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Shax Daemon

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1 Shax Daemon on Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:54 pm

Name: Shax Daemon

Age: 23

Birthday: September 13th

Gender: Male

Race: Stork Faunus

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 175 lbs

Face Claim:

Defense: 2
Resistance: 3
Spirit: 2

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat

Likes: Pain

Dislikes: Pop music
Annoying People

Fears: Getting Captured

Personality: Shax is a pain addict, a masochist if you will. Underneath his harsh exterior though he's a nice Faunus at heart. He doesn't mind helping out those in need. Get on his bad side though and you'll regret it! He has been known to kill those who betray him. He is also a singer by heart and has been known to hang out with Azrael Nighthood to practice songs for them to perform live. Shax is also an excellent chef. His favorite food to make is French toast. He worked as a head chef actually. He plans that when he retires he's going to open a restaurant in Vale so he can actually make a living off of something besides killing.

Aura Type: Recovery

Aura color: Blood Red

Semblance: Masochist's Pride: The more non-lethal pain you inflict upon Shax the stronger he becomes. So it's a Buff Semblance

Item 1 : his hollow  dagger Goetia which when loaded with red dust it can be lit up with the flick of the wrist

Item 2: Dust pouch with red Dust

Shax was born to Christina and Lucius Daemon. Christina Daemon died during childbirth leaving Lucius to raise Shax alone. Lucius blamed Shax for his wife's death and started drinking almost everyday. Up until he was 10 Shax lived in terror of his father. That was until Shax decided to strike back. One fateful evening Shax was alone in his room reading, all of a sudden, his father boots down the door and proceeds to beat Shax as he usually does. This time Shax reacted differently. He started laughing at the pain! Through his pain, Shax was able to find salvation. Lucius was appalled at what he was witnessing. That kid is supposed to be terrified, why isn't this working? Lucius left Shax on the floor laughing and went to grab his dagger, Goetia. Lucius ran charged back into Shax's room with the dagger and lunged at Shax with Goetia. Lucius was able to slash Shax across the chest but it only succeeded in making Shax cackle. Shax discovered that his pain made him faster and stronger. He was able to wrestle Lucius to the floor and yank the dagger out of his father's hand. Shax knew now was the time... he murdered his father and left his fathers remains on the floor. Shax had to get out of his home before the cops arrived. So Shax grabbed his father's money which amounted to 4000 lien and Goetia as well as some clothes. Shax took his bloodthirstiness to the streets. Shax made victims out of anyone stupid enough to cross his path. Shax enjoyed this but didn't really enjoy not getting hurt. So at the age of 17 with over 50 kills under his belt he set off to join the only academy that suited him. He dreamed of taking down Deathstalkers and Beowulfes. He wanted to train at Beacon Academy. But first he had to find a more powerful weapon. He went to a gunsmith and asked for an assault rifle. After acquiring his rifle, he decided to apply for Beacon. He waited about 1 month for a response. He was accepted! His story continues here...

RP Sample:
"ORDER UP!" Shax yelled from his kitchen. "Shax how many times do I have to tell you that this isn't a restaurant!" replied Azrael. "I'll pretend you didn't say that!" snapped Shax. *knocking on door* "Who is it?" Shax asked. "Your worst nightmare." replied the person at the door. "Adrian knock it off!" yelled Azrael. *Shax opens the door* "Welcome to Café Daemon!" Shax said. *Azrael sighs* "And there he goes with his stupid restaurant spiel" murmured Azrael. "I heard that and one day I WILL become a five star chef you just watch!" "So Shax whatcha making today?" asked Adrian. "French toast! Hope you enjoy it!" said shax proudly. (This is what Shax does! He is just a cooking fool!)  

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2 Re: Shax Daemon on Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:00 am

Hey there Shaex Demon! It seems like your app was accidentally glance over because the titled wasn't edited to show it was ready to be graded.

Your app seems alright, but there are a few things.

First and foremost, it seems like you didn't use the template. I hate to be that guy, BUT it's more for keeping things looking nice and neat. If you could change your app to fall under the template, which you can find here, we'd appreciate that.

Secondly, we have these cool things called skills now. I think this change was made before you made your app originally, but now each app must pick a single skill they excel at and a single skill they don't do so well. This current list can be found here, but for future reference it is the topic titled 'Skill List' in the 'Rules and Information' section.

Last, not gonna lie to you, man: that semblance description just isn't cutting the mustard. It's not missing all that much, you just need to let us know what you can buff and by how much, then we can go from there. Also, just so you know, you would have to pay aura every post to keep your buff active.

If you see this and make the edits I listed, you can be cooking more French toast in no time! :D

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