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Little Volunteers Work (Open)

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1 Little Volunteers Work (Open) on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:15 am

The afternoon sun hung low as the day slowly rolls to darkness over the school grounds. However, within the training halls, the rolling darkness meant little as did time to the young man sitting in the back of the hall. All around the man was now broken training robots that were offend used by the students to train with. Out of boredom he had volunteered to try and fixed some of the bots within the training halls. Then again "try" might have been too strong of a word for this task as Sunil quickly learned that these bots were far from that he had images at first. From slash wounds to the gun shot, to fire and even ice burns these training robots have been put through the ringers with the students here. Not that he could really blame them really. The programming in these things was a joke making them fight back with only the basic. At best they were for beginners who need to get a taste of what it felt like to hit a real target.

Still, it wasn't his job to second guessed these things, just to fix them. Sitting on a small stool Sunil hands danced over to broken robots as his own robotic hand went about their work with precision aimed. Anyone who got close enough would easily see that the young man fingers on his right hand were broken apart revealing small tools to use for maintenance. A small spark lit up his face as he solders a robot arm back in place just before using another finger to drill a new bolt placement in the upper shoulder. He had been at this task for the better part of the afternoon not even realizing it was growing later into the evening.

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