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Cobe Sky (Complete) (Pending Approval)

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1 Cobe Sky (Complete) (Pending Approval) on Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:29 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Cobe Sky
Age: 17
Birthday: 24th July
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 205lbs
Face Claim: Son Goku (DBZ)

Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Dust Major (Duster)

Pasta (all kinds)
Trusting People

Making Promises
Foolish People
Having his Trust Broken

His family
Trusting Others

Overall Personality: Cobe, while very trustworthy and reliable, to many, he is often seen a cold person, not displaying much emotion at all, and often staying stone-faced and down-to-earth about many things, especially when it comes to planning missions. However, to people who know him (of which very few remain), Cobe is a very kind person, and is always willing to help anyone, also displaying an open book of emotions. Due to the fact he took lessons before and after arriving at Beacon, he is rather clever, and does relatively well in his studies. He does, however, really not like to rely on others, due to the fact that when he relied on his parents during childhood, they almost never delivered.

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Navy Blue
Name: Overdrive
Details: Cobe supercharges his body, and now can fire his gun, and move about 8x faster than normal for a few seconds. On one occasion in his childhood, while training in Overdrive. He created a 2 by 2 vacuum for 1/10000th of a second. However, using Overdrive even once does take out a huge chunk of his Aura. Overuse can potentially kill him

Item 1: Weapon: Cobalt Dawn
Details: The Cobalt Dawn is a longsword combined with a sawed-off shotgun,the sword (including the grip) has a total length of 133cm, the barrel of the gun reaches the tip of the sword, when it starts from the tip of the hilt.

He uses his weapon to compliment his own created fighting style, which he calls "Tsu-Xa Ocean",  a practical style focused on predicting an opponent. It is known for punches, an higher focus on speed rather than strength and very big emphasis of close ranged and melee weapons.

Functionality with Dust: Cobalt Dawn is unique in the sense that it uses Pure Dust Crystals instead of standard Dust Rounds. The sword and shotgun change colour and have different effects, depending on what type/element of Dust is being used1. The shotgun has a 30m spread, and sharpens the crystals, so that, if touched, they would cut the skin, making the weapon very effective at killing big Grimm very quickly, however, with its potentially limited ammo and long reload time of 15 seconds, it is not very effective against hordes of smaller Grimm, thus forcing him to rely on his much weaker sword skills.

1 in the spoiler below

Fire Dust: The sword part becomes super-heated, and can cut through steel with ease.

Wind Dust: The sword part can create a temporary mini-tornado to push his opponents back.

Water Dust: The gun part can fire a jet of water, this can either be used propulsion or to knock his opponents back.

Lightning Dust: The gun part, basically, for as long as their is lightning dust, becomes a shotgun/tesla gun combo.

Ice Dust: The gun part can freeze its enemies on contact the spread of the Dust.

Steam Dust: The sword releases this dust in powdered from, to create an explosive smokescreen in a 4X4 area.

Gravity Dust: The sword creates a 0.001 second gravity well, which sucks all nearby entities into it.

Earth Dust: The gun fires the Dust into the ground, and like a bear trap, anyone who touches these spots, will have a earth/cement combo stuck to their feet.

Item 2: Dust: Portable Collection of Dust Crystals
Details: This is the collection of Dust Crystals Cobe carries around to load Cobalt Dawn, this is always filled with Steam Dust, the Dust type he is best with.

History and Sample
Cobe was born in a rough part of Bellmuse, his father was a factory worker, making dust, whilst his mother stayed at home to "care" for him. His parents were originally going to have 3 children, but aborted the other 2. Cobe grew up like any other child in that reigon, training for the factory, however, he secretly trained to be a Hunter with a mentor he paid for himself, with the occasional pocket money he got. The reason he wanted to become a Hunter is because he didn't want people to suffer (as he did).

He was abused (mentally and physically) which included: being burnt with a branding iron (from which he still has the scar), being told nearly 100 times that he was "an f**king accident" and being repeatedly slapped by his father after he came home from work before running away on his 10th birthday, stealing 10,000 lien from his father before he left. He was never charged for this crime.

For years he wandered the world, training and learning with other hopeful Hunters and Huntresses he found along the road, growing physically and educationally stronger by the day. He occasionally ran into some Grimm, so using his weapon he was usually able to dispatch of them, with only a few scratches, until the day after his 16th birthday.

