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Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla]

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1 Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:44 pm

Finally, she had made it. After years of working, training, and generally busting her ass, it had all finally paid off and she was walking down the halls of Syne. So of course Kristin was happy. And perhaps a bit smug as well, but who could blame her at that moment? It wasn't every day that someone finally got to move into their school of choice, so it was her time to savor the excitement. Just passing the doors on the way to her dorm was enough to maintain the faint smirk that her lips were forming. A certain giddy-ness filled her being, knowing that every step that she took was one more step towards her goal. Sure, perhaps she was over-hyping just getting to her new room, but to her it was an important part of the academy experience. That would be where she would meet the people that she would be spending most of her time here with.

Having always strove towards perfection in her fighting style, it only made sense that Kristin would desire to go to the best place to help with her aspirations. Perhaps she was a bit more peculiar than some other students that would also go to the school, but just as everyone else, she had a goal in mind that she was determined to reach. But that would take time and countless hours of training. So for the time being, it seemed that simply settling in to both her dorm and the school at large was the best and most obvious way to get started.

It didn't take Kristin long to eventually reach her dorm room, despite a bit of problems navigating. She gave a soft hum as she walked down the halls with her carrying case rolling behind her. Glancing from door-to-door, she bit down at her cheek as she attempted to find which room was hers. Perhaps the blonde should have asked for directions, but she felt confident enough that she would have been able to find it easily enough. But she didn't expect the entire dormitory to be designed in some ass-backwards way. Really, her inability to find her room was the architect's fault, not her's; she was a victim! But there was no point in musing about that just yet as she wasn't even close to giving up. Ah yes, it took more than getting somewhat lost to get the blonde to give up on a task that she was dedicated to, "Where the hell is... Oh!" she let out suddenly, looking at the paper she had gotten for the room assignment and then the door's number that she was just outside, "Hm... yep! Easy mode~" she said to herself before stepping up. With a knock, she didn't bother waiting for an answer before she reached down and turned the handle, immediately opening the door and stepping inside.

As Kristin opened the door, she could almost feel the excitement well up inside of her. Finally, she was going to meet whoever she was going to be set up with during her stay at Syne! The only problem was... that the room was empty. No sign of a roommate or their belongings, most likely meaning that she was first to arrive of all things. "... Oh." She let out flatly, "Well, that sucks..." With lowered shoulders, she lazily pushed the door closed behind her with her foot before letting out a sigh. Moving to a bed, she set her stuff beside it before simply falling into it. Roommate or not, it felt good to finally be off of her feet for just a few moments.

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2 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:00 am

Ash was happy, she vanquished her foe earlier this morning! With some help of course but she did!!! She was able to get up those damnable stairs!!! Taking the time to celebrate her victory, the girl nearly forgot why she fought so hard to get there in the first place: her dorm room! She was quickly assigned a dorm along other people as the message from the school said as there wasn't a lot of rooms with balcony for her to use for her mech suit. She was a little worried that her roommates may not appreciate that she would take so much space all by herself but what else could she do? Stay on the school's roof? Wait, the school is built in a castle, there are no suitable roof to live on even if you wanted to!

Ashley was able to find her dorm with ease, using the map on her Scroll and she saw that the door was already opened. Thinking that someone was already in, she moved inside to see that indeed a blonde girl was flopped in one of the bed already. Waving to her to get her attention, Ash introduced herself. "Hi there, the name's Ashley, but you can call me Ash. Seems like we're going to be roomies, so it's nice to meet you~"

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3 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:20 pm

After the better part of the past few months, the raven head girl had finally discided it was the time she joined the rest of the students body and get herself a dorm. She at first had push it off instead choosing to stay in one of the sweets in the city hotels. After years of traveling around in a band and constantly having others around her, she wanted just a few months to herself for once. Now with that out of her system she packed her things and made her way over to the academy. She received her room number early that day and honsetly a little excited to see who she would be rooming with. Good or bad really didn't matter to the little bat as she was never the type to spend a lot of her time in a room. As long as she had a place to do her work, store her junk, and sleep she would be happy.

Her guitar hung off of her right shoulder as a rucksack hung off her left side as she girl floated down the hallways. She had a little pride in herself as even with the added weight she still were able to levitate with ease. Seems all her added training was paying off. After a short time, Layla found the room number and paused outside as she took a deep breathe as she ready herself. With a calmer mind, she opens the door catching the tail end of someone talking. It seemed two others was already in the room, a girl in a wheelchair as well as a blonde girl laying on one of the beds.

To say that Layla's eyes didn't linger on the girl in the wheelchair longer then she should had would have been a lie. It was just that in her mind it Maybe she recently had some sort of injury or something? Either ways it seemed she had just introduced herself to the other. "Well, then Ash it is then." The bat girl said from doorway want a friendly smile before floating in and landing next to a free bed against one of the walls and dropping her bag on it. "Guess I'm late to the party. I'm Layla Radcliff. Nice to meetcha all."

