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Takeo Grom (Finished)

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1 Takeo Grom (Finished) on Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:12 am

Takeo Gom
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Takeo Grom
Age: 19
Birthday: October 22nd
Gender: Male
Race: Human. He has a singular cybernetic enhancement, his right leg is completely robotic. He has perfect control over it, though.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 pounds, the leg weighs 20 pounds.
Face Claim: Jin Matsuoka from Gakuen Heaven - Boy's Love Scramble

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Academic
Likes: Tumbling about: He used to be a cheer leader, and the biggest reason he enjoyed it was the fact that his job was to do flips and twirls, and the occasional summersault.

People: He's a people person, and adores hanging with people, however big the crowd.

Hunting Grimm: It's his favorite past time.
Dislikes: His irrational anger: As stated by his personality, he hates having the irrational morning anger that he has.

Losing in any sort of competition: Any at all. He absolutely REFUSES to lose.

Sleeping: He could be socializing!
Fears: Nothing: He fears the bleak idea that nothing exists up in space.

Peppers: They're an irrational fear, but he's still scared of them.

Losing another limb: He lost his leg in an accident, and he'd much like to never do that again.
Weakness: Investigation
Overall Personality: Takeo is a very peculiar person when it comes to personality. He's not cold, not by a long shot. If anything, he's the sort of guy to feel for you. No, no. Don't take it that he's selfless, as he's not. He finds that level of care without any care of self-preservation amazingly stupid.  He's a strange sort, when one thinks of his personality. One could call him idiosyncratic, but that's not entirely right, either. There are certain times when he seems like that, but he himself is not idiosyncratic. He doesn't even have many mannerisms that could be considered his very own, even down to how he parts his hair.

When he comes into contact with people, no matter what sort, he handles them in the same way. Keep them a pseudo-distance away. Get close enough that they won't think twice about you back up. This makes a lot of people's opinions on the man that he's personable, which he is. Don't take this way of socializing that he doesn't like hanging around with people, because as stated before, he adores hanging around people. He is a personable person when it comes down to it, but it's primarily the reasoning that might throw people off.

He's occasionally irrationally angry. It's random, but is consistently centered around the morning. When in the morning is completely random, which is why he rarely leaves until his episode of anger ends. It's not completely unreasonable that he's in his room till noon, as sometimes that's how long it takes. Sometimes it wakes him up, and he's up for an hour, unreasonably angry. The strange thing is that other than this episode that happens everyday, he's very slow to anger.

He does like a good bit of fun, now and again. Every sort of fun. Yes, even that sort of fun. It's his favorite, actually. He's no fiend, but he does enjoy it occasionally. Not that it matters, considering his favorite thing to do is show off his athletics, and see who can match it.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Corruption: His semblance is not one of life, no. When he uses his semblance, all plant life around him dies, just shrivels up and dies.  This, to other characters, acts as a debuff to strength. He's not actually aware this is his semblance, more so he thinks it's a curse. He can't buff himself or anything, and the plants dying have no effect on the players themselves, and the debuff has to be targeted. You can see it coming by his silver aura sliding on the ground.(Debuff sembalance)
Item 1: His leg is made out of a very durable metal. He's not sure what it's made of, but it's a sort of silver in color, and he's hurt his hand hitting it. He's had a thin veil of iron placed on top of his skin, to protect his body. The veil, however, stops at his neck. (T1 Physical Armor)
Item 2: He has a thin shirt that he wears under his normal clothing, which assists him in surviving dust.

History and Sample
Takeo was not the oldest son, not by a few years. He has an older brother, named Daichi. Now, this information is relevant in more ways than one to how he was raised, after all, Daichi pretty much shaped his personality. When Takeo was born, Daichi was ten. A ten year difference means a lot. During Takeo's first ten years of life, he developed quite fast. He was by no means a prodigy, just slightly faster then the average baby. This, of course, didn't transfer over to the whole school life. He was an average student at best.

