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Venator Michelangelo Francisco {Done}

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1 Venator Michelangelo Francisco {Done} on Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:52 am

Enrollment Form

Quote: "A true friend stands by you until the very end, Tempest has always been with me, through thick and thin." "He's my best of best friends, maybe we can be friends as well, think we can't?" "Go on, trust your instincts and tell me otherwise."

Basic info
Name: Sinbad Min Krysanthe
Alias: Venator Michelangelo Francisco
Age: 19
Birthday: December 25th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'2
Weight: 186 lbs
Face Claim: Spark: Pokemon Go

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 100| 200 HP

Major: Combat

1.) Candy: This is a simple reason, who doesn't like candy, to Sinbad candy always helps, usually he will have a sucker or a chocolate bar in his hand when stressed out.

2.) People: Sinbad is a very open person and loves to talk with others, in general he likes to be around other people for it allows him to connect with others.

3.) Tempest: Tempest is his summon, Tempest was one of Sinbads first true friends and he considers Tempest to be his best and truest friend, someone he can trust above anyone else.

4.) Animals: To Sinbad, animals are a wonderful gift and he loves them greatly, they are such mysterious beings at times, and often keep him guessing, and Sinbad as a high charisma with them and can befriend them quickly.

1.) Bullies: Sinbad isn't a friendly person to people who bully others and push the around, to him, bullies are nothing more than misguided people who need to be brought back onto the road of correction.

2.) Sour Foods: Sinbad isn't a person who likes sour or bitter foods, he tends to keep his sweet tooth satisfied instead of killing it with despicable flavours.

3.) Harming People: Even though he knows it will happen, Sinbad doesn't like the idea of harming another being like himself, without reason is even worst, for he wants to make friends, not hurt them.

4.) Senseless Battling: If it make sense to fight over, Sinbad doesn't want any part of it, even if he is paid or dared into the situation, only when forced unto such a event would he draw his blade.

1.) Atychiphobia: Fear of failure, this is one of Sinbads fears, he doesn't want to be a person who lets people down or be considered useless and or fail those who need him the most. If was to happen he would go into a deep depression that would almost like a dread of death.

2.) Dumasaphobia: Fear of stupid people, more of a bad quirk than a fear of his, but still falls under it due to his negative attitude towards idiots, ironically he acts like the thing he fears the most. His fear is more tied to idiots of common sense, being that someone who is too stupid to understand a critical situation.

3.) Fear of Harming others (OCD-Related Symptoms): Sinbad is a person who fears harming others whether it is indirect or direct, unless he is given a very good reason, he will never outright harm another person. This includes feelings or physical means, usually he tends to avoid senseless battles unless he truly needs to fight.

Overall Personality: Sinbad is a happy fellow, he always is seen with a smile and tends to stay positive even in the most dire of situations, always giving off intense yet happy vibes, he is a tender soul who tends to avoid confrontation, he doesn't do it out of being a coward. But does it out of compassion and mercy of other's, this being a major flaw in combat, but he see's the good in all people or the possibility of greatness to be brought out, but if ever given a reason to not show it, a darker side will come forth. Sinbad often tends to be a silly person and a relaxed one, often being the one that calms everyone by acting stupid, in order to make people laugh or focus off the negativity. But despite this rather child like nature, sleeps his true nature, for despite his rather idiocy looking face, he is actually very intelligent, but tends to give off the aura of a idiot for it makes his life easy to him, how he see's it people don't have to constantly depend on him if he lets off his facade.

Sinbad tends to only show his intelligence when truly needed, or when he is feeling rather open about himself, other than that he tends to act like a normal teenager despite his age gap, wearing younger trend clothing, eating junk food despite the harsh chemicals it has. Sinbad does this to make himself feel younger and is also is fun acting younger, though this is the case, he can turn very mature and serious in a heartbeat, going from his fun loving, child like nature to a young adult and dish out whatever is needed. While he is a sweet young man, someone who is kind to everyone and always happy to meet new people, he tends to seclude himself out of not letting others get too close to him. Due to his past he wants people to never get too close to him, usually he never wants others to think of him as a liability and feel pity on him, so he tends to avoid people if they become too attached to him.

Aura type: Recovery: +5 SP every post
Aura Color: Golden
Semblance: Sinbad's Semblance is a very special one, fir he can bring forth a powerful ally in battle, a avian being that uses the power of lightning as it's power, when summoned the beast will bring forth storm-clouds and come flying down in a bolt of lightning behind Sinbad.


Summon Description: Tempest is an avian Falcon like being with predominantly yellow plumage, black rings encircle its glowing blue eyes, and it has a long, thin, light orange beak, its wings and tail are a mass of spiky feathers, with black feathers covering the back of its wings and inner tail feathers. A large crest of spiked feathers surrounds its head, its thighs are a khaki color, and it has anisodactyl feet ending in talons.
Summon height: 8 feet
Summon HP Points: 3
Summon Damage Points: 3
Summon Gain Thread Link: Starter

Foot Note: You can use your semblance to summon an ally in battle. Summons cost 5 aura per stat they have to summon and have 6 points maximum, split across the stats HP and Damage. Each point in HP counts for 10 hp, each point in damage counts for 5 damage. After being dropped to 0 Summon-Hp the user cannot summon for a whole post. A summoner can also desummon on their own, but regain no aura from doing so. After a summon is desummoned a post must be waited before the summon can reapear.

