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Vermillion Midnight [Done]

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1 Vermillion Midnight [Done] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:39 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Vermillion Midnight
Age: 20
Birthday: December 21st
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180lbs
Face Claim: OC (created with )

DEF:4 (+1)
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: People, Music, Animals
Dislikes: Grimm, Reading, Mundane tasks
Fears: Failure, Losing friends, Death
Overall Personality: Vermillion while extremely friendly and kind tends to show a rather cold and secluded outward demeanor. Vermillion though enjoying talking and being with other people often keeps his emotions under a "mask" which he has while in public, often causing him great turmoil within himself while appearing to be calm cool and collected to the outside world. While very much driven by emotion in the heat of battle Vermillion will often abandon it in order to focus on only logical decisions in regard to the fight. Vermillion is also very charismatic with those around him often seeming to have a larger than life personality but also giving off an air of mystery and making it well known he keeps more than a few secrets. Vermillions box cutter personality is that of an ENFJ while everything is peaceful though in combat often acting as a ENTJ would.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Blood Red
Semblance: Demon Strafe Semblance; anything Vermillions blood is in contact with other than himself spontaneously combusts into flames.
Item 1: T1 Weapon: The Edel Vanus: Edel Vanus is a 3ft long Gun Blade with a hooked end and collapsible mode for ease of carry. The hilt is a curved hilt with a hole in location of the pommel where the ammo is inserted for the gun functions of the weapon, the hilt can accommodate for 2 hands but the Edel Vanus is light enough to be held by 1. The guard is a "S" shaped guard and guards the front part of the hilt when being used as a blade, the top portion of the hilt has a small hole in it allowing a small scope to make its way through off the backside of the blade. The blade is a straight single sharpened blade up to the hook which is sharpened on both sides. The gun portion of the blade is mounted on the sides of the blade acting like a double-barreled pistol which is fired from a trigger parallel to the inside of the guard. The Gun function of Edel Vanus currently does not work and can only be repaired at T3.
The Edel Vanus:
Item 2: T1 Magical Armor: The white cloak that Vermillion wears is impervious to his semblance and provides light protection against the elements.

History and Sample
Vermillion was raised in the kingdom of Vale, at age 3 Vermillion lost his father when a Grimm attacked his childhood home he was saved by a Huntsman whose name and origin is unknown. Eventually Vermillion's mother returned home to find what had occured and Vermillion and his mother continued to live their lives. Despite the young age at which the attack on his home occurred Vermillion still remembered the sight of the Grimm and from that day has desired nothing less than to slay all grim in the world of Remnant. Vermillion began his quest at the age of 7 beginning the work on the first design concepts for his own weapon that he would later go on to build and name "Edel Vanus". Focusing many days and months on completing his weapon in order to become a wannabe huntsman he was taken off guard when after a day of shopping in local markets for parts he returned to find a sight disturbingly familiar, his home torn to shreds and the sight of now his mother dead. After the loss of his mother Vermillion became more focused than ever to destroy the Grimm and over the course of the next 9 years trained tirelessly to both master his weapon which he completed fully at the age of 14 and to master his semblance which was extremely volatile and difficult to keep under control. Eventually at the age of 16 Vermillion joined Signal Academy in order further his agenda of becoming a Huntsman and while at Signal began to remember what it meant to interact with others and how much he had been alone for his life after his parents died, secluding himself to train. Finally once graduating from Signal Academy Vermillion decided to take a final step in becoming a Huntsman by heading off to Syne Academy in order to finalize his skills in becoming a Huntsman.
RP Sample:
Vermillion sat outside on a park bench it was cool Spring day, the air had a slight breeze to it reminding anyone who felt it that Winter had not passed all that long ago. The sun however kept anyone in its sight warm enough to enjoy the day, so Vermillion at last got up from where he sat and picked up the rather heavy looking bag that was next to him and he continued to walk toward his destination, Syne Academy. The breeze that originally been keeping him cool began to pick up and began to pick up his cloak in the wind revealing a weapon of a strange design hanging from his belt Vermillion was a Huntsman or rather a Huntsman in training and he was off to complete that training at Syne Academy. A few hours of his slow walk passed the day entering the late afternoon and at last Vermillion reached his midpoint destination, the docks. Vermillion boarded the fairy bound for the Island of Bellmuse. At last Vermillion spoke in a deep and cold voice "Syne Academy, I'm going to finish what I started, and you'll be the medium... So it was that Vermillion had spoke causing the other passengers to give him a strange look and upon realizing Vermillion was left to pull the hood of his cloak over his head in embarrassment.

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