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Metal Mayhem

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1 Metal Mayhem on Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:09 am

Marcus Goldstein
The clearing was remote, as far removed from civilisation as was safe. Grass waved in a soft summer breeze. In the background young trees reached for the sky with green fingers. A butterfly landed on a flower.

Dozens of tons of armour and guns exploded onto the scene. Thunder rolled across the field. Snorting and growling the tank ploughed through an unlucky tree without a seconds hesitation. The wood got caught up in the six treads of the vehicle and ground into sawdust in mere moments, a small haze of pulped wood left in the tank's wake. Far too fast for something of it's size the warmachine tore across the field only to slam on the brakes at the very last moment before it hit the now disturbed butterfly. It tore a small set of trenches in the dirt as it screeched and rumbled to a halt. Unharmed, the tiny little insect flapped away while the turret tracked it, the beast taking time to appreciate the beauty.

There was a brief moment of silence. A solid clunking sound emanated from the tank, it's hatch opened and Marcus popped his head out. He took a deep breath, savouring the smell of nature mixed with that of machine oil and ozone. The metal monster beneath him ticked as new systems engaged and tested their movement for the first time, like joints that popped into place after a far too long period of stillness.

Finally, after years of blood sweat and hardship, this was it. Ultima Ratio Regum was complete.

Well, almost. It still needed to go through field trails, which was why Marcus was out here in the first place. Azure Phoenix would help him out with that, though as Marcus looked around he failed to spot him.

“Azure! Are you out there?!” he called out.


Important notes:
Not canon to the main roleplay in any way shape or form.
Ultima Ratio Regum has not been statted, this thread will be purely roleplay only.
This is Marcus Goldstein at his 'end-game' levels, bar any unforeseen developments like lost limbs etc. This thread is not representative of his current combat ability, most notably in canon Ultima Ratio Regum does not work yet.

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2 Re: Metal Mayhem on Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:54 pm

Azure Phoenix
Azure rushed into Sim room where Marcus was waiting for him (oh man am really late I hope he's not mad at me.) he thought to himself as he rushed into the room to see that Marcus was calling his name. "Oh Am so sorry Marc I completely forgot I was suppose to help you but am here now so let's get to work." he said as he skated around the room thinking about the time him and Sun were in there fighting for their lives (Oh ya that day was fun I wonder what he's doing now?) he asked himself making sure that his hair was tied tight. Azure triple checks his skates and dust spiner to make sure that tthey worked which they do (I wounder what Marc's semblance is or what it can do man I hope it's something really cool and awesome!) he thinks to himself blushing from the excitment "Come on Marc lets do this thing am all pumed and ready to go!" he shouted full of energy.

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3 Re: Metal Mayhem on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:01 am

Marcus Goldstein
“It's okay Blueberry. To start with the semblance demonstration you wanted. Here we have an old tape with a bunch of my favourite songs. Watch.” Marc explained as he held up a battered, scratched cassette. Then as if in a reverse timelapse, the scratches faded. The plastic took on a shiny factory fresh finish. Even the label looked a fresh new white once more.

“That's part what my semblance can do. But, you might ask, how's that different from reinforcing one's weapon with aura? Well for one, reinforcement doesn't actually repair items. It can activate dust based mechanics, strengthen otherwise mundane materials to pretty ridiculous levels and even give a hunter some control over how their weapon responds to certain actions. Actual repairs? That's kind of beyond the scope. Here my semblance comes in; I can share my aura completely with a device of my choosing. It literally becomes an extension of my body, like an arm or a leg.”

Marcus slipped down the hatch of his tank and popped the tape into the stereo. A soft song started to play in the background while the tank's engine roared to life. The turret swung around to point twin barrels that could easily fit a man's fist whole at Azure.

“Of course, with a full aura share comes more than just an insta-fix to mundane problems. Say Azure, how's your dodging? I prefer demonstration over plain old talky-exposition.”

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