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Brawl for all(Open to Three others)

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1 Brawl for all(Open to Three others) on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:48 am

Joan had went to a teacher and gotten permission to put a sign-up sheet outside one of the training rooms. Each person who signed agreed to a brawl, the brawl that was to happen in the training room. The room itself was completely empty at the moment, the stone walls and floor had been cleaned and shined so that the blood would stand out.

Joan, however, was laid down in the middle of the room. No one had arrived yet, and it was about noon. He had, contrary to what some believe, just woken up. His eyes were closed and his legs were crossed. He was even murmuring in his sleep.

“Come on guys. You’re boring me.”

The man was about 6’6” and one could easily deduct that he wasn’t from around bellmuse. He was, after all, from the desert. His skin color made it blazingly obvious, albeit he lived in the hosttest area and since he was an active one, that’s why he was so tan. His jersey had Shade Academy on it.

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2 Re: Brawl for all(Open to Three others) on Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:03 am

The musky and rather damp like training room, where lockers were located, punching bags, wrestling mat, weights and other training gear. all of this was mundane to him, nothing here other than the combat dummies and the punching bags interested him. The blonde locks dancing with each trot this singular being made, metallic like sounds emitted from his form, his robotic like arms at his sides, holding a briefcase. What seemed to be a normal day for him, a day of training, looked to be more of a sparing session with other people, he had hoped that the room would be empty, but twas not the case for there where one individual in the room. He seemed to be a rather tall fellow, dark locks and sitting on the floor, the being whom walked in was rather the opposite of his other guest, inhuman in a sense of appearance.

Only the words struck his ears, and he slowly walked to the individual, his glowing orange like eyes locked onto him before he spoke in a monotone like voice. "If this is a training session, count me in, I have to test my weapons energy output." He said, a clarity of light notes and low one rang through the air, as his voice echoed in a more lyrical manner. Standing there before the individual, his white sleeveless hoodie holding a glow in the center of his chest and the mechanical like arms this rather inhuman fellow held a briefcase which seemed to be important due to how he was holding it. Waiting for the other's if any were to appear, his golden locks fluttered about for now they swayed in front of his reticle's scanning and analyzing the figure. "I'm determining from your stature that you're six foot, six inches, am I correct?"

More of his young adult like voice ringing through the air, the residual heat from his chest fadedly showing through the white hoodie he wore, the blue jeans and the leather boots upon his feet. The arms letting off steam from the moisture in the air, and the crinkling sound of metal grinding against metal when he slowly adjusted his arm and leg position. "And before you ask, I am not a Android, I still have a human brain, I am simply a cybernetically enhanced human." "And speaking of humans, do you think any other students will arrive?" These words rang louder than the rest, for his tone seemed sadder yet held more wisdom in it than the rest of the words he claimed before the question.

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3 Re: Brawl for all(Open to Three others) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:12 am

Amarante timidly entered, "is - is this training ro-room available?" She looked at the two huge men in there already. She felt so inadequate when she met anyone. All she wanted to do was learn who to defend herself with more than a perfectly timed shield attack. As if on cue, she tapped her semblance and made her shielding aura expand and hit an empty can that had been sitting by the door. She sighed, such a move was a waste of aura and relied on a stupid foe. She picked up the can and put it in the recycle and then sat at the far end of the room, curled into a little ball with her tails covering her as if she were trying to hide behind them. The fans in her sleeves felt heavier than usual as she pulled them out and examined them. The dagger shaped weapons flicked open, revealing a row of elegantly brutal blades capable of inflicting serious harm...If she could even land a hit on someone. She glanced at the clock, plenty of time to get a training round in before she would have to go to the job board and find employment.

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