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Parkour with a friend and others(close)

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1 Parkour with a friend and others(close) on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:18 pm

Quill Darwind
Quill was walking though the forest one day and started doing parkour. He climes the tallest tree hopping from branch to branch. Running up the trunk of it and then dropping alittle but catches self before he falls to far. He reaches the top of the tree and saw the whole forest."god this is so beautiful i wish i had someone to see this with me but eh i don't care humans actually irritate me but what are you going to do they can't help it they are nature born jerks only caring for there own hides." Quill looked down and saw a really good parkour path down but he said "Nope lets do this instead" He takes out his strange dagger and stabs the tree grinding down from it. When he landed he saw a good looking path for him to parkour in so he did just that. While he was jumping from a branch he heard someone close to him and said "Chace is that you? I know you parkour here sometimes you told me about it before i can't remember when"


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2 Re: Parkour with a friend and others(close) on Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:54 am

Leena Lilac


Quill Darwind:

You are in way too many topics. By my count you have joined and/or created 11 topics that have been active at some point just this month, without so much as an exit post for any of them. The topic cap is 5, unless you are VIP which I do not believe you are. You may not join or create any more topics until you are under 5, and your next post for any number of topics that will get you back down to five must be an exit post.

+1 Warning Quill
(This is your second such warning, pleaaaase don't get a third. I really dont like putting anyone in hotseat)

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