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Summer Strategies (Closed)

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1Summer Strategies (Closed) Empty Summer Strategies (Closed) on Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:46 pm

Madam Haze
The Skylight clearing was surprisingly empty in the summer evening. This was probably due in part to the rumored grimm sightings in the area, but one woman instead saw it as fate. A chance for her to once again show the people of Bellemuse her magnificence. Above any royal, any grimm and most certainly any other teacher.

She slowly flexed, stretching her arms behind herself and relishing in the feeling. Her smooth long arms had gained additional muscle tone, what little training the Goddess had felt the need to do was surely taking effect. She found herself more conscious of her surroundings, even when wholly focused on herself or a material good. While she hadn't become stronger over her time at Bellemuse, well not by much, she was certainly growing healthier than she had been. Drinking wine and reclining in lounge chairs all day wasn't exactly a huntress' ideal lifestyle. Slowly but surely, unbeknownst to the goddess herself, she was once more approaching her prime. That time in her life where she had actually tried to become great and not simply assumed she was great.

Her usual confident smirk was smeared across her face, slowly lowering a gloved hand to the ground. First she set the parameters, how far she would spread her poison. She spread her poison far and thick, coating the ground all around her. She only had to hold it for ten seconds before allowing the purple fumes to dissipate. Alike she had done before the goddess had made an arena from once grassy land. Now brown and flat, prime for student to student combat. A five meter radius with a grassy center of five centimeter radius.

She rose from her reaching position, sunset obscured by the trees. She had placed an advertising on the school's shadow missions board, showing that there were occasional summer school classes available from her. Today was to be the first of those classes, scheduled to begin any moment now. She opted not to take a seat at one of the clearing's benches, filthy things, and instead removed a box from her purse pressed a button on it. Almost immediately the very expensive device began to expand until it formed a long lounge chair. She took her seat, crossing her legs, as the wait for students began.

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Hyght Briggs
The Skylight Woods... Thought Hyght distantly as his eyes scanned the screen of his scroll. On the translucent screen was a digital read out of a multitude of summer classes the students could take. The one he ended up choosing was located in the clearing of the Skylight woods. He had visited the clearing a couple months before and had the closest call of his life there. Opting to ignore the phantom pain of those large claws and the memories of those twenty orange orbs radiating death in the dark, Hyght closed his scroll and stepped into a jog toward the location.

It took the portly baker twenty minutes to reach the clearing. He obsessively looked around for any signs of his fight with the Deathstalkers. His interest was squashed as he noticed someone walking with serpentine grace from the, now barren, center of the clearing. The person was obviously a woman anyone with eyes and an appreciation for curves could see that. With a bit of interior chastisement he made his way into toward the woman and the...lounge chair? Hyght stared in mild surprise until his memory of Sammey White, the resident envoy of the icicle guild, using her semblance to create a throne of ice.

Hyght was within twenty feet by the time the woman was seated comfortably in her chair, leg crossed, allowing the cut of her dress to show her muscle of her top leg. "Morning." The young baker said cheerfully with polite nod to the woman. "Are you Madam Haze?"

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric had cursed his curse of getting lost quite easily a fair few times in the past but at this point he was infuriated by it, some how managing to avoid the massive clearing and get lost in the woods was a feat for the ages of complete stupidity. He suddenly spotted something purple in the distance between the trees just mere moments before it disappeared, thinking that it would be the best place to get directions he started to move towards it but walking in the woods with Ignem Sudarium was not an easy task and his patience was taxed to begin with.

When he stumbled slightly on a small root sticking out of the ground Lothric had been through enough and unsheathed Sanctus Ignis before dragging his glove over the magnesium strip to create enough sparks so that he could conjure fire into his hand before sheathing the sword. Focusing upon his current hate for the woods and the need to head towards where he spotted the purple whatever it was, the flame started to grow to engulf his entire being before it turned into a pillar where he stood creating a small gap in the branches and leaves above him. Focusing on not losing control and setting the entire woods ablaze Lothric unleashed the pillar into the ground where it scorched him a path to the cleared area.

