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Aoi Umi Completed

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1 Aoi Umi Completed on Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:19 pm

Aoi Umi
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Aoi Umi
Age: 17
Birthday: 08/18
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus
Weight:175 lbs.
Face Claim: N/A

Aura 150|150 HP

Likes: Inventions, Playing the violin and guitar (though not at the same time), sparring, reading a good book by a fire. Stargazing, experimenting.
Dislikes: Prejudice, racism and bigotry. Those who believe they have no worth.  Aoi hates having his creations taken from him and not given back.
Fears: That the Alizarin family will return to Atlas and wreak havoc through the streets once more.  
Overall Personality: Aoi is lively and intellectual. In fact when Aoi dosen't know something, or gets something wrong he seeks the correct answer and to better himself. He is a calm and peaceful soul mostly. However he despises those prejudice against anyone be it humans against faunus or faunus against humans. Aoi is not against taking up arms against the Grimm and those who seek to harm him, however he against the latter he will attempt to talk them down first unless they're attacking someone defenseless or when the fight is uneven.

Aoi doesn't have issues with his anger, but he has gotten hot-headed a few times. When he does get angry it's something to hold him back. Aoi doesn't stand for those who sit atop the mountain and look down on others. Authority and he sit well when it's co-operative not dictated.

The times to watch for are when Aoi's quiet. A quiet Aoi is dangerous it means he's either too far gone with his opponent, or adversary (non-combat) or he's up to something! Thinking about some experiment or invention, now most of the time this is a good thing, but he does get carried away with his own work.

The trickiest thing about the reptilian is his understanding of his and other emotions. He often seems uncharacteristically different but that's his inexperience with social situations showing true.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: A torrent of shades of blue to show the many colors of the ocean.
Semblance: Aoi hass relied so much on his inventions, capable Aura and findings on Dust that Aoi hasn't really taken the time to discover his semblance.  Even as such he has never felt like he was missing a part of himself.  Aoi knows he will come to understand his semblance, but no is not the time.
Item 1: PRISM Driver!:  The Prism Driver is Aoi's pride and joy based of the concept of the original Prism gauntlets the Prism Driver is a belt that materializes armor based on a catalyst Aoi creates with Dust, Aura and technology. The mixture of the formula has been a delicate process and creating the catalyst for the transformation sequence for each form so far has been a chore, but well worth it.

The Belt is powered by battery cartridges that Aoi creates and downloads the material form into each battery. The Form projects itself over Aoi before being made solid by the Dust and Aura that have been infused into the battery. Prism is an acronym, standing for. Polar, Rock, Inferno, Spectrum, and Mistral. Each of these is the name of a form the belt takes on.

Polar: The first form Aoi created an ice form that is his all around form. With white fur around the neck the suit is black with ice blue accents and lines throughout. The gloves are clawed and the vizor is has ice blue accented bear features on it.
Item 2: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)

History and Sample
The day of Aoi's birth was a stormy one. Well that was until his birth. A storm of the coast of the ocean was raging and the after effects were hitting Atlas hard. During Aoi's Birth was what seemed to be the eye of the storm. That moment of peace and clarity in the midst of the calamity in world as new life emerged. Aoi was born to avian faunus father and snake Faunus mother. The two loved him immensely and tried to protect him from the the outside world. Aoi's name was given to him for the blue skies that herald his birth into the world of Remant in the Kingdom of Atlas.

The world however would find Aoi before long. He would see his brethren being looked down on by humans of prejudice, but he understood not all humans were evil at heart, some of them were just scared and didn't understand what faunus were. Aoi's mind developed at a normal rate as he grew, but his curiosity could never be sated. His father believes that this is why he is so intelligent in the first place. Not book smarts, but life experiences and the want to grow as a person. His father was surprised when at a young age of 5 he had started to experiment with Dust and it's applications in making his play time more fun.

His father who had a dust shop let Aoi help out around the store in exchange he would give some the product for Aoi to experiment with. As Aoi got older this curiosity with the applications of Dust began to extend out into defense and other things. Aoi's father's shop was being targeted by thugs for their own personal gain and the fact that they hated faunus and wanted to see the store closed. After a constant week of attacks Aoi himself at age 10 had enough. He spent all night creating the first device he would use in defense not for himself but the defense of his family. The prototype simply named Prism was created. A set of metal gloves with tubes running through them with dials on top to switch which dusts were active was used to fend the hooligans off from the shop. This lead to several more battles with the Alizarin family a small time mafia. But that wasn't all. Aoi's invention got him noticed by some of the top brass in the military. And when the military came knocking offering Aoi a place in the academy, his parents accepted as did he.

