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Lunchtime musings [OPEN]

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1 Lunchtime musings [OPEN] on Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:46 am

Lunch time was always a bustling affair in Syne. Students scarfing down snacks before heading to the next class, friends regaling each other with tales of daring do and dormroom gossip, and others still tinkered with weapons or perfected their myriad ways to dispatch the grimm menace. There was one place however, where all this seemed to pass by.

Under a gnarled tree off to one side of the Courtyard sat a rather unkept student. An old, battered guitar was held in his hands, a strange formless tune playing as his fingers wandered from one note to the next as the mood took them. Jasper was never one to pay attention what his hands were playing at times like this, because often enough his mind was pondering something else entirely. Right now, his mind was empty, the guitar only serving as a tool to let his mind wander.

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