes.

His fire wasn't as bright as the one going on a ways away, but it still tore through the slight peace the closer you got and the smell of food filled the air. As the man cooked by himself anyone who got close got the chills and quickly moved away, for this time of night something was off about the man. As it was night time, having a shadow should be on the near impossible side. Koko had a pitch black shadow, slightly bigger than he, with the body of a female. The closer someone got, the worser and worser the feeling got. The cat keenly watched the girl for a moment before venturing over to her and jumped onto her head. Koko hadn't bothered with retrieving his cat, instead he lit up another two cigarettes and was more focused on keeping the food from burning. The cat however cuddled up to the girl, remaining quiet for a moment before she spoke.

"Enjoying the beach, human?"

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3 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:32 pm

Yín Sterling
Yín spared a glance for the cat, sticking her eyes back into the blackness. That is, until it spoke, commanding her attention. Her face continued to be blank. Surely that was just her ears. She placed the back of a hand to her forehead. No temperature change. Fingers on her throat. Heart beat was normal. Stress? She wondered what the implications of a talking feline were. Evolved life? Strange semblance? De-evolution?

She kneeled again next to the animal. She rubbed its ears, and felt its paws, never losing her unnervingly blank stare for a moment. She wasn't sure if she could get excited about something that was likely a strange and vivid hallucination. Scientifically speaking it was less fascinating, and more amusing. Perhaps if she convinced it to come home with her, she might dissect it. Would that be considered rudeness between to sentient beings, or the sick act of a confused, overstressed student? She had better not.

"Humor my obviously heat stricken mind for a moment. What, and how are you? More importantly, what does it want?"

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4 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:56 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
'What are you up to Karla... Are you seriously punking that hippie?'

The ugly eyed man thought to himself as he stared into the darkness in their direction. He couldn't make out any full figures as the several shades of black his eyes allowed him to see could only make out the outline of the girl while the cat stood beside her. The cat, seemingly innocent stared up to the girl and let out a soft meow as the girl started playing with her paws. Another soft meow as the cat felt the breath from the girl getting a tad too close, and as the questions followed she simply didn't speak back.

"Karla, leave the damn hippie alone."

The man spat in the direction of the girl, and the cat looked at the direction of the deranged man, then back to the girl. Almost as if humoring the girl the cat went against the order of her master and pester the woman just a bit more.

"Sorry love, it wouldn't be wise for me to admit anything with her watching. She wouldn't like that too much."

Koko made a sharp sound and the cat quickly rushed back to the man tending to the grill. As she reached him she leapt back onto his head, and it seemed as though he had plenty to say against Karla's extended discussion.

"You are either going to listen the first time or I'm going to turn you into soup. Kapeesh? I'm not playing this disobedient privileged little rat gets away with whatever game." "Ye-yes master..."

He spoke distastefully to the cats meager response, but plated some of the fish and took a seat in the chair. Karla kept her spot on his head and watched patiently for the slightest speck of fish to drop, completely unaware of the woman as her mind was preoccupied.

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5 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:50 pm

Yín Sterling
A man shouted in their direction, warranting Yín's eyes snapping to him. A man. So I'm not crazy at least. She would ponder quietly, watching the two exchange before the stranger snapped. Yín rose back to her feet, her right foot inconspicuously forward.

As if it weren't enough that his cat was talking, to imply that they had something to admit at all was arousing of suspicion. Surely it was bait. The idea that a talking cat and it's owner needed bait to spark someone's attention, was of course, ludicrous though. Not, however, as crazy as a sentient being calling someone else master. Least of all a cat. Too much personality. Fine. I'll take it.

Yín let herself into the man's presence. Ill dropped phrases made an invitation self explanatory to her. "Professional hippy, and vagrant. Pleasure to meet you." She jested in greeting, her stone expression completely vacant of emotion or the vaguest amusement with her own quip.

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6 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:38 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Cigarette after cigarette, pack after pack, the man had gone through 3 packs  within minutes as he ate with the cat, and as he heard footsteps in the sand behind him his eyes turned cold, and he reached for one of the fish skewers.

'Don't you do it... Don't fu-'

He thought until she came into sight and made her presence known. Koko gave her a cold dead look as he stared into her eyes. His feminine shadow moved ever so slowly away from his body, out of site, and slowly approached the girl from behind as it hovered silently over the sand. The shadow ever so cautiously reached her silhouette fingers closer to the girls leg, but as Koko spotted what exactly it was trying to do he cleared his throat and she suddenly vanished, reappearing behind him as his shadow once more.

"Pleasure to meet me? Are you sick in the head or just high off drugs?"

He spoke and averted his eyes to Karla, then back to the girl. He knew what she was here for. The stupid talking cat that didn't know when to stop talking had peaked her interest.

"You aren't taking my cat if that's what you want. I'll-" "Master I-" "Shut up. Stop talking Karla. You are being problematic enough.

He spoke without the slightest worry of his words being taken as a threat. He wanted them to, and as he shifted himself in his seat, he was ready to fight her if need be with his weapon hidden in the area around them. He reached over with his robotic right arm and grabbed another fish skewer and brought his attention ever so carelessly towards the woman as he wondered why she approached him to begin with.