Aoi enrolled into the Atlas Academy when the time came. He learned about the military of Atlas and the other four kingdoms. Aoi excelled in school and even got to create new inventions and progress with his love of being curious. During sparring classes he excelled in training and honing his defensive skills with and without weapons. A professor of his found his style fluid and fierce and thus nicknamed him 'The Dragon of Sky and Sea.' Things were going great, but like weed that wasn't pulled out at the root Aoi soon faced bigotry and prejudice once again, this time being the actual target of constant bullying and attacks of upperclassmen. People who feared him, or hated him for his DNA would relentlessly beat him day in and day out. At first Aoi let it slide and roll off. But this combined with the fact that they didn't let him keep the things he made to tinker with them further was more than enough to upset him. Aoi having more than enough with the students and hierarchy requested immediate discharge out of the Atlas academy. He was 15 when he left school. He went back home to his family and started working with his father in the shop once more. His father an Ex-Hunter retired due to injuries saw that while putting on a brave face wasn't really enjoying home life.

Aoi's father took the time to write a letter to Syne telling the exploits of a Reptilian faunus inventor, his son Aoi. Aoi and his family would soon receive a visit from a professor of Syne. During this visit Aoi posed questions of the Academy, he was assured a more relaxing environment and place where he could grow. When he asked about the students and their attitude towards faunus at Syne he was given these words. "Prejudice will follow you wherever you go. However, you have the power to change world and its views on your kind. Take this opportunity and you can be trained to be a hunter, and as a hunter you can help change this world for the better." Hearing those words awoke something Aoi and with that he accepted enrollment into Syne.
RP Sample:
The tape clicked on and a man’s voice spoke.  “This is the Interview for one Aoi Umi, for the submission to the board of directors and Headmistress of Syne Academy.” The man paused and cleared his throat.  “Now tell me Aoi, when did you first realize you wanted to help the world?”  He asked and new voice spoke.  A younger voice than the first.

“You want to know when I wanted to help the world?  Sure, that’s an easy question, though it’s a long story so strap in.”  He stated and paused.  “I am sure you’ve read my Atlas transcripts?  Or at least what they let you read of them.  All the information that wasn’t redacted for one reason or another, well let me you a story you won’t find in that file.  The story of my first full fight, as you all know my father owns a dust shop. ‘The Dragon of the Sea and Sky.’  A quiet little shop that sells Dust from a privately owned quarry that the Schnee’s wish they owned.  However this dust shop wasn’t always quiet.  It started when I was ten…”


A loud crash could be heard from below Aoi snapping him into an upright position from his desk.  The reptilian faunus took a look to his door and smirk devilishly as he heard his mother’s incoherent shouting from downstairs. “Well you can always count on the mob to be on time and on schedule.”  The young faunus yawned briefly after speaking.  He reached to a pair of gauntlets and backpack on the table slinging the backpack on to his back and shoving his hands into the gauntlets he smiled with excitement and turned the dials on both gloves to a snowflake image before heading downstairs.  The sight he saw seemed normal to him his mother standing over a body unconscious not dead.  Three men left standing and spoke up.  “Listen lady we don’t want to cause no more trouble just give us the money and we’ll be on our way.”  The man in the middle of the three stepped forward with a smile.  The woman spoke up.  “You will get no money from me, my husband or son.  You will leave before I make you.  My husband may have been injured by you, but I will not.”

As her words were spoken the man on the floor behind Aoi’s mother was slowly starting to stir and get up.  Aoi shook his head and leapt from the stairs into the store front and a thundering crunch not only did he punch the wrist of the mob member, but he also bound him to the floor in ice at the arm.  Aoi would look to his mother his tail hanging off to his right as he bound the thugs other arm to the ground.  “Stay put.”  He then smiled to his mother who was a bit shocked.  “Mother if I may I’d like to put my two cents in, if you don’t mind.”  The reptilian faunus spoke and his mother sighed. “Aoi this is no place for you.  You haven’t finished your…”  Before she could finish a two of the thugs dashed forward one with a chain and one with a bat.  There was no time for her to react, but there was for Aoi.  With great reflexes Aoi whipped his tail back to reflect the bats swing and deliver a thunderous punch for a ten year old to the ribs of the thug who was sent flying.  However his mother was caught by the chain and she was not happy.  “Excuse me I was talking to MY SON!” She would shout and show a bit of Aoi’s father’s fighting style by pulling in the thug and head-butting him before kicking him away.  Head-butting not being something she was used to cause her to be a bit dizzy.  “Okay, this is your’s but if it gets to hectic I am jumping in.”

