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Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed]

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26 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:48 pm

Ash sighed as the blonde refused to answer her question in regard of her semblance. She did think about it though as it seemed that by the girl's reaction that it was obvious. "Hmm... I don't fully understand how Semblances work in general, so that's why I was asking as I don't have one myself. My Aura can't even work on it's own so I'll probably never have a real Semblance. But since it has to be obvious... you're just immune to the effect of your own Semblance? Like you can't actually hurt yourself or feel how cold it is?" Thinking about it it was pretty obvious that it was the reason as to why she could use it to cool herself off. If it wasn't then someone with a fire Semblance would always burn themselves, lightning users would get electrocuted, etc. Ash facepalmed herself for her stupidity before focusing back on the blonde as she explained she was escorting her. "I see... yea you're right, I should be more careful and thoughtful about the situation. It's just, I never did that with anyone before. Hunting I mean, as no one ever believed I would achieve to anything because of my disability, all but my dad. So I guess I have to thank you again for taking care of me like that, so thanks."

Seeing that the blonde was enjoying the small breeze as they flew, Ash decided to do the same by removing her helmet. Sure her A.C. would turn off but the wind would compensate for that. As she removed it, her long brown hair began to float in the fresh breeze before she turned her purple eyes to the blonde while smiling. Holding her helmet under her left arm, the pilot thought about what to tell about herself that could be interesting enough for the other girl. "What could I tell you about myself? Hmmm... Is there something you'd like to know in particular? I have no idea what would interest you."

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27 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:30 pm

Avery turned to the mech in surprise as she heard the pilot explain that they lack a proper semblance and thus didn't understand much about it. That made her feel a pang of guilt from the harsh words she dropped a while ago. "Um.. I didn't mean to.. I mean.. I didn't know." she mumbled. How was she supposed to know there existed a hunter who didn't have a semblance? "But yes, most creation and manipulation users are immune to their own element."

The more the person revealed about themselves the more it fascinated the gunslinger. So this pilot didn't have prior hunting experience mostly due to their disability? Avery wasn't sure she understood why that was. In her household, weaknesses weren't an excuse. The only thing that mattered was standing on top regardless of race or handicap.

"Hm. Interesting. You're newer than I thought. I don't have much experience myself but if what you say is true, then you weren't half-bad in the field back there," she stated nonchalantly. She did give credit when credit was due. From the corner of her eyes Avy saw the mech removing its helmet so she turned to see what they looked like, only to choke on her own breath at the sight of long brown hair and lilac eyes.

"You're a girl?!" Avery blurted out in surprise. And a cute one at that. "Err... anything that you're willing to share. For instance, your name, why you attended Syne and all that?"

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28 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:23 pm

Ash smiled and shook her and as the blonde apologized for not knowing about her lack of knowledge over Semblances. "You don't have to apologize really, it's no one's fault if not mine alone. I always had a chance to research on the matter by myself and just never did. Anyway like you just said you didn't know, so don't worry, I wasn't even offended to begin with." The pilot's smile widened at the compliment she just received, even making her blush lightly as she wasn't used to be complimented on her skills. "Thanks, but you were able to deal with two of them without breaking a sweat while I had a hard time with the smallest of them. You clearly have more experience than me and I have so much to learn in general."

Ash blinked for a moment before giggling at the blonde's reaction upon the realization that the pilot was indeed a girl. "Mhm, but I thought you would have noticed by my voice. I guess my microphone was damaged, that's the only explanation for you to possibly mistake me for a guy. Ah well, I'll look into that back at the academy. As for my name, as I said earlier I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash."

The brunette then began to think as to why she joined Syne. She didn't have much of a reason to be here instead of another hunting school but again the blonde was probably asking why Ash was simply enrolling as a Huntress even with her disability. "Well, I don't know, it just felt like the thing to do back then, you know, fighting to protect others and all. But now, I feel like it's more a personal fight, a way to follow my dad's legacy by showing everyone in the world that you can accomplish anything, even if you're disabled if you believe in yourself hard enough." The girl looked forward with her eyes filled with determination as she believe in those words however silly they may have sounded to the blonde.

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29 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:10 am

"Oh don't flatter yourself. I wasn't apologising. I was merely... stating.. that I didn't know," Avery clarified. She tilted her head as the other girl recalled the hunt earlier. "Not a bad start. And at least you know your limitations and won't blindly charge into grimms thinking you're the baddest girl in town. Don't worry, you'll get there soon enough."

