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Wait... YOU GOT A WHAT?! [Open/Pet Introduction]

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Eve Naria
Eve was sneaking through the still partly sleepy town. It was about eight in the morning and this was the only time when she didn't have to worry about Kyo watching her every move. Eve only had an hour of free time but somehow she always managed to do something. The shops were just beginning to open and Eve's favorite shop was the pet shop she loved seeing the animals probably because she is part animal herself. But this time she brought with her a pouch with some money in it. Eve was dead set on having a pet although she knew Kyo would be against it. She also could never decide on which one she would get either a little puppy, or a cat, or even a rabbit. But something seemed different today could this be the day she would finally decide on a pet? Eve got to the pet shop the moment that it opened and greeted Petunia the shop owner and began looking at all the pets. Then one caught her eye it was a strange deer looking type of creature and on the tag in front of it's cage that gave basic information of the pet labeled it as a deer. Eve saw the creature as both beautiful and slightly scary but she was also curious as to why a deer was in a pet store. But the thing that she was wondering the most was whether or not she would be able to ride it. Without even thinking she bought the deer and led it out of the shop. Then she mounted the deer and the deer seemed to accept her and didn't even try to buck. The deer seemed to be a very gentle creature and seemed to understand Eve when she said "Okay Carl!!! LET'S GO HOME!! THIS WAY!!" Eve was pointing to the school and the deer began walking forward.

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Madam Haze
Remnant's Goddess, the illustrious Haze, existed outside the boundaries of time. The idea that she had to obey the likes of a broken rock or a mediocre fireball, rising and setting, was preposterous. The Goddess' own internal clock was the one true and only time, naturally.

Eminence dismounted her sport-car for the pavement, dressed in her usual form fitting dress with it's long side slit accompanied by a matching handbag, containing her dust and weapon, her gloves and her essential crown. She took to the streets in the not so bright, not too hot, early hours of the morning. Red high heels clacking on the ground as she asserted her dominance upon it.

She wasn't out for any particular reason. Just to grace the mortals with her presence, make sure they knew their place. The usual rounds. Unfortunately however, in those early hours, there were rather few beings to marvel at her. Far to few to fall before her feet.

She frowned slightly at this, but ultimately decided that the world had simply rather decided they should hide at home rather than dare offend her eyes. This was good.

There was however one... rather... well... glaring flaw in that logic. A girl, a girl who looked... plain, but familiar.

A short girl sat upon what looked to be a... goat of some description. Walking toward her. The Goddess frowned at this sight, stopping as the pair approached.

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