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Fleur Aelagari (Finished) (Re-Pending Approval)

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Fleur (Flora) Aelagari
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/7
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'3 (1.6 Meters)
Weight: 112
Face Claim: Drawn - Artist Unknown

STR: 3 + 1 = 4
DEF: 3
RES: 4
SPT: 2
Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Combat

  • Training

  • Drawing

  • Singing/Peace and Quiet


  • General Mistreatment of Others

  • Bugs

  • Herself (Deep Rooted Self Esteem Issues)


  • Her Father

  • Enclosed Spaces

  • Feeling Alone/Abandonment

Overall Personality: Fleur is very kindhearted, she is soft spoken and timid. Fleur developed a slight stutter at a young age that she absolutely hates (It was just another reason for her father to beat her) Fleur also has a very low self-esteem about anything her related as she usually gets flustered whenever someone compliments her. She typically tries to keeps away from her peers and to get herself isolated... to mixed success of course. Fleur is very protective over people she cares about and hates seeing others get hurt, she's kind of like the overly doting Mom which does annoy some of the more self-assured personalities of people (a trait common among Huntsman/Huntresses) Funnily enough Fleur outside of a battlefield and on one are two completely different people. She is more confident and fierce while fighting and as soon as the fight ends she seems to retreat back into her own head. Fleur tries to remember her reasoning to become a Huntress as her main source of motivation. Her reasoning is simply "To protect those who can't protect themselves"

Character Weapon/Fighting Ability: Martial Arms/Short Sword; Relying on a single engraved Short Sword and her natural combat ability, Fleur is not to be underestimated. Abusive training at a young age by her alcoholic Father and Huntress Mother has taught her how to properly defend herself. Trained mostly in the fighting style closely represented by "Muay Thai" Fleur is a full-contact fighter utilizing most parts of herself while fighting (Arms, Elbows, Knees and Shins)

Her handling with her sword is a little more clumsy but still can prove deadly if given the right opportunity. Fleur usually attempts quick/fast strikes at her opponent before trying to finish with some sort of physical contact usually using her sword as a tool to weaken or throw people off balance.

Fleur traverses the battlefield with a certain soft stepping grace seemingly gliding from spot to spot. She is flexible and nimble in her movements as well due to her small frame and short stature. Depending on her opponent you can expect to see different types of engages, Fleur would fall under the category of "Calculated Aggression" which simply means as it sounds (Gauging the right amount of power and recklessness into a coordinated attack) However due to Fleur's real world experience being relatively very little; she sometimes oversteps her boundaries and endangers herself.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Whitish/Yellow Hue (When her Semblance activates her aura colors explode brightly for a moment before returning to the soft colors around her)
Semblance: Focused Strike: Fleur can channel her aura into her martial combat attacks or blade for extra damage (Pretty much the reverse of Aura's purpose. Instead of protecting the user, she can reverse it into an attack)[Buffing Strength Modifier]
Item 1: Combat Dress w/Golden Trimmings (Dust Magic Resistance), The dress isn't particularly armor padded, it's more just clothing. However it does have a clutch slot on the back where Fleur holds her sword. The clutch runs sideways on her lower back, this is so the sword can be easily grabbed.  
Item 2: Engraved Short-Sword with this carved into the blade ---> "勇気 美しさ 力" which translates to "Valor, Beauty, Strength"

History and Sample
Outside the main borders of Mistral's capital city roughly 3 miles was a swampy forest, inside this forest was a barely manageable double stacked wood cabin. The snow was freshly fallen, even in the early morning of a freezing Mistral winter a few birds were singing their tunes. Light from the morning sun shined through an upstairs window of the "house". The window was stationed in a tiny room barely big enough for the mattress that lay in it's capacity. Footsteps stomped up the creaky stairs and the door to the room busted open awakening the little blonde girl who was sleeping. A tall skinny man stood in the doorway, he was hunched over and already had a flask in his hand.

"Wake up girl!" he waited before muttering "Useless" as he gave the girl one last long blank stare before he stumbled off the frame of the door and back down the stairs. The girl sighed, even at a young age she was completely used to his behavior. She stood up and proceeded to throw her clothes on, she checked under her sleeping arrangement for her money which was luckily still there. She headed towards the doorway and gave her room which was almost blinding at this point as the light flashed towards her bed, you could see the dust particles floating around the unclean, dusty space. She closed the door and waited for a second as she heard anger yelling between two people before a slap, more angry screaming and a door slamming shut that rattled the houses foundation. The girl trudged downstairs after the argument. The man from before was stood over a dirty sink in a shit hole of a kitchen. The girl sat at the table and the man practically threw a stale box of cereal at her, it landed on the table. She poured out a little in her hands before eating the pieces slowly.

