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An Enthusiastic Walk Through The Woods [Solo Hunt]

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Normally she would relish her freedom away from her mother’s teaching methods of interrupting a quiet evening with a sudden training exercise against some poor Grimm, not that the dark beasts deserved and sympathy, she had wrangled up and bolted down. The annoyance she felt every time she had been forced to cancel plans just to make sure her skill didn’t dull. Despite knowing and understanding where she was coming from that didn’t stop Ivory from holding it against her and relishing whatever free time she had left. Lately however, she had grown restless. Did she really miss the moments where ‘too much’ wasn’t part of a certain someone’s vocabulary? She didn’t know, but one thing was for certain, she had to go kill something before she jumped out of her skin.

So with her cloak as warmth for the chilly night, sword ready ,sharp, and on its place on her cloaked back, chains coiled, and Semblance online she sought a challenge within Fennik Forest. It was dark out, her breath chilly and visible while the cold nipped at her nose. Footsteps echoed lightly as she trudged through the forest. Giant hands of Aura floated idly beside her as chains rattled lightly against her as she moved. A cold breeze blew by and she hugged herself a little bit before trudging on.

Soon she came upon a large clearing. It seemed to be the best place to pause for a moment, maybe even wait for a challenge.

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An Enthusiastic Walk Through The Woods [Solo Hunt] Yuki%20Valesti_TBFillin_zpskhnnreuh

 Grimm: Deathstalker
    ►#: 1
    ►Lvl: 4
    ►HP: 150/150
    ►DEF/RES: 2 (10 damage resistance)
    ►WB.DEF: Damage is halved AFTER the defense is applied

- Deathstalker became alert, and rushed Ivory once she came into the clearing

Dmg Dealt/Recieved


Bold or stupidity, One of these two words that could be used to describe Hunters of this generation. There were other words too, like crazy or blood thirsty, but that was seldom the case. While naturally Hunters would be the one seeking out the Prey, it became hard to tell who trully was the Hunters in many of the situations. In the dead of night like tonight, one entered the territory of what would be a Deathstalker, a somewhat huge Grimm mocking the shape of a Scorpion with it's Claws, Stinger, the total package. It was a bit off to the right from the entry point where the Hunter entered the clearing, having become alert due to the rattling of her chains as she drew closer to it's location, as well as her footsteps while much less more than the rattling. In this instant, it would become a case of Hunter x Hunter as it would become set on making whatever decided to make it's way there regret having come there. It was some distance off from Ivory, but once it noticed her enter the clearing, all 10 orbs that made up it's eyes would shine, piercing the very darkness as if the Grimm was a machine and it had just become activated. Quickly it began to rush over towards Ivory, it's claws up in the air clacking together constantly as if it couldn't wait to tear the Intruder apart.

An Enthusiastic Walk Through The Woods [Solo Hunt] Grimm%20of%20Syne_TBBOT_zpsj81xsdbk

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