"Go on, get out of here. I'm not here to play your little games or be your friend. Nor will I give you Karla, so you may as well leave.

He spoke, and decided he wasn't going to play games. He moved the metal mesh off the handcrafted grill and reached down into the fire, pulling out a long, grotesque looking sword that was almost as tall as he was. Serrated bits lined one side, a clean cutting blade on the other, the inside of the weapon hollowed out between the serrations to give the end of the sword a rapier style triangle tip. All while the sword was putting off an immense amount of heat as he stabbed it into the sand beside him and placed the mesh back over the grill.

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7 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:13 pm

Yín Sterling
Yín's brow furrowed in offense to the man's insult. It was hardly something she'd take personally from a beach bum, but washed up ocean trash should really show some respect to a Syne student. After all, it was the cat she was interested in. She braved the man's brashness, remaining silent for the exchange between the man and his... Cat?... Apparently.

With the man's aggression rising, her hands wandered to her hair, fashioning it into an efficient tail, nonchalantly preparing for combat. Still, now it definitely looked s though he was trying to hide something. Unfortunately for him, her curiosity wasn't so easy to silence, least of all with a blunt instrument like fear.

"I'm not interested in taking your cat in the least. It would be useless to me. I am interested in it's origins." She barely had time to sigh before seeing the man's hideous excuse for a blade. She placed her hands on her hips, tilting her head slightly, entertaining the thought of a battle for the sheer fun of it. "However, if it was the sweet release of death you craved, you might have simply asked politely. You should know that those who favor a blade do not tend to fair well against me." Her hand moved to rest on the hilt of the blade at her side. "So, shall we continue being civilized, or are you anything but a coward?" She managed to say without a smirk. Provoking him was entertaining, and either outcome was rewarding. It had been a while since her blade was wet.

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8 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:55 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko merely remained motionless and careless as the woman asked the origins of his cat. He looked at Karla, and she looked at him before slinking more towards the water. Koko looked back up the woman, and grabbed another skewer of fish and chuckled softly to himself at her ill way of threatening him.

"Origins? It's just a cat. There are no 'origins' of any kind. But things have a tendency to... attach themselves to things. But honestly madam, I'd love to see you try. I'd like to meet the person who successfully could-"

He was cut off by Karla coming back up to him and nipping his leg. He almost stomped on her for doing so, but she backed up before he could. She seemed a tad hesitant before she spoke again.

"Master, don't provoke the woman. I wouldn't want her to end up like the victims of Delis-" "Don't say her name out loud. She wouldn't like that too much. She has a tendency to have a vile temper and an easy trigger.

He spoke, and stood up, getting in the girls face. He was close enough to smell her, feel her breath, close enough cause serious damage, but he decided he'd have a little fun first. He tilted his neck up, leaving it completely exposed for her, and moved his hands behind his back.

"Come on love, cut my throat. Tear my head off, spill my blood all over the wet sand. I'd love to see you try. I'm even asking nicely, put your actions where your mouth is or shut the hell up. Those who favor a blade my not float well with you, but I'd like to see why. Why I should even consider being civilized to a mere evolved monkey with a pocket knife..." "Go ahead and do it miss. Everything will become clear afterwards."

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9 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:03 pm

Yín Sterling
Just a cat? Just a /talking/ cat, hm? She couldn't tell if he was being painfully coy, or if something allowed him to effect her perception of reality. She had never heard of a semblance like that, but maybe the smoke from his grill? It was hard to tell with these types, but it hardly mattered if he wasn't a ranged combatant. More so if he thought getting her charged on what amounted to a child's tale.

"You'll likely regret those words. I'll warn you one more time. I don't need to lay a finger on you to beat you. However, as long as this is a consensual dual, I don't see myself receiving grief for your clinic bills." A silver glint in her eyes. Tell tale signs of her semblance activating. There was a split second thought. Just a dwindling flicker of guilt. She couldn't even bat an eyelash with it. After all, he was the one begging for the sucker punch, right?

She nonchalantly lifted a hand of dust, following, a viscous eruption. Breaking her stoicism, she smiled, lowering her hand in a pirouette, raising the opposite to guide a path of icey pikes towards the her silly prey. Her crescendo raised both arms, releasing a goute of fire to melt the ice, and whatever was left of her opponent.

HP:110 Aura:190
Atk(1)Tier 2 Explosive: 60, Atk(2)Tier 2 Ice: 60, Atk(3)Tier 1 Fire: 50
Semblance to increase Spirit.

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10 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:58 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Blood coated the sand as the ice destroyed his physical state. There wasn't a speck of clean sand within ten feet as his body exploded, leaving a mess of limbs and flesh. Silence filled the air for a moment, and as everything seemed to be at a stand still black smoke started pouring from his blood and limbs. The blood on the sand started disappearing, and his body started regenerating. Within seconds the mass of flesh turned back into a human body, and it pulled itself up. The face was the last thing to reform itself and as his hand covered his face to hide the exposed bone, when he pulled away his body was back to normal and his clothes were tattered. He looked down at himself, then looked up to the woman with a slight tiredness as he took a seat back in his chair.