Gathering the flames that had latched onto whatever tree or shrubbery had been unfortunate enough to be close enough to the part to be set alight Lothric entered the prepared clearing completely cover in flames as it seemed to dance around his armor and forming a cloak around him.

Turning his gaze towards the one he recognized as Hyght, Lothric lowered his head slightly before moving towards the one seated in the lounge chair, making a guess that this had to be the teacher he forced the flames to vanish over a few moments before bowing his entire frame thirty degrees while placing his left hand onto his chest and extending the right one to the side. "A pleasure to meet you Mi'lady, am I correct in my suspicion that thou art the instructor of this class?" his words where spoken gently and in a refined manner, a few moments later he stood up to his normal stance before removing the helmet and attaching it onto his belt before resting his left arm on the pummel of his sword.

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Roux Lanj
“I really need to get there soon; are you this is going to work this time, Mr. Fisher?”, he asked as the cool morning air brushed turbulently against Roux’s skin as he sat atop the iron catapult overlooking the city. A wrenching noise starts just below, the catapult suddenly dropping slightly, causing Roux to grip tighter around its sides. “Quit your bellyachin’. You can fly, can’t you? Besides, I fixed the locking mechanism, so you won’t be smashing into the building’s side this time”, Mr. Fisher spoke, coming out from under before waddling to the release lever.

“That’s what you said the last five t-!”
Interrupted by the catapult’s sudden release, his words quickly turn partway between a scream of terror and joy as he’s flung comically across the city, more and more bugs splattering all across him as he approached the woodland, once even knocking a pigeon out of the sky. Approaching his final descent, he took Bas in hand, cleaving it squarely into and through four larger tree, finally coming to ground in a roll that coincided the sequential fall of the tree trunks. Yes! Landing strategy successful! Now, where was the meeting place? Removing his helmet, he wipes the accumulated bug guts from the glass on a nearby shrubs before the sudden scent of burning bush and charred oak finds his nose and enlightens him his query. Huh. That way, I guess. Returning his sword to his back and his helmet atop its pommel, he walked steadily, following his nose to the source.

In a matter of minutes, he finds himself pushing out from a bush and into a clearing; there, three figures immediately make themselves apparent amidst the oddly empty clearing, two standing and one sitting. His gaze revolving between the three, he puts a hand to his forehead, then nose, mouth, chin, and nape, a look of confusion and contemplation on his face. “Err…sorry, but which one of you is Madam Haze?”

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Madam Haze
The goddess' brow briefly furrowed, it would seem not one of her students could properly recognize her. Perhaps she was simply too dazzling for their weak minds to comprehend, perhaps her gorgeous appearance was overtaking their brains and ruining their minds. That made sense, certainly. She was a goddess after all. At least two out of the three could retain their brains enough to be polite. The third, an faunus, couldn't even put two and two together. The second was almost as bad, revealing his semblance and effectively putting himself at a disadvantage for the subsequent lesson. The first to arrive however hadn't done anything to sour her opinion of him... yet.

She rose with grand elegance, pressing a button and returning her chair to a cube in her hand, hardly batting an eye at her students. She slowly removed her mace from her handbag, shiny and golden, twirling it delicately, "You would be correct in assuming I to be Madam Haze, the world renowned and highly acclaimed huntress. Now teacher of combat strategies at Syne academy."

She paused momentarily, with the student in armour revealing his semblance she would have to improvise the beginning of the lesson. Darkness wouldn't fall for another half hour, at least.

"In combat situations, it is best to reveal as little of your abilities as possible to your opponents. Thus, for the lesson I had planned, the blonde would be at a significant disadvantage. Your semblance is one of, if not the, most important tool at your disposal. Abusing it means putting a strain on your aura, but proficient use of it can win you most any battle. That is of course, pending what your semblance is." She paused once more, the twirling of her weapon ceased.

