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Joan Ewin(FIN)

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1 Joan Ewin(FIN) on Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:25 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info

Name: Joan Ewin

Age: 23

Birthday: October 2nd

Gender: Male.

Race: Human

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 160

Face Claim: Aomine Daiki from Kuroko’s Basketball.


STR:5 + 1




Aura 150|150 HP


Major: Combat

Likes: Sports: Having played a bunch of sports, it’s a habitual and earned like.

Fighting: A rough and tough guy, she’s fully down to fight and enjoy it.

Throwing things: His favorite sport was baseball, and there he was the pitcher.

Dislikes: Dramatics: He’s a realist.

Unreasonable hate: Sure, he hates quite a few people. He ain’t gonna lie. He hates unreasonable hate, though.

Murder: It’s distasteful.

Fears: Dogs: They’re scary, man.

Not going with the flow: It’s important.

Vomit: God, it’s disgusting.

Overall Personality: He fully believes that going with the flow is the best way to live. It’s better than living by a strict code and such. If you plan everything to the point, it’ll end up all falling apart. He certainly believes that the best laid plans always have large, glaring holes in them. Because you can never plan for certain variables, like the spirit of one guy or gal. It’s to be considered that, to be apart of the flow, this means that he doesn’t even know when he sleeps. It’s up to when he feels like that. That might be why he’s often tired, because his mind is on other things.

It's noted that he's lazy in how he speaks. This comes from the fact that he rarely has to speak, and so when he does. He certainly doesn't mind dancing about when it comes to combat, noting his fighting style looks more like a wild beast then an actual human.


Aura type: Power

Aura Color: Blue

Semblance: The Zone: Can be used to buff strength or speed, noted by a spark by his eyes, which is a constant when active.

Item 1: He wears a pair of gloves, whose insides are traced with steel wire. It’s a thin glove, so it’s not much wire, but the effect of having it there is tremendous. T1 weapon.

Item 2: The jersey he constantly wears, which has his old academy on it, is thinly-veiled steel mesh, and is a T1 physical armor.

History and Sample

Joan started life early in the deserts of Vacuo, being apart of Shade academy from a young age. He was a prodigy from a family of normal people. He had a aptitude for hunting that wasn't seen very often, but they ran into one large problem about the time he hit fifteen. He was in Shade Academy, and had already adapted this idea of the flow. It helped him win most of his spars, since you rarely knew what he was going to do. He had two methods of attack to top it off, but you'd be thinking that it isn't that much, right?

Take into consideration his... high levels of physical strength. His strength, even in the land of hunters, was freighting. His height and level of care seemed to put him at a disadvantage, but no one ever took into consideration that he's one agile fellow. It's main reason that he fights like he does, he has the agility to do so. He can dip, dive, duck and dodge with the best of him, and that's because he's trained his already naturally high agility to be on par with his strength. He even played the sports at his academy, being a started in half of them.

While he doesn't have the brains to fully do a bunch of the complex things, he likes to think that his ability to hunt comes from the fact that he's both largeframed, and never thinks about what he's doing. This was shown in one of his spars against the one other prodigy. The only reason he won that fight, is because he literally threw the other out of the room. With force. It's something truly worthy of note to realize this. The reason he's at Syne? He liked the mountain idea. He really, really does.

RP Sample:
He sat in front of a friend of his, yawning. He adored the guy, but he couldn’t bring himself to understand how in the world the guy was so oblivious to the flow. He put his hand on his friends shoulder, noting that he had to tell him now, before the fight, so that he even had a chance. How much of a chance? Good question. No one could be sure. The two were the strongest in the academy, physically.

"It's simple, honest. You take a look at me. We don't have a uniform, so that frees me up to be in the flow even more. The flow, in the simplest of terms, is doing what I want when I want, and even in combat, I can accomplish this. That, my friend, is why you're tactics will never, ever work. After all, you can't plan for a million ways to go about a situation, can you?"


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Can't have Speed ans Strength buffed together, it would have to be one or the other at any one time

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