"Quite a lovely display of power. And that pain... That felt great. So I'll say it again. I'd love to meet someone who successfully could end my existence, because once I reach the extent of her ability I wake up the next day refreshed in my dorm."

He spoke with an unnerving easiness. He looked at where his blood would have been, and held out his hand. A pitch black smoke started forming from his palm, and as it took a more solid form eyes appeared from it, and stared at the girl without blinking.

"You are probably wondering how I'm alive, yes? As that attack at point blank range would easily kill any mere mortal. Well, this thing... this monstrosity... prevents death while it thrives off the pain, stress, and emotions of its host. It took the cat within seconds, and that's why it can talk. So you understand when I say, it's just a cat."

Koko spoke softly, and the black smoke dissipated within the air to nothingness. He resumed eating the fish he cooked shortly before being decimated by the girls attack. He closed his eyes for a moment, then looked over to the girl as he spat blood on the sand and wiped his lips.

"That felt really damn great, but the ability isn't perfect. At first I thought it was a gift. Being able to have my body torn to pieces while being able to get back up as if nothing happened. The pain still remains after the attack which is bothersome, but after a while it turns into a numbing feeling which I soon forget existed. I've tried consulting men of the church, but as things stand, they won't touch it with it being as evil as it is so I'm permanently stuck with it until it chooses someone else. It's previous vessel was that oh so disgusting blade I carry, a blade that killed it's original creator the moment it was fully formed, then passed onto my hands. It's more of a burden, more of a curse than a gift. But there is little I can do, as it, as she, likes killing her host. The abomination..." "Master?" "You have all the information you need, so you can leave now yes?"

Health -160 = 20 (Impressive)
Aura = 120

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11 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:25 pm

Yín Sterling
Yin wore a grim expression looking at the stain's. She had torn a man apart. Her skin crawled, her body trembling at what she had done. Her eyes flew wide as the heap of limbs contorted from a mass of amalgamous flesh into a faceless form, and then finally a human. All there was to do is follow the beast with her eyes as he went to his chair.

She was torn between her curiosity of the unknown, and her fear of whatever this thing behind his power was. He couldn't honestly believe this would suffice though. Not only was her question left partially open to speculation, but now she has even more questions than ever. What part of the world was even capable of producing such a thing? This could be a vital step in securing her immortality.

"I'm sure you'll have some long lecture about hubris, and the futility of immortality, and it's mote benefits, but surely you realize I have more questions after that little trick."

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12 Re: The Oath[Ask to Join] on Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:28 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko lit a cigarette as he watched the woman's bewildered eyes follow his every movement, as if anticipating more than what he currently did, like an encore to his grand finale. He smoked passively and took his time to respond to her words, as he started remembering every person whom gotten close after seeing Delissia.

"I'm not gonna feed you lines of the pros or cons of being an undying, you wouldn't listen to me anyways, humans normally don't listen to warnings until they experience it for themselves. But what I don't particularly care to hear is how you are going to pursue knowledge of the beast, and suddenly vanish like the girls at Syne Academy say. I don't care to be fed those lines of s**t because nobody comes through. I'm almost tempted to cut my own throat and wake up in my bed in Syne because it stresses me the hell out. "

He spat and killed his cigarette. He started doubling the intake of carcinogens by lifting twice as many cigarettes, and within seconds he had four in one hand before he realized it. He tossed them into the fire and grabbed his head, rubbing it softly as he tried mentally calming himself down.

"Master has deep rooted stress. He gets migraines from it, I know because I feel them from time to time. He doesn't like this subject all too m-" "Shut up cat. This woman is just like the others, she won't pursue s**t, especially if I cut my head off and vaporize my physical state right now.

He spoke, letting go of his head and looked at the girl. He grabbed his blade and stood up, plunging it into his stomach, and gutted himself infront of her. Blood spilled over the sand once again, and he twisted the blade and started cutting out his stomach. Koko then tore the blade from his stomach and tossed it into the fire place, then looked at her. The cat had to look away, and hid a few feet away out of sight as smoke poured from his body and healed his wounds, a body forming out of the smoke and pain. It was faint and see through, but it was solid enough to make the form of a demonic woman with horns. She evaporated the blood and picked up his sword, stabbing and severing his spinal column to watch it heal and make her more solidified. Shortly after, she looked over to the girl and contorted a sickening smile that was clearly inhuman, showing off the row of razor sharp pointed teeth.

"Isn't that right.... Tell me woman, how far do you exactly plan on pursuing something your mind shouldn't be able to comprehend? Most people at this point run, most vomit of fear, most go into shock after seeing someone mutilate themselves over and over, especially by something that clearly shouldn't exist. But I figure I know one of your questions, the age old theory 'If I destroy a brain and it regenerates, wouldn't it be a brand new brain clear of memories?' That's one people tend to debate on. This abomination behind me can copy my memories, change them, or add new ones in. She doesn't tend to do the last two, but every time I destroy my brain she can regenerate the memories that come with them, as I'm merely a husk for this beast. I pray that's the only question you have..."

Health (self harmed) -10 = 10
Aura = 120


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