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Delilah Mint(Idk what im doing.)

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1 Delilah Mint(Idk what im doing.) on Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:19 pm

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Basic info
Name:Delilah Mint
Birthday: 2/2
Face Claim:Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya





Aura 150|150 HP


Likes: >Interesting Theories.

Dislikes: >Bullies.
           >Swore Losers.

Fears: >The dark.
        >Having no control of her actions.

Overall Personality:A little cold and distant at first glance,but when you get to know her she can be quite passionate about what she cares about and will fight to keep either its honor or it safe.She is a bit of a bad temper but can usually keep it under control.She can be a bit awkward at first but bring up a topic she loves and you can't get her to stop talking about it.Very kind and wise for her age and makes a lot of jokes and puns be prepared.

Aura type:Power.

Aura Color:Red.
Semblance:She has the ability to charge her semblance by light then use that light to send a energy blast in someones direction.

Item 1: Her weapon is a medium sized mint colored  shield that has holes poked in the middle to fire dust.The weapon can be thrown and can fold into a round tube that can fit in her bag.

Item 2:Her armor is a black shirt with regular blue jeans on her shirt she wears an iron chest plate and iron knee guards for shoes she wears regular black combat boots.

History and Sample

History:When she was little she grew up with her younger brother Michael who was her best friend as her and Micheal got older their mother and father sent them off to boarding school where she and Micheal stayed for many years.While Delilah was there she always got into trouble defending children from the older kids.When she got into to deep Micheal was always there but one day Micheal was defending Dinah from a bully when the older kid pulled a pocket knife on Micheal before either of them could realize that her had a knife he had already stabbed Micheal and ran off.Dinah tried to get help but no one would Micheal sadly died from blood loss.After that day she knew she wanted to help those who couldn't protect themselves and never be powerless ever again.A few years later she had broken out of the boarding school and applied to Syne academy the rest was history.

RP Sample:Delilah could hear the sounds of the different horns and engines of the cars"Oh I just love the city all the bright surroundings."As she was walking across the street she noticed a nearby bookstore with its lights off but with an open sign."Well thats quite interesting,best check it out."

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2 Re: Delilah Mint(Idk what im doing.) on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:37 am

Hey there Delilah_Mint! It seems your app was glossed over due to the titled not being edited to say 'Done' or 'Ready for grading.' Regardless, I apologize about the crazy long wait.

I do see a few things that do need to be changed, however...

First, you didn't get the template to work properly. I understand it may be a bit confusing, but hear me out here. We have you use the template so that it's not so difficult to fill out and form it yourself, with an added plus of being neat and tidy and looking pretty fab. I would suggest you copy all this you have here, and then save it in a separate document then go here and copy the coding down below. Edit your post here and paste the template coding over all of this, then take your copy and move over all the information to the correct sections. To fix your image at the top, just make sure you paste the image link between the parts that looks like this: . Hopefully that was helpful in explaining how to use our template!

Now, we do have a set word count total when it comes to the Personality, History, and RP Sample sections. These ate 100, 300, and 150 respectfully. You didn't quite make the mark on these, so if you can maybe come up with some more cool things about Delilah or things that happened to her, go ahead and add those in.

Last, we have these cool things called skills now. I think this change was made before you made your app originally, but now each app must pick a single skill they excel at and a single skill they don't do so well. This current list can be found here, but for future reference it is the topic titled 'Skill List' in the 'Rules and Information' section.

Makes these small changes, and you'll be stabbing Boarbatusks in no time! :D

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