The goddess paced around the circle's rim, purple haze following her and enlarging the circle. Soon the radius was fifteen meters rather than the prior ten. She then made her way back to the circle's center, setting her handbag down and removing four dust crystals. Two blue, two red. Each was held between a gap in her fingers on her left hand, the right of course being occupied by the mace. She once again began to twirl said weapon. "I believe it would be best that, with the situation presented, we perform the lesson slightly differently than I had planned. You three will fight without your semblances. I will fight with mine, in both a demonstration on proper semblance use and a show of my inherent greatness. To win you must remove me from the arena, if you yourself are removed you must sit out for the remainder of this match. Begin whenever you are ready. While it is impossible that you three will best me, you will most certainly learn valuable teamwork skills and gain greater proficiency with your equipment. I will also use this lesson to gauge your abilities."

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Hyght Briggs
Before Madam Haze replied there was a crackling of fire and the smell of burnt foliage filled the air. Hyght spun around and stared at the new arrival, he was a tall man obvious even from that distance. He wore a full set of armor and a sword of nearly Hyght's height at his waist. He was half way across the clearing before Hyght recognized him; Lotheric, though he introduced himself as Ser Lotheric if he recalled correctly. The tall man could manipulate fire through the usage of his semblance, Hyght had seen it once before in the training room.

Before Ser Lotheric spoke he executed a rather unnecessary bow. Hyght was about to open his mouth but a series of loud crashing of trees stole his words from him. A minute or two past before another man joined the three in the clearing. This man was more Hyght's size but had a large blade cross his back with a helmet bobbing on the pommel. Hyght couldn't remain silent any longer.

"What the hell?! Did you need to set the forest on fire?" Hyght gestured to the scorched path Ser Lotheric had emerged from. "And those tree, I take it that was you?" Hyght didn't normally get so worked up so suddenly but this was something that bothered him greatly. Aimless destruction of another creature's home. "Maidens serious!" He swore, using the characters of the fairy tale of the seasonal maidens.

When Madam Haze spoke it was far from a chastising manner. It was as if she didn't care that they were causing aimless, if somewhat controlled, destruction of another's habitat. Hyght found the figure and overall appearance of the woman before him as hauntingly attractive. However, that changed when she opened her mouth. While the young baker noticed the Madam's fangs, they weren't the unflattering part, but it was the way she spoke. Along with her apparent apathy for the forest, The Madam seemed to have quite the inflated ego and, from Hyght's experience with teachers at the school, she probably had good reason to. This didn't mean it was something he liked or found pleasing.

The Madam wanted them all to team up and fight her in her "arena". Her rules were simple, once out the ring you lose. The other two men had large weapons and while he knew Lotheric could use his with impressive ease, he didn't know the second man's capability. Taking a moment to calm himself further. "No semblances..." Hyght repeated. "I don't even know what mine is, so that's no issue. And what happens if we can get you outside the ring?"

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric turned to face Hyght after his outburst and placed his hand on Hyght's shoulder before he spoke with his normal tone "I understand you are bothered but some times tempers flare and mistakes are made." he then removed his hand from Hyght and took a few steps towards Madam Haze before hearing Hyght's question to her, indeed what was to be their prize if they won.

He looked over her features and had noticed the purple smoke as she had made the clearing bigger, he made a mental note that it had to be some form of acidic or poisonous type due to how it cleared the land and the fact of how it was purple mostly. Lothric then turned his attention to her mace and made notice of it's shape and size as well as the potential damage a hit from that would be, the thing that caught his main attention was the dust crystals two red and two blue, might be fire and water or some other combination but he was certain it would be a problem.

Their opponent this so called goddess had limited their possibilities of attack and was using all her tricks and abilities, he continued to look over her for a few more moments before putting on his helmet and lowering the visor for it.

"Hyght and whoever you are, seems our instructor is a melee combatant and by wielding a mace any attempt to block it's swing after it has obtained momentum would be inadvisable unless you can deflect it by intercepting the handle of the weapon it self. She also seems to be using dust as well so she must know a thing or two about ranged combat and adding to that array of attacks she still has her semblance which seem acidic or poisonous in nature.".