The more... interesting things started happening when he was 15. He was on his highschool cheer squad, which already made his brother look at him strange, but he figured it only natural. He was naturally flexible from his genetics, and he did train his flexibility to nearly inhuman levels. Of course, he was looked at weird by a wide group of kids, because he was a part of the cheerleading squad, but he wasn't the only guy. There was another fella on the team, and it was his best friend, D. D was his entire first name. Takeo wasn't even sure of the guys last name, but when he 15, he and D were basically invited to be trained as hunters.

You see, they were in a smaller 'village' of sorts. They didn't have any dedicated hunters, so they chose the cheer-squad to become a bunch of pseudo-trained hunters so that they could take down the Grimm if ever needed. Who were they trained by? Well, they were sworn to secrecy by the man who trained them, as the training was no less brutal than actually fighting grimm. What came out of that? A whole bunch of kids ready to hunt during their highschool years.

It didn't happen until he was 18.

It was the last game of the season for their team, and it was half time. All of a sudden a scream, louder than the band, pierced the sky. The entire squad stopped their performance, and Takeo landed on his face on the ground. After a grumble, he got up and ran out, along with D. They were met with a very, very large ursa. He told D to go grab a whole bunch of ribbon, and that Takeo would hold the beast off. The beast numbers weren't so big that they needed everyone, so everyone that wasn't D and Takeo were doing damage control.

After a game of see who can stare harder, D came back with a small roll of ribbon. Takeo took it, and tied the start around his wrist, and told D to hold it tight. His exact quote is remembered to this day.

"Hold it there, D. I've got to show why you don't train Cheerleaders as hunters."

After that, he used his speed and unusual level of leg strength, to start wrapping the beast in it. Of course, he wasn't planning on actually restraining it. He was planning on getting enough around the neck so that he had a place to hold on, and then would pound the beast to the point where it was dead. It took about three minutes and the entire roll of ribbon to manage it, but after a good three minutes, he stood on the ground once again. He was pretty pleased with himself, if he were to be asked.

He was enrolled into Syne academy shortly after. It probably helped that the Grom name had a world-known engineer and a guy who killed hunters in the family.

RP Sample:
"Oh? It's fine, we're fine. Let's have some fun, even with a giant grimm ready to slaughter your army, shall we?"

Takeo spoke, looking on his computer. D was terrible at strategy games, always lost. Takeo tried to help him, but D always managed to get himself backed into a corner unlike those of Takeo's. Takeo always got 'cornered' but then grabbed his out and made a break for the win. D, while strong, was not capable to such feats, and could not beat Takeo in a one on one strategy fight, however when it came down to punching, D had it won. That tank of a guy was tough, strong and everything in-between, but Takeo would be the first to tell you he's not the brightest. That doesn't stop Takeo from also saying he's one of the most reliable people on the planet and that he'd rather no one else at his side whenever he visits his hometown.

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2 Re: Takeo Grom (Finished) on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:55 am

Holy cow, Takeo Gom, I SINCERELY apologize about the insane wait for your app to be approved. I was just modded not very long ago, but I still apologize about the wait as this was somehow missed by our staff at the time. This is such an nice app, and if you see this, I want to let you know that you will be approved after two very simple changes.

You have to have a total of three Likes, Dislikes, and Fears. You are short by just one Dislike. ;)

We also have things called skills now. This change was made before you made your app originally, but now each app must pick a single skill they excel at and a single skill they don't do so well. This current list can be found here, but for future reference it is the topic titled 'Skill List' in the 'Rules and Information' section.

If you see this and make these two minor changes, you can be tumbling around Bellmuse in no time! :D

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3 Re: Takeo Grom (Finished) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:07 am

Takeo Gom
Now. I'm not entirely sure I edited it right. However, edits have been made.

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4 Re: Takeo Grom (Finished) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:42 am

Everything seems good now, can't wait to see how you are going to go on without a weapon, should you choose to fight! ;D

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