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4 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:52 am

"... Huh?" It seems that Kristin didn't need to wait more than a couple of minutes before the door opened to reveal the first of her roommates. A cute brown-haired girl rolling right inside on her wheelchair. Wheelchair? The blonde blinked, tilting her head slightly in her position of still laying on the bed, looking at the girl curiously. Poor thing, if she couldn't walk, that meant that she couldn't dance. Also, she couldn't fight, which made it curious as to why such a girl was in the school in the first place. Perhaps there was something more to it? Before she could introduce herself, her second roommate appeared to float right through the threshold of the door. Mentally, she had to wonder if she was the only one in the room to use legs, but perhaps that would have come off as a joke in poor taste. But with black hair and dark clothing, compared to Krissy's blonde hair and bright clothes, it seemed like there would be no lack of varieties when it came to appearances at least.

Turning herself on her bed, she faced the duo that appeared, allowing one of her hands to rest on her hip as she smiled to them both, "Well hello there, how convenient~" she let out in a quite upbeat voice, "Well, Ash and Layla, it's a pleasure to meet you~" She spoke with a genuine smile on her face, actually quite eager to see just what kind of people her roommates would reveal them to be. With a quick lick of her lips, "Well, I'm Kristin Rossfeld, but do feel free to just call me Krissy, most people do." With her introduction, she finally sat upright, crossing her legs in front of her as she gave a nod.

Well, at the very least, both of her roommates seemed really cute~

"Well, since we're going to be living with eachother for a while, I suppose I'll get things started. As I said, I'm Krissy and my hobbies include fashion, athletics, and cuddles. So pretty much everything other than actual fighting, you could say. What about you two~?"

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5 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:43 pm

Ash moved further inside the room as another girl arrived as well, floating in the air reminding the brunette of how her mech hovers around when she's not flying. Both girls introduced themselves after her, the blonde being Krissy and the black-haired one was named Layla.

As now both her roommates seemed to have picked their bed, the wheelchair driver threw her bag on the one that was next to Krissy's before she moved toward the double doors that led to the balcony that their room had. Opening them to let in the nice sunlight into the dorm while she kept moving forward onto the platform before looking over the railing to see someone next to a huge steel case with a small crane. The brunette waved back to him as they made eye contact and he began to lift the case toward the balcony. While this happened Ash turned to look at her roomies as Krissy was asking about hobbies. "Well, one of my biggest hobbies is to work on the thing in that huge steel box that it being lifted here, which is why we have a balcony, so I can place it there and not remove any living space in our room. I'm a mechanic mostly, so it can give you an idea of what's in the box, but I'll let you guess for fun~" Ash giggled, amused by her little game before continuing. "My other hobbies are flying, music and thunderstorm watching, that's pretty much it for me."

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6 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:37 pm

So the blonde name was Kristin the girl thought as she turned in the air into a sitting position to face the others. She was happy to see she be sharing the room with other girls. Not that is would have mattered much to her if it was guys. She just learned long ago it less awkward with the fellow sex. It was also a plus that the two seem friendly enough, maybe too friendly in the blonde case. Who counts cuddles as a hobby she thought to herself before following Ash to the window. It seems she was signing for someone below to...."Hope you check to make sure the balcony can handle that weight." Said crossing her arms and leaning back in the air.

"Hobbies?" She repeated thinking as she took the guitar from her back as her fingers light brushed over the strings. "Music mostly I guess. I also like to play video-game and read. I'm a bit of a nerd I guess you could say." She always wonders what her fans back in the day would have thought if they learn the so-called "Vampire Queen" was, in fact, a major nerd on the inside.

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7 Re: Fashionably Early [Ashley/Layla] on Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:41 pm

With the introductions over with, it was finally for the girls to get to know eachother a bit. Or that's what Krissy believed at least! No reason to let things get awkward when you can instead simply talk to others and have things progress naturally. "Ah, I see!" While thunderstorm watching sounded far too wet and loud for her tastes, she was curious about the other things the two mentioned, "Music and flying, huh? Well at least you two have that in common it seems..." Krissy mused, watching as the 'Vampire Queen' was floating in the air for a few moments before chuckling.

With that, her attention was brought to the balcony and the large case that was being set onto it. Peering out curiously, the blonde tilt her head as she considered just what it could be. Tapping her chin, she was very much planning on taking a guess! "Hrm... Considering you counted 'flying' as one of your hobbies, I'd expect that it's something to make your chair a lot more mobile. Maybe a, uh... large machine or something. Makes sense since you said you were an engineer and all that! I'd also say that it's a weapon since you don't seem to have one on you, but I could be wrong. I could be wrong about all of it and it turns out to just be a piano or something! Who knows~"

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