Lothric then unsheathed Sanctus Ignis before grabbing the hilt and lowering the sword to the ground behind him so that the tip made contact with the ground and the hilt was in front of his waist. "Also Hyght I would advice you not to block her mace with your shields as if the hit is hard enough the vibrations will break your arm. It would be best if you used it in a more offensive manner. I also suggest attacking from multiple sides as the diversity of her attacks will allow her to counter almost any charge." He then lowered his stance slightly making a bend in his knees before he waited for the others response to his advice.

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Roux Lanj
Looking back at the path he’d tread, the trees he’d slain just barely visible through the forestry and foliage, Roux pondered a moment on why exactly such a trivial thing would bother Hyight so, quickly resigning to a tilt of his head and a shrug of his shoulders. “I guess so. I mean, I didn’t feel like dying today so…”. Not knowing how to continue his sentence, he steps forth to close the distance between the two, wiping off bug guts from his arms before kneeling to wipe his fingers on the dirt with only minor nausea creeping on his face.

At Madam Haze’s introduction and subsequent lecturing, an epiphanous wave of contentment washed over Roux. Okay, that makes a lot more sense than the alternatives. Sparing a quick glance at his Hyight and Lothric, he places a hand over his mouth, stifling the incoming chuckle. However, his self-control was for naught, as when Madam Haze announced her challenge to them, a giddy spring started in his step, his helmet clunking against his pommel. The knucklehead that he is, Roux foregoes all combat analyses, focusing instead on the specifics of his first strike, relying on his raw instincts to make up the rest.  Or, at least, he would have done as much had Lothric not done an analysis for him, not that he understood much of it.

Nodding at him with a wry smile, Roux takes his helmet from his pommel, fixing it back onto his head before pulling up the visor, holding a hand up apologetically. “Sorry, but I’m not much of a tactician. I’ll take your advice for now, but I’ll probably just let loose right after.” At that, he shuts his visor again, hefting Bas over his shoulders, already extended as he hops off to the side and circles around to Madam Haze’s left side, not too close or far from the outer ring, holding bas wide against him and into the ground, and awaiting his companions to signal a strike.

Lifting his visor again, he looks across the field, coning his hands around his mouth and yelling “Oh, yeah, almost forgot! My name’s Roux, nice to meet you all!” before dropping back down into his guard.

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Madam Haze
"And what happens if we get you outside the ring?"

These were the only words to make it as far as the goddess' ears. With that single question the third and final student had pushed her buttons. The mace's spinning stopped, red eyes glared with a look which could sear flesh from bone.

"Don't be so cocky brat! You don't stand a chance!" She hissed, from the dust filled hand a dark cloud of purple expanded. A toxic shroud quickly encompassed her, entirely obscuring her from view, growing to fill a good fifth of the circle and still expanding. With less than a moment's hesitation she stepped backward, slipping out of the cloud, all the while expanding the cloud itself outward. She had jumped backward and right so as to prevent the boy who moved from seeing her as well as the pair which had stood before her. Creating the illusion and planting the assumption in the student's mind that she would approach from within the miasma and attack from within it, likely using close quarters to separate the group and pick them off one at a time. An easy assumption to make. The Goddess smirked, But ultimately an incorrect one. The pressure of a sudden start will cause them to act rashly, most likely. But to keep such pressure up, speed is imperative. But what pressure can hinder a goddess? None.

Belief flowing through her, despite the imminent heat of battle, her heart rate retained it's stable beat. She halted the expansion of the gas as she launched a crystal skyward, blue. She brought her mace down hard upon it, splitting the crystal into three as it met the ground. With a trio of kicks, left to right, three waves sped across the earth. The first aimed more to the left so as to hopefully catch Roux, or whatever his name was, while the other two tore in a direction closer to that of the second party. Frothy jagged water, sharp as a razor, racing blindly across the ground. As little as she knew of their locations, they knew not of the method of her attack. Only perhaps hearing the hissing of water as it approached.

She noted that both to the left and the right of the fog there was enough space for all three of them to get through fairly easily, and while she didn't rule out the possibility of a student running through her smog, to do so would risk almost certain poisoning. Even if one was to hold their breath, the toxic smog entering through the nose would cause immediate pain even if not a certainty of a long period poisoned. She drew her mace across her body, eyes and ears open, ready for the student's assault.

