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Sunil Hood (Fin)

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1 Sunil Hood (Fin) on Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:24 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Sunil Hood
Age: 19
Birthday: July 2
Gender: Male
Race:  Human
Height: 5'10
Weight: 175
Face Claim: Gray Fullbuster/ Fairy tails

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Tech Major, Engineer Study

  • New Tech/Tinkering
  • Training
  • Indoors
  • Breaking limits
  • Being manly


  • Nature
  • Sitting still
  • Wimps
  • Being told no


  • Leporiphobia: It unknown when this started, but Sunil always had a deep fear of rabbits. This can cause the young man to have a panic attack if around one. This count for both the small animal and Faunus. However, he less fearful with faunus cause of the human side of them.
  • Lost of a family: Sunil has a deep love for his family and misses them all the way back in Atlas. He fears his refuse to work for the Atlas military might have side effects for the family he left behind.
  • Damaging his arms: As hard as it is to do Sunil does worry about this from time to time. With his augmented arms being his sole means for fighting if they ever become to damage in battle he would become comply defenseless until he fit them. Being so far from Atlas he unsure just how he would replace them here.

Overall Personality: At first glance, Sunil is boisterous, hotheaded and arrogant and demands recognition and seems hungry for greatness. This put off many people the first time meeting him, believing the man if full of himself. Well, they would be right. However, after a few minutes, it would be clear to anyone Sunil is truly a friendly soul. He is the type of person can make friends with anyone around him, good or bad. Growing up where he did Sunil learned early on in life that the world wasn't black and while, but a clear gray. He sees the good and bad in everyone and he simply chooses to see the good in most. However, to those he deems unworthy of his friendship, as rare as this is, he tends to treat extremely coldly. However, Sunil is also extremely determined and never lets anything keep him down for long. He is also devoted to defending and supporting his friends and loved ones, fighting with all his strength to protect them.

Despite his often brazen and practically insane actions, Sunil is fairly insightful, as his bombast and seemingly blind confidence usually mask his true intelligence in planning and combat. He even personally admits that his bravado and fearlessness is mostly a device he uses to hide his own worries and to support others and that he thinks people who choose not to fight are the real heroes. He has stated that his drive in the war against the Grimm's was not started for personal glory or vengeance, but a desire to give future generations the world without fear. Despite his often moronic actions, he does have some level of common sense in the rare cases he choose to listen to his brain that is.

Like everyone else in his, family Sunil is a gear head and seem to have a hard time with authority figures. Like his mother and father Sunil has a gifted mind of an engineer. Like his parents, he wants to help the world by just building new and better weapons, but couldn't stand for all the restrictions Atlas place on all the resources and new studies they deem for Atlas eyes only. He believes that any discovery that could better mankind shouldn't be kelp quite about, but rather spread to other Kingdoms to make for a safer world.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Purple
Semblance: Sticky Icky: Adhesion Semblance
Sunil semblance has the power to create the substance of either high or low levels of adhesion to cover an area or just himself. To either make his affected surface slick or sticky. This can cause the ground to become sticky as if walking in glue or slippery allowing Sunil to skate around while causing his enemies to lose their footing. Useful for tripping enemies or manuovering around the battlefield. Max effected range is a 10-meter circle around Sunil and cause 10 aura a turn to keep up.

Item 1:
Sunil uses his own augmented arms as his weapons of choice. Being augmented his arms are far stronger than his humans ever was allowing him, if it ever came to it, fight Grimms with his bare hands. However, his true weapons are the twin retractable blades hidden in his arms. Able to exit his arms from both this fist and elbow the blades can be used for close combat or surprise attacks. When not in combat Sunil arms hold many smaller tools within his hands which he used to do his repairs and work around the school and study. As far as others can tell when looking and feeling Sunil arms they look and feel the same as the real thing.

Item 2: T1 physical Armor: Sunil arms are made from a special organic material that despite it flexibility is far durable than it appear. It what give his arms to look and feel of real arms as well as strong enough need to block attacks.

History and Sample

Sunil was born into an engineering family. His mother and father were both gifted in the craft. Having worked for the military of Atlas it came to no surprise that the two could fix pretty much anything that was placed before them. This skills apparently was passed along to their children. At a young age, little Sunil was already taking apart anything and everything within the house with his little hands. Seeing this as a problem his mother began working with him very early on how to not only take apart but also study, as well as how to put it back together. How to create. Which is what their trade is truly about, not destruction. These lessons become the foundation for the young child to grow up with.