Item 1: Yahweh or Jehovah, is a sword that was forged from a strange sky metal that emitted off large electrical charges when salvaged from a crater that destroyed a small farm house in Sinbads home town in Vacuo, this star metal was forged into the sword which stands as of now. The person who forged it was his father and gave it to his son when he wanted to learn the way of the sword, this rather large weapon is roughly 170 centimeters in length, at the hilt the blade is 56 cm in width and 10+ cm in thickness. it then goes down to around 10-20 cm in width at the tip. The Azure blade and tone of this weapon is a sight to see for even the center fuller where the two blades are separated lies a rounded section where sapphire lightning dances freely, not harming anyone about it. When this weapon is summoned into battle, this only applied to being outside, and or having a open roof, the blade will form storm clouds in a isolated location about Sinbad, when he holds his hand up and come rocketing down before him in a bolt of lightning.

Yahweh Bolt of Judgement - Physical Weapon:

Item 2: Desert Heart - Physical Armor Protection: Sinbads attire is his simple clothing that he put together, this rather misleading set of clothes is actually a combat woven set, the clothe is woven with thin layers of metal wires, the wires are non magnetic and are very durable, at reflecting physical damage. His armor is a black leather fashion coat with yellow shoulder pad like design with yellow outlines, this is complemented by his yellow hoodie he wears underneath it, and his yellow cotton gloves. The rest of his attire offers no protection, much like his gloves and hoodie, but are apart of his attire, are the black leather trousers and black leather combat fashion boots, these boots reach up to his shins and are rather comfortable to wear.

History and Sample
Born on the continent of Vacuo the harsh desert like region of Remnant, Sinbad was born into a low class society like family, his father was a blacksmith whom made enough to keep his family afloat, his mother was her local villages chief, she cooked mainly warm comfort foods that made people happy. Her job was the real money winner, but despite this she loved her husband and he didn't mind her making more than him, he loved his passion of weapon forging. And along with that passion, the both made Sinbad, he was a happy lad most of the time, never seeming to be sad or upset, he was the star of his parent's life, and this didn't dwindle with time, Sinbad never took interest in his fathers work, but instead his mother's work, he learned to cook and make wondrous cuisines, this even went into his young adult years, but that all changed when he turned the age of seven, his mother, while on her usual trip to get herbs and spices was attacked.

The assaulter's where Grimm, and the local Hunters were sent out to deal with the situation, Sinbad's mother wasn't the only one to get hurt, three others were involved in the fray, all of them were her employee's, they all didn't survive the attack. When word was brought to Sinbad and his father, they both were heart broken, the Grimm responsible were never found, and that night a great opportunity came to Sinbad, during the night a meteor crashed in one of the farmhouses in his village. This meteor was a strange one, and his father intrigued, found that this weapon was infused with the power of lightning, or a very power electrical charge, he told his son if he wanted revenge, he would forge a sword from the meteor, but only if he trained. Sinbad accepted and trained in the way of the sword, with aid of the local martial art school, he attended and focused on melee themed martial arts, the way of the sword mostly.

Over the time Sinbad trained, his father studied the meteor, learning the new metal, learning to smelt it properly and once he learned it had been over ten years, by now Sinbad was seventeen, and his father had finally learned to make the sword he promised his son. Sinbad along the way learned to harness his Semblance, a powerful one at that, when the sword was forged from the mighty blue meteor, his father handed him it and gave it the name Yahweh Bolt of Judgement. For the next year, Sinbad took his new weapon of vengeance and hunted down the group of Grimm, he had help from powerful hunters encase things went wrong, they taught him all they could in the short time, even how to fight Grimm correctly. When they found the group, it was a simple task, they eliminated all the beasts without a single problem, but one of the hunters did suffer a fatal blow to the chest, he didn't survive the day.

When they returned home they were praised as hero's and Sinbad was offered by a informant of a school for hunters, they told him his great skills could be used to help others, for a few of the hunters that lived in Vacuo vouched for him, even though he was scared the entire time. He nodded and accepted to come to the school located in Bellmuse, the school called Syne Academy, they gave him a year to think about it, and he took that year to overlook his choices, he trained, honed his skills more. His father told him if he took this, his mother and him would be very proud, even if she wasn't with him physically, she would be with him in his memory and his heart, with this pep talk, he took the Sky train and went to Bellmuse. The trip was a long one and when he arrived to Bellmuse, his sword in hand, and the gear his father gave him, gear he had when he was a young man himself, Sinbad finally had his calling, to be a protector of the people.
RP Sample:
A trickle of the summer air, the warm breeze tickling his nose, the blond locks of the young aspiring hunter; "So... this is Syne Academy." "Let's hope I am of some use to them, would hate to fail everyone back at home." His tender words waned as he spoke, unsure if his little experience would thrive here, flourish into something great, a year of hunting Grimm was not much when he thought about it, and the ten years of swordsman training was good. But he was unsure if it was enough to give him a edge here in a school where many other, more competent hunters could outclass him, and make him feel insecure and worthless in his abilities, either way, he wasn't going to give up, not yet. "Mom, if you're watching me, please, don't be mad if I fail everyone, even you." "I loved you, and please, watch over me, I know you're worried about me from heaven, but I am strong... I know it."

With that in mind, he looked ahead, his sapphire gems gleamed with a bright passion, much like his father's when determined at his work, Sinbad wasn't about to let his own self doubt cloud his judgement, he knew this was the right thing to do. His father, his friends, all of his village, and the other hunters who he learned soo much from where counting on him to be a chip off the old block like his dad once was, his father was a hunter before retiring to be a blacksmith, Sinbad would make them all proud. And with the sky train slowly making it's way to the school ground, the young lad dressed in a black leather coat, cladded with yellow gloves. A yellow hoodie, black trousers comprised of leather, and his dark hued fashion boots, he walked towards the boarding deck, his bag over his shoulder, and a empty sheathe for his weapon, he was going to be a good hunter. One that would surpass his old man, and leave a mark on the world, a prodigy in the making, and a hunter of hunters.

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