Dust is tier one, weapon is tier two. Hp/Aura; 200/90
Toxic Cloud; 20 damage, roll for poison. The Toxic smog is impermeable.
Dust attacks x 3; 25 spt based damage each

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Hyght Briggs
Each of the three people responded in a way that made Hyght question their intelligence or sanity. Lotheric's initial reply was what caught him most off guard, did he mean to say he was sorry or that Hyght should calm down? The portly baker was unsure and that made his annoyance all the more prevalent. If not for Lotheric mentioning his analysis of battle Hyght might have snapped on the other two. However, that didn't mean he couldn't use his annoyed state to goad Madam Haze.

With an introduction, Roux, obviously not the planing sort, unsheathed his blade and mentioned letting loose. Hyght was tempted to let him do just that but he didn't want the fool to get poisoned as Madam Haze stepped back into her cloud of purple. With Lotheric's battle tactics in his head still he nodded. "Yeah, I've got some experience with heavy attacks on a shield." He stole a glance at the tall knight suited man's sword and felt the formulation of an idea forming. "Hey can you-gah!" Hyght let out a sharp cry as he heard something flash past his head so closely he could hear but not feel it; in response he dropped into a low guard, bringing his circular shield up to fend off any other projectiles she might fling their way. "She's made the first move." He said to Lotheric and let his eyes scan the slowly advancing miasma. "We need to find a way to dissipate that cloud." Unfortunately he had no plan for that now. However, he did have another idea. He would just need to be smart about it.

"Roux, what can that blade do?" He asked, his eyes never leaving the cloud of poison. "I don't suppose it can reshape into a large fan of some sort?"

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric found the cloud of poison a strange option for a defense as it would not allow the one hiding in it to gauge their position beyond anything other then sound and that would not be a valid method when facing three opponents that could easily create too much noise for the tactic to be effective, no something was strange here.

Before he could continue the thought he heard something and quickly threw himself to the side just avoiding something hitting him, he couldn't be sure but it seems the Madam had struck first and now it was catch up or she could simply attack them from range.

When he heard of Hyght's plan it seemed a valid strategy but the whole idea of some one hiding in the cloud of poison did not sit right with Lothric and then he noticed the open gap on the right and started to wonder if perhaps the Madam was behind the cloud. Still not being sure Lothric was not ready to move on his thought until he remembered that splitting up would be ideal either way so he capitalized on the idea and ran towards the opening and as he passed it he saw her standing there.

"Found you. Instructor." Lothric yelled as he charged at her his sword now held behind him at waist height, closing the gap he sped up and aimed the first strike, a sideways sweep attempting to hit her mace with the end of his sword so that he could easily change his attack when he had finished this strike. His aim had been an attempt at knocking it out of her hands as he followed up by switching his right hand onto the blade close to the guard and moved his left hand further down the blade as he attempted to use the guard and pummel as a mace and strike her at the side of her waist.

Within his mind tactics and counters raced as he kept his focus on her and most upon the mace hoping that she would not be able to utilize the dust in such a close manner or that she would find it unwise to do so, but disarming her was the first priority as that mace would be the highest danger towards his armor and any permanent buckling while he was inside could cause great damage while in battle. He then used the momentum from his murder strike and grabbed onto the hilt once more moving his form behind Haze as he spun around once and used the momentum to aim a sweeping slice across her waist as if he was not only aiming to push her but cut her spin clean in two.

Weapon Tier 1. Armor Tier 1.
1st Attack: T1W x10 + Str 4x5= 30dmg
2nd Attack: T1W x10 + Str 4x5= 30dmg
3rd Attack: T1W x10 + Str 4x5= 30dmg

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Roux Lanj
Down in his guard, Roux watched with eager fascination as the purple miasma poured outwards from Madam Haze and encompassed a good portion of the arena. Darn, I can’t see anything thr-. His thoughts are interrupted as a single projectile shot forth from the smoke, colliding against his sword. With startled instinct and practiced footing, Roux heaved Bas from the dirt, pulling it over and around him to divert the projectile upwards before continuing into a one handed low sweep at the open air and hefting it lightly over his shoulders. …through the fog. Huh. Well, at least I know she’s in that direction. Briefly, he considered rushing blindly through with wide arcs. With some luck, he might have forced her out of the cloud and into the open but, decided against it when he heard Lothric’s voice within. Crap baskets, when did he get in there? Might hit him if I go in now. As he pondered how best to attack, Hyight called out to him, still outside the miasma. “Ummm…I can swing it! REAL HARD!” For emphasis, he takes Bas in both hands again, sending it smashing into the ground, scattering small chunks of hard mud about, one hitting him in the helmet.

