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Forlorn Forrest (Open)

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1 Forlorn Forrest (Open) on Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:10 am

Richard Lionheart
The blue leaves danced with the gentle blowing of wind, at the proudest and largest they'd grow this year. Not far from the beaten path, a little more than ten meters, a man sat among the roots of a broad tree. His back to it's brown bark, arms folded in his sleeping state. A combination of the heat and shear laziness had driven a change in his apparel, a once normal long-sleeved T-shirt had been reduced to a thick brown vest. Without sleeves and riddled with holes. His trousers weren't much better, while they had retained their length, despise his efforts, they were dirtied with brown mud and shredded at the ankle. Suffice to say, fashion mattered little to him.

While he slept however the world around him surged with life. It wasn't uncommon for Finnek to be so vibrant, the bushes were bountiful and the soil fertile, but on this particular day it was especially so. There was a deer in the clearing before him, serene and elegant as it ate from the grass bellow. Sleek brown fur glistening with morning dew. If his chimp had been here it would have been long since scared away.

But in his uncaring, sleeping, presence... the world around him was at peace. Birds plucking at the ground, chirping as they hopped back and forth. A lopsided smile formed on the boy's face as his dreams filled with the sounds surrounding him. Unarmed for once, just enjoying his rest.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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