Honestly, why was Avery talking this much? Normally she wouldn't care but this was the first time a person showed so much desire to prove something that she couldn't help but lend a hand even if it came in the form of cheesy pep talks. Nevertheless, the girl gave her name. Ashley. That raised the girl up her list simply because her name started with an A. Avery did have ridiculous bias.

No longer felt like dying from the heat, Avy removed her ponytail and ran her fingers through her golden strands, letting it billow back with the breeze as she listened silently to the pilot's explanation. "What's being disabled got to do with succeeding as a huntress?" Avy asked with a frown. "You have your mech so your physical handicap doesn't matter. Your piloting is the basis of your skill and it's all up to you whether you succeed or not. Your disability has nothing to do with it."

Avery knew the girl understood this already but she still wanted to make a point just to let her know that her goal wasn't at all ridiculous.

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30 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:51 am

Ash smiled to the blonde with a big smile as she said that her disability had nothing to do with the fact that she was training to be a Huntress. "Exactly! I went beyond what the world has given me to show what I was really able to accomplish. This is precisely why I'm here, to show that having a disability is not supposed to stop you from being great at something. For example, I'm still a rookie when it comes to fighting, but I can handle pretty much any maneuver that you would see a fighter jet pilot do, just in my mech rather than in a plane. Now I wonder if I would actually be able to pilot a plane..."

While she was lost for a short moment on that thought of trying to pilot a plane, Ash felt like she was understood a bit by the blonde girl as she wasn't strait up laughing in her face. She couldn't tell if it was because she had a chance to be observed while fighting or if her motivation seemed honorable, but it was still making the brunette happy that she had found another person that somewhat respected them a little. The pilot then remembered that she still didn't asked the other girl's name. She wasn't going to call her "Miss" another time, it felt so weird last time. "Tell me, how should I call you? You still haven't gave me your name while I gave you mine." She was about to say twice since she seemed to have forgotten the first time she told her but hey, they were starting to get along so now wasn't the time to ruin it.

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31 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:57 pm

Avery merely gave a small nod at what the girl said. She could perfectly understand where the brunette was coming from since she, herself, has lived her entire life trying to prove something, even now. Different scenarios, same circumstances. Nevertheless, Avy kept things impersonal by simply listening.

From a distance she could could see the academy and the landing zone. She pointed at one of the airships. "That's Kid Lowind's airship. He sometimes offers shadow missions for those interested to know how piloting works and if you're good enough, he'll let you pilot his ship. Not exactly a plane, but close enough."

Once they reached the landing zone to the academy, Avery hopped off her board and the ice dispersed into nothingness. The girl should be able to handle it from here. Avy slid her hands inside her pockets and turned to the mech pilot.

"As for your question, I'm Av, a first year like you. It's true that you'll be formidable in the long run with the advantages of your mech, and that you have a chance at being a great huntress but..." Avery paused as she gave the girl a smirk, "as long as I'm here, you'll never be the best. Be contented living the rest of your huntress life under my shadow, peasant~!"

With that Avery laughed mockingly as she turned around and walked away.


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32 Re: Seek and Destroy [Hunt, Closed] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:52 pm

Ash smiled as she saw that Av was nodding at what she was saying. She was glad that both of them seemed to be on the same page here, making the brunette wonder why were they arguing over nothing earlier. Maybe the heat made the blonde crazy and that she was in fact super nice all the time. The pilot hoped that it was that.

As they approached the academy, Ash looked at where Av was pointing to see the airship was referring to. It was a good idea really as it was probably the best chance to pilot an actual aircraft that wasn't her own mech. "He sounds like a nice guy to let people with the required skills to pilot his ship, I mean generally pilots are extra careful about their aircraft and all."

As they reached the landing pad, the blonde turned toward Ash and began by complimenting her saying that she had great potential and all... before saying that never she would never best her. The pilot tilted her head as she watched Av leave, wondering what was her deal now. The second before she was super nice and now she was being a brat again? Ash sighed before making her way to her room, wanting to not waste time that she could be spending repairing her mech to think about the blonde's personality any longer. She had the felling they would meet again though, which was good? Who knows really...


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