It was then that the idea came to Roux, looking at the chunks of hard mud on the ground, he hurriedly hobbled them into a small pile. “Hey, Hyight, right? Help me out with this!”, he shouted at Hyight, a look of pride and joy partially hidden by his helmet. Without waiting a moment longer, he lined up his sword like a golf club, lining it up against the pile then pulling Bas high overhead, ready to swing. “Other guy, you better hit the deck!” With that, he swung, broadside of Bas connecting with most of the pile and sending every chunk that didn’t immediately crumble to dust flying into the miasma like a shotgun. Never thought I’d be slinging mud quite like this. With that remark, he runs around in an orbit, stopping just over 2 meters away, slamming into the ground a second time and repeating the sequence, hoping his professor would be forced out to deal with the pelting directly.

Combat stuff:
Health: 200/200
Damage taken:
    1 dust strike=deflected
    2 mud golf attack: 25

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Madam Haze
The goddess didn't blink as the student approached. She kept her ears and eyes open, the obnoxiously loud sounds of blade meeting earth and all which lay within it. There were very few reasons to dig in combat, though there was one which came to mind. As the man shouted she focused on him, if I projectile were to be launched from that first blow to the ground it would have arrived.

She could judge the intent in his eyes, the position of his sword telegraphed his attack much too obviously, and so she refused to flinch. To run at such an obvious blow would be quite tedious. She judged the size of his weapon, it was quite large. Only around a foot shorter than it's wielder. For him to attack without telegraph would be difficult, but that was most certainly made up for by the weapon's range.

The scepter began to twirl. She stood her ground. Her weapon's spinning came to a sudden halt as it met his blade. Forcing it back downward in the direction that it had came. As the pummel strike followed she chased his blade straight passed it, rather than letting him push through her like a door opening one of her own and stepping through it. As was the way of a Goddess. It was as she turned that she heard another smack at the dirt, earth flying through her smog and toward the two of them as he rounded to cleave with his massive sword. In one way this was ideal, he was mid-swing so avoiding the dirt heading toward him would certainly prove difficult.

However, this was not without problem for Haze. The range of the student's sword and the momentum carried by his turn made the sword strike unblock-able... and so she would use it. Without a second for thought she threw her mace, on target to collide with the boy's exposed head. She allowed the blade to strike, her vast reserves of aura protecting her from what would to many be a leathal blow. Heels dug in she was pushed close to the edge of the circle. a gash in her thigh quickly closing over. Though her clothes weren't as lucky, fortunately it had been the side which exposed her leg rather than the whole side.

Without a moment of hesitation, using the projectiles flying toward the boy as cover fire, she jumped directly into her own smog. Using her aura reserves to maintain the toxic miasma, the smog primed to enter their orifices even if they were cautious to breath. Once more she heard the cleaving of earth and, following the sound, cracked the fire dust crystal between her fingers in two; throwing both halves of it in the sound's direction. The fragments burst into a raging fireballs, orbiting each other and scorching through the oncoming dirt. Heading directly in the direction of it's launcher and impossible to see before they emerged.

The Goddess closed her eyes, taking ten steps left and ten forward. Even if the boy dared wander into the smog, following the fireball's trajectory, he would not be able to find her... not that he knew that. Her steps fell in near silence atop the desolated land, this was her domain. She'd fought like this in the past. She'd trained this way. To use one's eyes in the mist would mean certain defeat, no gaze could penetrate it. She crouched low, like a feline prepared to pounce, projectiles would be aimed high in hopes of clearing the whole miasma.  In order to have the best odds of hitting her they'd have to throw them high. She found her way to the center, collecting her handbag, before creeping backward and left. Now she had her full dust collection as well as medical supplies. Loosing herself in the smog meant her opponents loosing her.