"Where's Mom?" she asked tentatively.

"Out" was the simple but aggressive response from the man. The girl didn't say anything back. The "water" from the sink stopped and the man dropped down into one of the other two chairs at the table. He stared across the table at the girl before looking towards the empty chair. He slammed his hand on the table and the girl knew exactly what was coming, she braced herself for the impact and she heard the swoosh of air before the hand smacked her in the head, she barely reacted, he wasn't clearly trying his hardest this morning. He kept his hand across the table and grabbed the girl's chin.
"Stupid idiot girl... this is YOUR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ FAULT" he took his other hand and pointed towards the empty chair. She didn't say anything, the words still stung but they were all so familiar at this point. When she didn't respond he hit her again, harder this time. "Listen to me when I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ talk to you Flora" she winced at the name, she was so used to girl or you she knew that he beat her because he couldn't fight Mom. He let go of her chin and stormed off knocking the chair down. Flora looked at the scene of the table, herself sitting in a chair, a chair pulled out towards the door and another one knocked over... What a perfect representation of her family...

Fleur's life after days and days of similar treatment as above eventually led her to become who she is today, one day many years later (16 Years Old) her Mother didn't come home which caused a particularly angry Father to taken his drink out on his daughter only this time she was strong enough to fight him, one of the only times in Fleur's life where she stuck up for herself. She handily beat her old man and gathered what little money and left right out the front door into the night. The swamps of Mistral where particular dangerous at night but with uncertainty she walked the 3 miles towards the city which she had visited many times. The Grim in the swamps where typically unforgiving but they left the teen alone... as if someone was watching her back for the first time in her young life.

Fleur used her money to move away from Mistral; always in fear of her Father finding her, she moved to Bellmuse and stayed in a boarding house until she was old enough to enroll into Syne, she had no plan and this was her final gamble. Luckily for her it turned out well and she was accepted into the prodigious academy!

RP Sample:
She always loved the night, it was calming. Outside perched on the boarding house's rooftop was a blonde teen named Fleur. Tomorrow was the big day and she couldn't get any sleep. In the morning she would take the airship to Syne Academy and attempt to enroll, hopefully they would accept her. She had no idea what was in store for her but she was convinced that it wouldn't nearly be as hard as her life had been up to this point. She glanced up at the full moon that was shining down onto the lonely streets of the now quiet town.

Fleur smiled after taking in the view once again and grabbed a tattered journal from her side. She grabbed the pencil out from the journal's binds and opened to a fresh page. She began lightly sketching out the scene in front of her. The beautifully night coated town of Bellmuse with a girl glancing over her new environment. The sketch would take her a hours as sleep would not grace her with it's presence. She finally had finished as the first birds now chirped into the coming dawn. Inside the journal was her story from the previous night with great attention to detail on the surrounding town but only a lonely silhouette of the girl on one of the roofs who was responsible for the work.

As the sun came up from the mountains the journal was snapped shut and the female bounced down the side of the building and onto the streets and towards the school where new adventure was something of a certainty...

Author's Note: The Role play sample could defiantly be longer and is a little weak when it comes to RPing itself. However imo; Fleur is a great character to have someone else there with to bounce ideas off of. I also added an EXTRA category to accurately explain her combat style and prowess.

Anyway... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Hey ^^ welcome to the site.This is a very good app but there are a couple minor fixes. The first is really an easy one, 5 ft 3 is not 6.002 meters. It is 1.6 meters. The next is easy to ^^ Just need a description of what your combat dress covers armour wise and whether it is physical or magic (dust) resistant. Bump when done ^^

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Fixed my silly mistakes! Bump ^^


Edit: I edited the Semblance after reading another biography and realizing the similarities. Changing for more originality, let me know if the new Semblance still works.

Just specify how that semblance works from an in game perspective ^^ I take it it's buffing str but just to be sure, could perhaps do semblance damage. Bump when done

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Fixed! Bump^^

Approved ^^

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