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Aalis Nutmegg [done!]

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1 Aalis Nutmegg [done!] on Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:47 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Aalis Nutmegg
Age: 23
Birthday: November 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 100 lbs
Face Claim: Edna, Tales of Zestiria  (recolor)

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Conversation, New Experiences, Stories, Herself
Dislikes: Cats, Atlas, Writer's block, Herself
Fears: Enclosed Spaces, Lack of Mobility, Herself
Overall Personality: Aalis' personality is a difficult one to describe. Those looking from the outside may choose to call it insane. No no, not the psychotic, violent type of insane, as the world needs no more of those, but the insanity of a cloud cuckoo lander. A mild insanity that generally still drives people away. In reality, Aalis herself has no personality, as it was stolen by itself. Developed until it became sentient enough to trap the girl within her own mind so that she was nothing but a puppet to herself. Her captor split into three known distinct personalities, different enough to be their own people. Aalis is quite stoic, speaking in monotone and is generally looked up to as the neutral judge. Aalis on the other hand, is more like a child, as optimistic as they come with an excitable temperament. All the while, Aalis tends to look down upon others, living life with a massive superiority complex that tells her the she, and only she, could ever be right. While Aalis gets along well with Aalis, Aalis sometimes has to work hard to be able to keep up with Aalis. And if Aalis is Aalis is Aalis, then what does that make Aalis?

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Cyan
Semblance: Though Aalis may seem short normally, she has the ability to double her size, growing to be up to 9' 4". Of course, she is also able to go the other way, shrinking down to her size in Inches, still visible but hard to catch.  Growing big gives her a Strength buff,  while shrinking provides more of a utility use.

Item 1: A dagger. Nothing Special here.

Item 2: N/A

History and Sample
Ever since she was a child, Aalis had an exceptional imagination.  She would make up suspenseful stories and compelling characters to share with her whole village in the mountains near Mistral. As her hometown was quite small in population, She and her tales were well known by the residents, and many of them figured she would grow up to be a fantastic playwright or poet. Her life was happy, fulfilling. She dreamed of taking her stories all around the world of Remnant and sharing them with all who chose to listen. Of course, things can change after  what feels like such a short amount of time, and plans can easily fall through.

As she aged her stories evolved, and she got into her creations as if they were real. In fact, as time went on she began to believe they were. She claimed her characters would come up to her and share their tales, and that she simply relayed them to everyone else. At first, the villagers passed this off as a genius' creative process and nothing more. However, as time went on they realized something was wrong. Aalis became more and more defensive with her writings, getting offended when someone did become moved by her words or upon facing criticism. She became secluded from her friends and family, and when someone DID see her she was muttering to herself, conversing with the heroes of her stories. It was her decent into madness

The villagers became quite worried. Their town's storyteller had become insane! With their minds and their hearts aligned, they staged an intervention for the troubled troubadour. They spoke to her, trying desperately to remind her that the characters in her stories were simply results of her strong imagination. Initially, Aalis was quite offended. How dare the townspeople barge into her home and tell her what was real and what was not? If they could not comprehend what only genius could see, who were they to blind the only one of them who could? Still, the young woman could not discount the sincerity of their concern. Perhaps there really was something wrong with her? As her loved ones continued to coax her into sanity, she began to follow them with less and less hesitation, and that was something that much of her mind could not accept.

Believing they had succeeded, the villagers left Aalis for the night. That was when her imagination attacked. Some of the characters of her stories decided it was time to take matters into their own hands and assume the role of Aalis herself. As the girl was asleep, these characters— the most prominent of which are referred to as Mouse, Ashe, and Regina in the stories— banded together to capture Aalis' subconscious as she dreamed. This effectively trapped the poor girl within her own mind.

The next morning, the villagers were shocked to find that Aalis' condition had gotten much worse overnight. She floated around the town with a glass expression, speaking to herself much more openly than before. While she used to seem as though she was just talking to an invisible person, now she was talking as if SHE was the invisible person, with everyone able to hear both sides of all of her conversations. She more or less ignored the presence of everyone around her, and when they approached her directly, it was like she couldn't remember anyone she once loved. In fact, it sometimes seemed as though she was PRETENDING to remember. This had gone too far, and the town was ready to make drastic measures for Aalis' own good.

Weeks later, an airship from Atlas had come for the former story teller. Though she had tried to resist, a random village girl like her had no chance against the forces of an Atleasean research team. She was taken away to a mental institution where she was studied and kept under watch for 2 years. Of course, while it was not the worst experience in the world, what was the point of becoming Aalis if she was just going to be stuck here, not doing anything? No no, it was better to be out in the world. So Aalis' selves devised a plan, acting as normal as possible so as to be let out of this place. However, this proved to be easier said than done, since it was a lot of teamwork required to pull it off. Never again. But for the moments in which it was absolutely required, they all managed to act in a passably normal way (mostly by letting Ashe take complete control for a month), enough so that she was let out, the doctors believing they had "cured" her when in fact, they were far from the truth.

Aalis collectively decided to start her journey somewhere obscure, somewhere that had a smaller chance of being caught by the loony bin. A place like Bellmuse. Now, Aalis lives her life as a collection of others, while she herself only truly exists trapped within her dreams.
RP Sample:
This man seemed to be a rather close-minded person. It caused a slight look of frustration with a hint of stubbornness to grace the musician's face. "Good on you for having an opinion and all, but you are not very open, are you Mr.......Man? You shouldn't count out what other people think about the world, or in this case, books. Bit of a life lesson for you there." Out of the corner of her eye, Melody spotted the redhead girl move, and when she looked, she was still picking up books. The blonde let out an irritated sigh. "And still she's cleaning up your mess?" Melody asked the guy, gesturing toward the girl. "Do your own dirty work! What's wrong with you? Are you Faunus or something?" She stopped, her eyes widening in realization of how much sense that made. "You aren't Faunus , are you?" She took a step back just in case. He looked pretty Human, but now she was paranoid.

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2 Re: Aalis Nutmegg [done!] on Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:02 am

Okay, I do believe I have finished

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3 Re: Aalis Nutmegg [done!] on Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:23 am

That backstory 0.0... lol.


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