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Nothing special(Open to Four)

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1 Nothing special(Open to Four) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:35 am

It was roughly midnight. The air was somewhat cold, which you could've fooled him. He work his normal, tight pants but lacked any upper-body clothing. His sheath made him seem like a proper samurai, but that's not what he was! He had been up since 2 a.m. since today was his endurance training day. It was extremely dark outside. Not any darker then normal, in reality, it was just as dark as any other day. Although, a figure stood out in the dark. A sword was a red, contrasting to the red. The man was standing on a tree branch, on one leg at that. It was clear he was making sure his balance was still like it used to be. It wasn't perfect, but it was near it, and his challenge was boosted when he was practicing sword slices while standing on the branch.

Each slice was hard, cold. It was as if he was trying to do killing blows each time. There was a reason he was on the branch, and that was so he wouldn't hit someone on complete accident and get in some trouble. Master wouldn't like if he killed someone unneeded, so he's decided not to murder people.

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2 Re: Nothing special(Open to Four) on Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:09 am


    Lapis L. Valesti
    ►MOOD: Shocked
    ►STATUS: Excellent
    ►AURA: 200
    ►HP: 100
    ►ATTRIBUTES: STR:2 | SPT:2 | DEF:4 | RES:4 | SPD: Below Average
- Following having his Nightmare again, Lapis made his way outside for a breather, heard the noise of steel cutting through the wind very fast, and looked up to the person a bit shocked at the sight. He was about to wave to the person but stopped midways.

Aura Gauge
►+5 *Recovery*

Dmg Dealt/Recieved
► 0

It had been one of those nights again, though unlike before, he didn't wake up short of breath and sweating. Lapis once again had a nightmare again, and while different in nature, it shared something with the other nightmares, which was the blue blob like monster. These nightmares began when he arrived to the Academy, and all he could surmise is that it originated from when he fought against those three Grimms back down in Belmuse. He couldn't figure out why, but that was the only big event to happen recently regarding himself. Once again, like a few nights ago, he made his way out of the bed and again out into the halls that led to the outside. Upon exiting the building, he looked up to the darkness that coveted the skies allowing the breeze to help regulate his body temperature. Accompanied with said breeze, Lapis always found somethings very comforting about the night outside of it's usually peaceful silence. He continued walking, heading in the direction of the fountain again just like the previous nights, though while on his way there he began to hear something which for a moment caught his attention. It was Steel cutting through air very swiftly, a noise that could only could be noticed slightly now due to the lack of surrounding noises.

He looked around, finding no one around which was really strange to him. He wasn't so keen with his sense as to be able to focus in on where it was coming from, so the young Valesti found himself at a complete loss here. After looking around a bit, there was no other place to check but up, and so he did, which would throw him for a shock. There was someone up in a Tree, up on a branch on one leg, swinging what appeared to be a Red Blade that stood out more than anything. Even though Lapis was somewhat new himself, he came to believe this individual was also new due to not seeing him around until now. Whether it was true or not was unknown to him, but naturally he would raise his hand up in attempts to wave, but then realized that he might end up interrupting the individual who seemed quite focus, so he stopped mid ways and brought his hand back down.

  Hydro R1   |   Body Armor *Torso* R1  
  Valentines Day Card *No Effect*  
Status Affinities:
  Poison R1   |   Sleep R1   |   Burn R1   |   Freeze R1   |   Bleed R1   |   Scramble R1   |   Hex R1  
  Weapon R1   |   Dust R1   |   Armor R1   |   M.Armor R1  
♥ In-Love/100%     ♥ Passionate/80%      ♥ Close/60%     ♥ Friendly/40%     ♥ Comfortable/20%     ♥ Indifferent/0%     ♥ Uncomfortable/-20%
  - ♥   |   - ♥   |   - ♥   |   - ♥  

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