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1 Magi Roleplaying Site on Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:46 am

Magi RP



Based off of the amazing manga/anime created by Shinobu Ohtaka, the World of Magic invites all roleplayers to join in and create their very own character within the Magi Universe!


The World is currently on the brink of war. Long ago the Magi lived alongside men and women alike, acting as the only peace-keepers. But it has been millenia since the last Magi was present, the latter having deserted the human race due to their incompetence.

The countries now stand on each other's soils, waiting for the right moment to make their move; however soon a series of events will unfold, the likes which have never been seen before.

The Dungeons shall arise, and so too will the Magi make their return, but this time with different purposes.

The world needs a new king, either to make it fall into the dark ages, or to allow it to thrive, and usher in a new, peaceful era.

Now the question remains, who is fit to be king and rule the world? Are you?


The World of Magic offers a plethora of features, with updates always coming out as soon as possible! Here's a list of a few of our unique, Magi-Tailored systems:

  • Dungeons: Whole structures rise from the ground, filled to the brim with treasures, artifacts, and the deadliest of monsters! Battle your way through these dungeons and make it to the Djinn's Treasury room where you'll meet your final test. Will you be the one to capture the Djinn and gain the power of a king? Or will you morph into a majestic dragonoid, capable of breathing fire and soaring through the skies? The possibilities of what lurk within our dungeons are endless, and you can only find out what's in them by joining in on the fun.

  • Countries: Six different countries are spread throughout our Magi Universe, including many which you know and love like: Balbadd, Reim, and Magnostadt. We even feature some of the smaller countries which are only mentioned within the manga, like Heliohapt and the village of the Imuchakk. With a whole conquest system coming up, will you affiliate yourself with a kingdom and take over land, or will you build your own empire and command armies?

  • Specializations: With four specializations/classes to choose from, you can build just the right character! Want to be a warrior, a magician, maybe an archer or a beast-tamer? Why not be a mixture of a warrior and a magician? The more experience you earn by roleplaying, the more powerful your character becomes, opening up a whole new world of abilities and powers!

  • Races: Before you choose your specialization, you'll want to figure out who, and WHAT your character is. Take on the role of one of the four races. Will you be a Human, a Fanalis, an Imuchakk, or possibly even a Halfling? Each race comes with its own perks and possible downsides, allowing you to dominate the battlefield, but at a price!

  • And Much More: We also have unique item, rebirth, and job systems! If you don't have what it takes to be a King Vessel, utilize some of the power of another and join their Household whilst also gaining great new abilities!

Affiliate With Us!

So what're you waiting for? Join Magi World today!

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