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Donn Hearthrite (WIP)

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1 Donn Hearthrite (WIP) on Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:51 am

Donn Hearthrite
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: (Donn Hearthrite)
Age: (18)
Birthday: (21/10)
Gender: (Male)
Race: (Human)
Height: ('5'11')
Weight: (155 lbs)
Face Claim: (OC)

Aura 250| 50HP

Major: (Academic Major)
Likes: (Socializing, Botany, Studying, and Art)
Dislikes: (Being inside, Carelessness, and the Night)
Fears: (Uncertainty, Darkness and being Lonely)
Overall Personality: (Donn is an ambitous extrovert who wants nothing more than to understand the world around him. Due to his past he can be very awkward and really does not know himself very well yet. Donn doesin't get people very well and will often try to be social in an odd way either resluting in an awkward pause or a laugh from the other person. When Donn last tried to flirt with a girl his first move was to hug her from behind and say "High I'm Donn". He had seen couples doing this and thought it an allright way to initiate contact with someone he liked until the girl got very startled and ran away screaming. Where others would give up Donn carries on without complaint and is allways ready to try something new. His ambitous personality can get him into trouble as well as take him places many would not go.)

Aura type: (Spirit)
Aura Color: (Light Green)
Semblance: (Damage and Healing) Remnants Bounty - Can create and manipulate plants which he directly controls as if extensions of his body.
- Cannot manipulate a plant more than 10 meters away. (this does not mean that a plant firing barbs could not shoot farther than 10 meters)
- To simplify Donn's Semblance he has three abilities. For non combat RP purposes Donn can manipulate plants to make art. For example, changing the color of a few hundred flowers in a field to make a picture.
- Create a group of flowers that fire a torrent of barbs at the enemy. The amount of flowers and damage can very by how much aura is spent. MAX 20AP
- Can create a small berry which heals the user when consumed. This is Donn's self healing ability. 30 AP for every 20 HP per post
- Can create a group of fungi which release a large cloud of spores healing Donn's Allies. This is Donn's healing AOE. 30 AP for every 10 HP per person.
Item 1: ( Pu Dao Spear Sword )
Item 2: (Dust: Earth 10 uses)

History and Sample
It was a stormy morning in the heat of Summer, and the clouds were starting to lift their torrent and let in the sun. Vaine Hearthrite was just cresting the ridge of a knoll a few miles from her home and normally would be tending her garden had she not needed to take shelter from the morning showers. Very odd this is, she thought to herself. The mornings normally are clear this time of year I sure hope the path home isn't to washed out. The fields smelt of fresh rain and open air. Vaine traveled this path often but never got used to the smell the plains left after a fresh storm. Almost home now she thought, I wonder if the plants are all right. Last storm uprooted half the garden and finding replacement herbs this side of the mountain was no easy feat. Out of the rush to check her garden Vaine almost ran down a small crate on her doorstep. Open topped and holding a small crying infant Vaine nearly half jumped and half fell in suprise. She had never thought of having a child before but was not the type of person to turn away a person in need. Vaine would raise this child as if it were her own besides who would tell her otherwise the closest village was 20 miles downstream.

A curve there, two dots for eyes and a little nose to top him off. That should do it Donn thought as he bolted back to the house. Mom, mom Donn shouted as he clamber over the fence gaurding the garden behind the house. Normally by this point Vaine would be shouting in turn "what is it, what is it, what have you made!" There were no shouts only the creaking of the floor as he enter. In the far corner sat a man sitting the old oak rocking chair Donn made using his aura almost a decade ago. The chair was crafted in such a way that no seams or break in the material could be dicerned, the chair was clearly unatural in origin but could not have been crafted by a carpenter. The man spoke, to think we would find such a strong aura in a place so disconnected from society. Vaine stepped into the room from the adjoining kitchen with a few glasses of juice. This is Mr. Johnson
RP Sample:
150+ words

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2 Re: Donn Hearthrite (WIP) on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:23 am

Hello there Donn Hearthrite! We see that it's been awhile since you made changes to your application, so the Staff is giving you a seven day notice: should you not make any changes to this app within seven days from this post, it will be moved to the Inactive Apps section.

Sorry for any inconvenience! ^_^

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