She stated as she went back to the stairs a bit tired.  “Lady where do you think you’re going!?”  The thug with the bat shouted after standing.  “Gentlemen quiet please, my mother just got back from a trip and you’re all interrupting her sleep, plus you injured my father.  Remember what I said last time you were here?”  Aoi ask now full on smiling. “If you returned I would make you and the whole Alizarin family regret it.”  The smile faded to a serious demeanor as he took his stance.  “What are you gonna do?  Eh brat?”  A thug asked marching forward confident as the leader still stood there seemingly unconcerned.

“A lot more than you think I can.”  Aoi stated quietly before he turned the dial on his his gauntlets the one on the right to a fire icon and the one on the left to a rock icon.  He stood his ground as the one with the bat charged and stopped right before Aoi to swing at him as if a home-run batter.  Aoi un amused reached out with his left hand which was encased in stone and punched back into the thugs abs right into his liver.  The thug in reaction would gasp for air and drop to his knees.  The other thug grunted and charged in as well.  “Enough kid.”  He stated going for a few punched each punch swiftly blocked with the hand encased in stone or dodge.  The thug winced and Aoi looked him dead in the eyes. “Like punching a brick wall huh?  Won’t get you anywhere, give up.”  Aoi declared and the man dashed forward once more and went for a punch from below to which Aoi evaded but not the axe kick from above.  Aoi’s face slammed into the ground but the young faunus was resilient and stood.  “I don’t think you understand…I said GIVE UP!”  A fire in his eyes as he sprinted into the air brought his hands together and brought them down on his opponent’s head it was like a meteor crashing into earth. The Mafioso would crash into the ground and Aoi would shake his head looking to the gentleman still gasping for air and punch him in the face to knock him out too.

“Well that just leaves the two of us eh kid?”  The leader spoke with a smile as he pulled a sword out of his cane.  Aoi stood unfazed disengaging the current elements bound to his gloves and picking ice over the stone but he stuck with fire on his right fight still.  “A little freezer burn will do you some good.”  Aoi commented to himself getting in a prepped stance the only two left were him.  His mother smiling lovingly and viciously at the same time as she watched on the scene unfolding before her very eyes, Aoi waited and as their leader charged he brought both fists to the ground and with that covered the whole store in steam.  “You shouldn’t have come back.”  He stated in the safety of the steam he had created as he moved through it taunting his opponent.  “Shut up kid.”  The leader spoke again.  “You can tell Crim he and the family are next, I won’t stop till every last one of you are behind bars!”  Aoi would dart in behind the leader run up his back.  As he did so he kicked off of him and planted his feet on to the ceiling above.  The leader would turn and attempt to stab at him which Aoi would get nicked by his fists however would find themselves one-two comboing on the leader’s face.

Aoi landed with a smile and the leader who had hit the floor in recoil got back up.  “Not done kid.”  He stated breathing heavy.  “Yes, yes you are.”  Aoi responded and with a quick change turned both dials to wind and without a breath or break leaped over the leader grabbed him by the collar and tossed him through the glass of the store front.  Not even a moment later the rest of the mob was on the street in heap next to their leader.  Aoi stood triumphantly next to his mother. “Like my son said, don’t come back.”  A crowd of the neighboring shops stared at the sight with wide happy eyes.  “Like I said as well, tell the whole family I’m coming, no more torment, not get out of here!”  Aoi declared and with stone fists punched the ground to send rocks out in a pathway to launch them into the air and out of the district.


“That’s the story of my first fight with Alizarin family.  The first of many, I take it that and the physical test will be enough right?”  Aoi stated to the man whom merely smiled.  “That will do Aoi.  I am sure Headmistress Leena will be pleased with this story.”  The man stated and the tape would flicker off.

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2 Re: Aoi Umi Completed on Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:59 pm

Richard Lionheart
Alright ^^ This is a good app, however, there are a few problems that need sorted. The first is that you only get 12 stat points, then your potential one from aura. Not 13.

Second is that you need to put your semblance in before the app can be approved, whether you know it currently IC or not, and you need an item two.

Third is that, unfortunately, due to dust's finite nature on this site your belt item could not work as described. Dust is an item here that you buy as a consumable and so using it in the way you describe, coating your body and making claws, could be done but it would not be one of your items. There is also no defensive bonus gained from dust. Bump when done ^^

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3 Re: Aoi Umi Completed on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:44 am

Hello there Aoi Umi! We see that it's been awhile since you made changes to your application, so the Staff is giving you a seven day notice: should you not make any changes to this app within seven days from this post, it will be moved to the Inactive Apps section.

Sorry for any inconvenience! ^_^

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