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It can now do stuff! [Weapon Second Form]

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1 It can now do stuff! [Weapon Second Form] on Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:36 am

It was finally done. Drachenrüken just gained a lot in versatility. The change wasn’t that big, he just made every one of the blades on his weapon detachable, all of them with holes for his fingers. Result? An almost unlimited amount of blade knuckles with two bigger ones at the tip.

The training room was silent, since it was the middle of the night. No lights were on, which meant Jet had a perfect vision at the moment. The training dummy in front of him was a new one. Clean and without any form of damage to it yet. That was going to change soon. “All right, let’s see how these things handle themselves.

Taking a fighting pose, Jet lifted his hands, each holding one of the two bigger blades that started his chain, both pieces of metal off the metal wire they used to be on. A moment he was still, the other he was striking at the hard wood construct which had the shape of a man standing straight. The first hit from his right knuckle bit deep in the material, his joints actually hitting the “face” of the dummy. “Well, they definitely cut well. Then again, I throw a mean right straight.” With a smirk at his own shameless self-praise, he pulled back his arm with enough force to take out the blade from the wood, but ended up ripping the head off entirely. “Damn!” After a few moments kicking at the wood to dislodge the metal blade from it, he got back to punching and slashing at the now headless training dummy.

After a while and a pile of badly damaged wood on the floor, Jet was satisfied he with his progress. The knuckles were a bit awkward to handle at first, considering they have a distinct pointy shape, a bit like a very short and wide katar. The blades extend on the side of his had so even a glancing blow has a lot of slashing power and gives him quite a few options to strike effectively from various direction. “Yup, they’re going to be quite nice. Next, target practice!

Walking to the shooting range, Jet set it up to slightly close distance, he’d increase it when he got better aim. The smaller blades of his chain could still be used as knuckles but their size made them much less viable for it. Still, their overall shape was curvy with a lot of edges, so he could throw them. They weren’t really balanced so it would be hard to be very accurate, but he was confident he could manage.

His first few throws were total misses, the kind he was almost ashamed of. Their shape made the throwing a bit awkward and the holes in them didn’t help so much. Still, they were manageable and after some practice, he was able to hit the target consistently, even after adding a few more meters to the distance. Well, he’d have to practice more still, but it was a good start.

As he was going out, he flicked his wrist, trying the quick release he put in there. The blade at the tip flew off and Jet fumbled with it a few seconds trying to catch it without cutting himself. “Woah!!! Ok, guess I’ll have to practice that too.


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