She silently placed the remaining whole crystals in the bag, laying in wait of her opponents. Ears open and eyes closed. They'd have to communicate to form a strategy to best her, but she'd hear that strategy for certain.

Hp:185 Aura:70

Attacks- Tier 2 mace thrown at Lothric, 35 damage. (Lothric's first attack is flying toward you as well)

Two tier one dust fire balls orbiting each other as they fly, aimed at Roux and Hyght (pending the latter's closeness) capable of 25 damage each.

The miasma has been maintained, entering causes 20 damage and roll for poison.

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Hyght Briggs
((Sorry for the delay, I got pretty busy last week. I'm not sure how good this post will be, but hopefully it'll work well enough.))

Hyght's mind raced with idea after ineffective idea. How could he work around the smog so they could attack the teacher straight on? There had to be a way. If he had his wind Dust it would be a cinch but Hyght hadn't thought to bring them. Mark one point for the prepared Huntsman. He growled internally and found himself shrugging from his green windbreaker. In a few motions he had wrapped it around his mouth and nose like a makeshift mask. Sometimes you just gotta wing it. Hyght thought and stepped into the smog. The sensation of the mist against his naked skin into a rigid gooseflesh. This isn't the best idea but we can't just wait around. He thought sourly and heard a faint snap before the roar and crackle of a flame. Fire dust...? The portly baker, unaware of the replenished armament of the Professor, counted the use of the fire Dust crystal as a good sign that she would be without range attacks.

A few moments after the sound of the Dust's activation Hyght heard the crunch of dirt under foot and stopped moving. He listened intently and found himself breathing heavier than when he stepped into the miasma. I haven't been in here long how could... Violent coughing ripped the thoughts away and if he had somehow been unheard before then, his presence had been revealed now. The likelihood of it not being her is too great for me to pass this up. He thought as he ceased coughing and took a single swing in the direction of where he believed Madam Haze to be. Hyght was no expert in combat, and this rookie mistake was only proving that.

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Ser Lothric Ember
The sound of something flying through the air had cost Lothric much as he had broken his focus on Haze just enough to not notice the mace before it was to late and with a metallic sound he took the full brunt of the attack upon his head, his only savior or slightly was his helmet which managed to absorb some of the impact but he was sent stumbling backwards before regaining his stance.

Tho as he stumbled backwards the rocks or mud or whatever it was that had been aimed at the spot he was missed him just barely and after a few moments Lothric regained his composure and looked behind him at the line he had almost crossed. He chuckled slightly and would need to make a mental note on praising their instructor with her mace throwing skills at least, but he the quickly moved to pick up the mace and with another quick movement threw it far enough out of the ring so that it would no longer be a threat.

Lothric then stabbed his sword into the ground before he knelt down on both of his knees and closed his eyes before focusing on the sounds around him as trying to find Haze with eyes would not prove any worth. Still the echoing of her attack had shaken his mind quite heavily and it took him more the just a few moments to silence the head ache before he could fully focus on listening for her movements.

Fire... So she was not out of dust and beyond those he had seen her wield when charging her Lothric was not sure the complete amount she would have and the miasma would be unwise to enter, so he decided to wait her out. Haze would have to either continue to hide and Lothric made sure that he could dodge to the sides quickly even though he was in his position and the sounds of dust being used would alert him early enough so that it shouldn't prove to difficult.

Yes patience was the key here, their instructor couldn't keep her cloud up for that long and then she would have to make a final move in either using it to attack and leave her self exposed or letting it fade and then be liable for three attackers and without a melee weapon would prove a challenge to any skilled fighter. So Lothric would wait and ready himself for when the time came to strike at Haze and he would have to account for both Roux and Hyght when it came to his strategy as it seemed that they both would be a weight for his performance.

