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Where good news goes Bad (Private- Verti x Varialis)

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Watching the news through a television or a scroll was a perfectly normal activity for most people, especially considering how active today's world was. Watching the news on a screen however, was very different from being on set. At least that was how Varialis saw it. Actually being able to view all of the technical points that happen in order to make broadcasting a reality was a completely different, as well as foreign, world to him.

He could only assume that his compatriot, whom he had literally dragged along with him, felt similarly, albeit not exactly. Although, Varialis could understand why Nancy was Bellmuse's favorite face of the local news network. Attractive, charming, and well-informed were all words that came to mind, and it seemed like she could take on any challenge her job threw at her. 'She almost seems perfect at times.' He thought.
"... and even though the team didn't win the championship, the captain claimed that 'they would do even better next year.' This concludes our BNN 8 o'clock news report. Thank you all for tuning in, and have a great night Bellmuse."

The bell suddenly rang, broadcasting that the cameras were no longer on air, and Nancy stood up and began walking toward the pair of students.

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Verti Aubergine
Verti stood next to Varialis who had seemingly randomly picked him to accompany him on this trip. He wasn't very keen on shadowing a job about being social and calm, but the faunus beside him somehow managed to get him to come along. The sound of a bell startled Verti, causing him to look up to see Nancy walking toward him.

"So, what did you two think? I did a pretty good job didn't I?

"Um.. sure I guess." Verti replied.

"Oh, you are a shy one aren't you?" Nancy laughed as she poked Verti's cheek, making him recoil. The woman continued, "Anyway, boys. Lets find a place to relax so we can talk about what you learned!" She turned and began to walk toward the door, motioning for her two student to follow. Verti hesitantly stepped after her, stumbling a bit and letting out a small "eeeehhh!" in surprise.

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Varialis had no idea where she was taking them, and didn't care for the ambiguity of the situation, however, for today she was the teacher, and he had to assume that she had some sort of plan. The sun was setting, but they weren't kids anymore so it wasn't that unusual for them to be out late. What was unusual was that they were soon headed through the Downtown districts. Nancy didn't really say anything to them throughout their little stroll. "Do you know where we're going Nan..."

He was cut off by an abrupt "We're here!" from Nancy. She proudly opened her arms to display the front scene of 'Rick's Modern Pub' before stepping inside, leaving the doors swinging aggressively behind her.


"Umm... What?" Varialis said as he assessed their situation and thoughtlessly followed their 'adult supervision' into the pub. He stuck his hands into his pockets as he scanned the room, finding it to be moderately quiet and dusky just as he had expected.

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Verti Aubergine
Verti and his companion stepped into 'Rick's Modern Pub', following Nancy. Verti wasn't very fond of pubs because of all the people and the fact that he was too young to drink. He wondered why Nancy would bring her students to such a place.

Nancy sat down at a table near a window and motioned for the two to join her. Verti sat, positioning himself so that he was as far from any strangers as possible. Nancy called over a waiter and ordered 'the usual', whatever that is, then stopped and made another order to the waiter that Verti didn't quite catch.

"So, uh... what're we doing here?" Verti asked.

"Getting a drink." Nancy said flatly, "I thought that was obvious."

"Yeah... well I kind of expected..."

Before Verti could finish, the waiter came back with three small square glasses, two of which appeared to be full of hard liquor, and the last full of an unidentifiable, dark, viscous liquid.

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