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Wyrfaeld Onyx, The Onyx Knight.

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1 Wyrfaeld Onyx, The Onyx Knight. on Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:44 pm

Wyrfaeld Onyx
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Wyrfaeld Onyx
Age: 21
Birthday: January 1st
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus: Lizard: Lizard tail and scale patches around on his body.
Height:270 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Face Claim: FFXIV

STR:6 (5+1=6)
Aura 10|290 HP

Major: Undecided.
Likes: Quiet, Peace, Violence, People.
Dislikes: Failure, Grimm, Death.
Fears: Grimm, Solitude, Failure.
Overall Personality:

Wyrfaeld is a strange individual at the best of times. While he hold onto a slight sadistic personality at times, enjoying violence for the sake of it and having no problems with killing or beating others to a bloody pulp. He also enjoys quiet and peaceful times and places just as much, he can often be seen sitting somewhere and just reading one of his many books.

While he enjoys violence and fighting as well as peace and quiet, Wyrfaeld finds the company of others to be one of his most cherished desires. Having a fear of solitude it could be seen as quite strange that he enjoys the quiet as much as he does but this does not mean he enjoys the thought of being alone for lengthy periods of times.

Showing quite an open hate for the Grimm and the prospect of failure, they both cause him great personal fear, as he fears failure for the memories of his first and greatest failure and the Grimm for the whole aspect of despair they represent to him.

Aura type: Power: The Power Aura makes characters naturally stronger than others. (+1 to STR)
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: N/A
Item 1: Demon's Fate: Is a massive two-handed Greatsword made from a black metal. The size of the blade it self makes any edge it would otherwise need unnecessary yet it still posses quite the sharp edge with several chips in the thinnest parts as if the wielder torments the blade when he wields it. The weight of the blade is 100 kg, the length is 190cm and requires exceptional strength and specialized training to wield properly.

Item 2: Onyx Guard: The suit of blackened armor that is worn by Wyrfaeld. The layered armor provides protection while still allowing movement due to its structure and layered properties. The leg plates are overshadowed by the large robe like lower part of the armor serving to hide and shield the leg plates from the elements while also serving a fashionable function as well.

Onyx Guard & Demon's Fate

History and Sample
One...Two...Five...Nine...Twenty...Fifty...Ninety...From the past these numbers would mean nothing, just random number but this was not the past. His life had not always been this difficult, this horrid or this bleak and yet it was peaceful and pleasant all the same, where to start...

Born into a family of twenty as the firstborn child Wyrfaeld had to grow up rather fast as the eldest of his father and mothers children, leaving out school to work and do the random odd job. This was the childhood of his until the day his town was ravaged by the Grimm, having his duty as the oldest child and having his father being to frail and ravaged after decades of being a hunter. Wyrfaeld wielded Demon's Fate in the defense of his family, cutting down the countless Grimm that assaulted his path, when he finally succumbed to his wounds Wyrfaeld was afraid yet at peace. His family was safe and he had no more to give, that was until he heard a scream of a voice he recognized as his smallest sister. Being forced to watch as the Grimm assaulted her and just as she was to be killed Wyrfaeld managed to kill the attackers before fainting in front of his sister who kept screaming his name until they both where found by other Huntsmen.

When he awoke he saw his sister in the bed next to him missing an arm and both her legs, collapsing into depression after this Wyrfaeld left his family in shame over his failure to protect his sister. But before leaving his father demanded he take Demon's Fate and Onyx Guard, submitting to his fathers wishes Wyrfaeld accepted the gifts before turning away from everything that he was. Years later he had become violent and destructive with quite the sadistic streak against those that had angered him. White fang, Grimm and thugs that had tried to stop him on his path ended up dead in some way or another. Yet he still held fast to what little of himself there was left and tried to find the peace of knowing that his sister at least had others to worry for her as he had forgotten how to.
RP Sample:
Slash, cut, stab, crush, maim and kill...
This was something he liked, it was something he had become after that day...That horrid day! Wyrfaeld continued to charge the Beowulf's and proceeded to slay them one after another as Demon's Fate swung through the air letting out its cry when metal hit flesh and started to tear it apart. A hit here and there managed to land upon the Onyx Guard but it was no matter, Wyrfaeld had no intentions of dodging their attack other then when he was moving in for an attack. He would charge and attack, never reatreat and he would not give an inch. There was a small girl behind him, her leg had twisted slightly while she was running from the grimm and Wyrfaeld had seen his sister in her and rage boiled in his very soul.

Letting out a roaring howl he attacked once more and continue to cut a path of destruction through the grimm. When it was all over a few guardsmen went over to inspect the area and saw a giant clad in black and wielding a massive sword moving towards them and handing them a small girl before disappearing into the distance where the grimm had been reported to still be attacking.

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2 Re: Wyrfaeld Onyx, The Onyx Knight. on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:01 am

Hey there Wyrfaeld Onyx, I see that your app was sadly glossed over for a long time, and I want to apologize to you for that. As a new mod, I'm here to let you know you need just a few changes to be approved.

Now you do have to have a semblance. That said, you can have it be undiscovered by your character, and have them figure it out later, or you can have them solemnly swear not to use it under some sort of oath or personal virtue...but you have to have one written down. :/

Also, we have skills now. This change was made before you made your app originally, but now each app must pick a single skill they excel at and a single skill they don't do so well. This current list can be found here, but for future reference it is the topic titled 'Skill List' in the 'Rules and Information' section.

With those two changes, you can be hacking up stuff with your sweet sword very shortly. :)

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