On that day, he made the (what Cobe himself calls) stupid decision to go to the Finnek Forest alone, he heard that his family had gone through there, and so, he wanted them to answer for their crimes. Almost 3 hours after arrival, he tried to fight a pack of nearly 10 Beowolves, and due to the fact he never had proper training, he was almost killed, but was saved by a team from Syne Academy (to this day, he still does not know who saved him), and was brought back to be operated on to survive his horrific injuries. He had nearly 100 gashes that were 1/2 an inch deep; a broken leg; a torn deltoid in his right shoulder and he had lost nearly 4 pints of blood (he need a blood transfusion for that last one).

He didn't wake up for 2 weeks after the surgery, due to the fact that he lost so much blood. After he woke, he told his story to the teachers of Beacon, he was offered a place to stay and a free entry to next years tryouts. So after being at Beacon (essentially) for a year, taking the lessons and watching the other Hunters and Huntresses train, he went to the tryouts, and finished top of his class.
RP Sample:
Cobe walked down a dark alleyway in Bellmuse Central, and bumped into, what would standardly be called, a thief. He was in the middle of a get-away, however, he made the mistake of bumping into Cobe.
“What? You try to steal property and get away with it? Not a chance mate. Not on my watch.”
Cobe grabbed the thief and threw him into a nearby wall. He then started to repeatedly punch him in the face. Soon, the thief’s gang arrived.
“Oh, you brought pals ,eh? How quaint… now all of you, die.”
Cobe then took out Cobalt Dawn, and proceeded to shoot all of the thugs, either in the legs or the feet. When one of them tried to shoot him, however, he loaded the gun part with Steam Dust, and used the sword part to spray out the Dust in powered form, then he shot it. The result was a massive explosion, and all the thieves knocked out.
“Hmph, do not try that with me, you punks, now get out of here, and I might let you live.”
And then returned into the night…

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2 Re: Cobe Sky (Complete) (Pending Approval) on Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:55 am

Just popping in a little Bump here.

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3 Re: Cobe Sky (Complete) (Pending Approval) on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:53 pm

Sno Lagu
Hello! ^_^ I am Sno and I will be grading your application. There was a few things that I saw that are kind of off and I shall list them here:

1. Age: Syne Academy is similar to a college rarely anyone that is the age of 17 get into a college unless they have a good reason and that is what we allow here. Please explain a good reason as to why someone so young would be attending a college or make your age 18+ please.

2. Face Claim: The image you put as your Face Claim isn't the character that you put down as your Face Claim. What I mean by that is you said Son Goku from DBZ is your Face Claim but the image you used is not Goku. This is Goku: If you want to use the image that you currently have set but you don't know where it came from then in the Face Claim section of the application just put the image link

3. Semblance: The first part of this refers to your weapon and how it can't have 2 forums currently in and MMO you never start out with powerful things and that same logic applies here even with your semblance you can not use your weapon's second forum. The next part is can't create a vacuum with the speed boost, it's one or the other. Creating a vacuum would work as a utility and pulled people in in a defined radius. Also the last thing is the part about increasing your speed 8x that doesn't really work that way on here please refer to the speed rules to understand what our speed stat does: Now if you want to do speed in an actual sense we would allow something like a teleport semblance or explain how fast you can go in 1 second. The finally things I would like to add is that your semblance was a little difficult to understand please try to make it a bit easier to read if you can. (This is just a small request and doesn't really have to do with how I grade it would just be better if I was able to understand it easier)

4. Weapon: Your weapon should be a tier 1 weapon and therefore should not have a 2nd forum yet. You gain a second from from getting XP just like any MMO and you gain XP by posting. Please refer to the Weapon Rules for more information:

5. Dust: You are not able to have so many types of dust so early you are only allowed to have 1 type of dust and it has to be a tier 1 level dust. The weapon rules also contain the dust rules so please refer to the link above ^

I think that is it for now. Please take the time to fix these and bump it when you are finished so I can take another look at it! Thank you for your cooperation! ^_^

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4 Re: Cobe Sky (Complete) (Pending Approval) on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:22 am

Hello there CobaltWarrior! We see that it's been awhile since you made changes to your application, so the Staff is giving you a seven day notice: should you not make any changes to this app within seven days from this post, it will be moved to the Inactive Apps section.

Sorry for any inconvenience! ^_^

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