Even at a young child Sunil was already having trouble with authority figures, much like his parents. If one told him no without a reason, then that meant to do it! If they said don't touch it then he would touch it. This became even worse with the birth of his baby sister. As she grows up the two became a nightmare for the lab their parents worked at. If not watched the two would take apart half of whatever objects was in the room with them. Like Sunil, his little sister showed much promised in the future of engineering so it didn't take long for the two to master much of the early stages of the craft and even join their parents on a few projects.

Looking back anyone with half a mind would see that this was a bad idea. Having two young kids(Sunil 10, Sister 8) help on military grade research. But their hubris was blinded by how fast the two was learning and growing. For the most part, they were in the right for many projects proved to be a success. However, on one project while working on a new type of accelerator his little sister curiosity got the better of her. Believing her skill was up for the task she tried preceding the project past where she was told to stop at. At first, it seemed like she had succeeded, but it quickly went to hell! As the accelerator overload, Sunil rushed in protecting his sister who in the panic froze in fear and confusion. That day he traded left his arm for his sister life.

With the arm beyond saving and with little time, his parents began a risky process on their son. Using an experimental procedure they began replacing Sunil arm with an augmented one. Thanks to both the shock and sedatives Sunil was numbed to the pain. For most people this would be an event life changing for them, but for Sunil, it was the start of something new and great. With his new arm his study his attention turned inward at ways of improving the human body.

As the years went by Sunil, with the help of his sister, made many improvements to his arm. Changing it from it once the simple frame to a now battle ready augmented one. Along with the improvement in his arm, he also began work on another arm which many at first thought was a backup, but it confused everyone once they learned it was being made for a right arm. At age fifteen Sunil already had a reputation of being insane and an extremist with his work. Constantly pushing the limit of research along with questionable actions. However, He truly earned this reputation when he, with the help of two assistants and his own sister, replaced with right arm with an augmented one of his own design.

This act shocked everyone and almost cost his family their position in the Atlas research labs. It even worsens when the military wanted the young man to hand over his research notes on his arms. As is arms wasn't as advanced as Atlas own, his however looked and felt much like a real set of arms. Sunil, of course, refused not wanting to give up his work for the military to abused. This, of course, put a lot of stress on his family relationship with their work. At the age seventeen, Sunil decided it might be best if he put some space between himself and Atlas and left for a small growing Kingdom and their newly open Hunter Academy.

RP Sample:

In the cold operational room, temper1 was beginning to heat between it, occupants. "Look!" Said the oldest of the team. "I know you did the math and everything, but I don't feel safe doing this. If we mess up..." However, the man was cut by the younger man now sitting on the operating table in the middle of the room. "And I'm telling you everything will be fine! I ran the test, ran them again and ever a fourth time. My body will accept the transplant." Sunil said followed by his signal smile. While the two male argued in the center the only other occupants Sunil sister and her assistance fingers danced over a pair of keyboards as they ready the computer and machine needed for the operation.

"I have to agree with him brother." his sister said with her back toward him. "I trust your calculation, but it is risky. If we don't get this absolutely perfect the best case outcome is you lose your arm completely." This was the reason he loved having her around. Sunil little sister was never afraid to tell him the truth, no matter how bad or dumb it was. "You know you can stop it right? Just go tell mom and dad or call security. I'm sure they be happy to come in give me another blast over the head." Room let out a much-needed laugh at this. He knew everyone was on edge and that he was asking a lot of them all. Hell, he was asking them to cut off his arm and replace it. It made him wonder which of them was crazier. Him or them.

"Because if I did try to stop you-you would just do again, without telling anyone and in less than ideal setup." Removing his shirt Sunil only smiled with his eyes closed. She was right and he was grateful for her help along with the others. Sam and Jenny were against it at first, but once they learn they couldn't talk the siblings out of this crazy idea they thought it best to help. "Alright, we're ready..." Jenny said looking up from her screen, turning to walk over toward Sunil. "You really sure about this? There no going back from this point." She said as she placed the set of Iv's into Sunil legs and neck. She asked already knowing the answer he knew as he nodded with a smile.

"What doesn't' kill me." He said. "Makes you stronger. You better come back stronger you idiot." His sister finishes stepping up to his other side with a mask. "We're ready. I'm placing the mask on. Count backward from ten and we'll begin.... Good luck." She said as she wrapped the mask around his face. "Luck? You don't need luck with science. Beside..." He said with his eyes growing heavy. "I..." He whispers before falling into darkness.

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