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Roux Lanj
Unconcerned with the events in the purple cloud and reeling from the force of his swing, Roux had no chance of seeing, much less evading the twin fireballs that shot back at him. Defenseless, one of the fireballs collided squarely on the side of his head with a hearty boom, scorching the steel and sending Roux spiraling back through the air and dragging several meters into the dry mud before coming to rest by the bushes just outside the circle. Crap baskets. Well, at least it didn’t hurt too badly. His thoughts might have continued down that line if not for the lack of oxygen, burnt away as it was. Vaguely struggling for air, he writhed on the floor, too panicked to simply pull up his visor before passing out. Air would slowly seep back into his helm, but not in any quantity sufficient to keep him awake. And so, there he would lay, incapacitated in a bed of dirt.


Unfortunately, school demands my full attention. I don't want to keep everyone waiting, so I figure it's best if I jump out here. Hope to see you all again in December!

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Madam Haze
The sound of guttural choking brought back brilliant memories to the goddess, memories of her heyday. That of hunters throwing fits of sickness within her miasma cloud, potentially falling unconscious before she would even go to find them. Of course, such had shaped her fighting style within the smog. She reached into her handbag, tracing the sound of the boy. There was some form of flailing, Madam Haze to low and ten paces too far from the boy for his blow to connect. She reached into her bag and without even a look to the crystal she had grasped flicked her wrist, from it's end a small bolt of fire raged forward. Flying directly for the boy's coughing sound, he couldn't be far.

Her hand still clutching the crystal the cloud began to shift, she opened her eyes. The smog rushed passed her and toward the boy, clearing the air in a majority of the arena and increasing the volume and toxicity of the smoke surrounding him. It was almost a certainty that this would poison him, internal damage would be rife.

With the arena now clear however, Haze still in her crouched position with her bag before her, she could clearly see... but so could the students. She had quickly chosen to face away from the smoke, knowing how it would shift and that it would be pointless to stare directly toward it, however her student would have know way to know that she wasn't simply shifting the smog to aid in her assault of the others until she was revealed.

She caught sight of the student in armour and without hesitation broke her crystal in two before throwing them, once more sending forth two gigantic fireballs which rotated each other as they flew through the air. She rose, drawing forth three more crystals. Two blue, one red, ready to best this student.

Hyght the miasma has been maintained in your vicinity, remember to roll for poison and really you should have taken damage last time as well - 20

Dust damage does 25, one attack toward Hyght and two toward Lothric

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Hyght Briggs
Hyght was truly beginning to question the sense in his decision to walk directly into the miasma. Frustration seemed to have clouded his judgement and he seemed more than willing to travel shotgun with it. His skin had started to burn, mildly at first but over the course of a few short breaths he felt as though he had a fire in his throat and ants on his skin. This sudden increase in pain distracted him, his coughing had no doubt alerted his target and would earn him a lesson from the school of hard knocks.

Bright, brilliant fire collided with the left side of Hyght's face, already at an off-balanced state, the impact sent him reeling in a spin. 180-degrees later he found himself on the ground, his hand vacant of any sword and clasped over his face. He couldn't tell how badly the attack would damage him but he knew that he didn't want to take any more attacks to his face.

Hyght writhed on the ground for a moment or two, his body revolting against the onslaught of the miasma and found his limbs more difficult to control. Whether this was due to the blow to his head or the poison, he didn't know. However, he did know that if he didn't force himself into action he would be defeated with ease. When he finally fought his way to his feet he found the miasma had been cleared away, if only in a small area. He couldn't see well out of his left eye but he noticed a flash of light headed toward Lotheric. In his current state Hyght couldn't operate his mouth efficiently enough to warn the armored youth in time but he did see the shapely frame of Madam Haze, whose attention seemed to be focused on Lotheric.

With a stifled groan, Hyght set his body into motion and shakily charged the teacher. Provided his advance was unhindered by his degrading motor functions, he would use his shield to deflect any attacks he could.

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So sorry for my absence guys, I got sucked into my cosplay and school work so I pretty much left role playing behind for a bit. I'm trying to get my groove back with posting. Also, you're right Haze, and I went ahead and rolled and was indeed poisoned. Joy. This fight isn't going to get much better for our portly baker.

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