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Zeeb Zoobz

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1Zeeb Zoobz Empty Zeeb Zoobz on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:06 pm

Verti Aubergine
Enrollment Form


Zeeb Zoobz OWdxg41

Basic info
Name: Zeeb Z. Zoobz
Age: 15
Birthday: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 4' 11
Weight: 94 lbs
Face Claim: oc

Hp 250|50 Aura

Likes: (At least three)
Dislikes: His height, Vegans, all cooking oils other than his own.
Fears: (3+)
Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Zeeb Zoobz is first and foremost childish, even for his age. He is known to be energetic and easily distracted. he gets lost easily and doesn't understand social situations. This is made worse by his rather slim knowledge of the world around him. His aura of extreme incompetence is aided only by his surprising competence in battle. Any who have fought alongside him know that though you can't trust him to be alone in a shopping center, you can trust him to have your back in battle.
Zeeb loves the outdoors due to his history and will spend his free time there. Zeeb is amazed and baffled by modern technology but hates most clothing. He likes his skin to be open to the air and is seemingly unphased by heat and cold.
Having used his own grease as cooking oil for years, Zeeb dislikes all other cooking oils as he feels they are inferior.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Amber
Semblance: Grease. Zeeb Zoobz can spew grease from his skin. He can modulate the grease's adhesiveness ranging from near 0 friction to glue-like stickiness. It works great as an industrial lubricant, adhesive, insulator, or a delicious cooking oil. The grease is not flammable.
Utility: slippery grease makes things slippery
Utility: sticky grease sticks things together / fixes things
Debuff: Sticky grease slows enemies
-10SP per use
Item 1: T1 Physical Staff
Item 2: 2 vials of Air Dust

History and Sample
Zeeb Zoobz grew up somewhere in the Finnek forest with an unknown mother and father. At the age of 7, he decided to go adventuring in the forest. Due to his terrible sense of direction and memory of the landscape, he got lost almost immediately. Starving and alone, Zeeb decided that he must fend for himself if he was to find his way out of the forest. To do this, Zeeb learned to hunt by throwing stones and making traps. On a hunting trip, Zeeb ran into a creep. The creep pounced at Zeeb who fearfully shielded himself with his hands. A jet of grease hit the monster, causing it to miss Zeeb and slide harmlessly away. Zeeb laughed as he watched the creature scrabble on the ground, unable to get up. He slew the monster with rocks before going back to his camp, proud and amazed by his newfound ability. After a year of learning to fend for himself and use his semblance in the forest, Zeeb found that he enjoyed the sense of freedom he gained from living as he was. He decided to stay. As he grew, Zeeb became stronger and more adept at hunting. He graduated from throwing stones to using a knobbly hardwood stick he found in the forest as a weapon, finding it more effective. After several years of hunting, playing, and basking in the sun, got bored and decided to go on an adventure and see some of the world that he was nearly completely ignorant of. While exploring, Zeeb emerged into a clearing to see a strange woman with animal ears mumbling to herself and looking quite mad and lost. Zeeb introduced himself rather excitedly having not seen another person for ten years. The wolf faunus seemed confused by the bouncing child and even more confused as a large man burst into the clearing. Zeeb rushed forward to greet the second person he had seen in ten years. To his delight, the large man became just as excited as Zeeb. The large man introduced himself as Tomm Torchman followed by the faunus introducing herself as Arna Morado. Arna and Tomm looked at Zeeb expectantly as he now realized he had forgotten what his name was. He thought for a second and then made some noises that they seemed to accept as his name. After the short introduction, their quiet clearing was suddenly disturbed as three beowulfs crashed through the tree line baring their fangs and growling menacingly. Now friends, Zeeb, Arna, and Tomm quickly became allies in their struggle against the grimm. Zeeb did his best to keep the grimm away from his allies by blasting them with grease and smacking them with his stick. Arna and Tomm did their best as well, and the beasts were quickly vanquished. After the fight, Arna approached Zeeb and asked him to join her at Syne Academy for some reason Zeeb did not understand. Zeeb thought she was a nice person and was not keen on parting ways with his new friends so he quickly agreed to follow her. Zeeb and his allies traveled to Syne Academy and signed up for the entrance exam together. The instructors asked Zeeb for his age and he was confronted with another thing he was unsure of. He looked at Arna and asked her for her age. "I'm seventeen" she replied. Zeeb echoed this to the instructors who looked skeptical but allowed the testing to continue. Zeeb was introduced for the first time to dust and found it quite to his liking. The instructors seemed quite amazed by Zeeb's ability to use the substance, calling him a prodigy and neglecting to confirm his age. Zeeb and his friends were accepted and began their training as huntsmen and huntresses. Zeeb was noticed for wearing just a fur around his waist by a strange man who insisted on taking him shopping. Zeeb was delighted and accepted quickly. After much deliberation, he settled on a wizard hat and a speedo as his outfit. The man purchased these for him but also insisted on getting him a cloak to wear for "modesty's sake". Zeeb didn't get it but accepted the cloak intending to wear it as little as possible. He was not used to clothes and especially despised shoes and socks. The man led Zeeb back to Syne to get him settled in. Thus begins the legend of Zeeb Zoobz the Grease Mage.
RP Sample:
In the blue glades of the Finnek forest, the night was descending swiftly. While grimm were always on the prowl for a fresh piece of meat to rend, they were only more dangerous under the cover of darkness. The orange hue of the setting sun was just barely visible in the sprawling canopy above, and with the coming dark, much of the forest was quiet save for one boy banging rocks against rocks in a pile of leaves and wood.

It was a meager sum of loose flammables, but it would have to do. Sparks came from the stones with every few strikes that were pulled. The grease on his hands made it difficult to keep anything alight, but the boy had been through worse before. He felt no real fear, only an amount of focus on the task that may or may not be instrumental to his survival. The strikes lasted for several minutes as the orange light above only grew dimmer and dimmer. As though gifted by the gods themselves, the sparks lit up the leaves below and a fire was started just in the nick of time.

The boy was safe, but more importantly, he was pleased.

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2Zeeb Zoobz Empty Re: Zeeb Zoobz on Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:46 pm

Verti Aubergine
le bump

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3Zeeb Zoobz Empty Re: Zeeb Zoobz on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:42 am

Liona Mimiko
If we can get an image link for your face claim, that would help a bunch.

Make sure you say your semblance can't effect living things directly

Starter Dust has 10 uses

Bump when done~~

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Verti Aubergine
bump. am done

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Liona Mimiko
mmmmm, what's the subject to change part for semblance? :/

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Verti Aubergine
oops. I accidentally left that in there from when I had 3 semblances to chose from! is gone now.

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Liona Mimiko

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Yuri Rastenov
Moved for revamp

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