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Big World, Big City, Big Android (Open)

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1 Big World, Big City, Big Android (Open) on Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:20 pm

Flash Driver
Flash had been in Bellmuse for a while now. He must have walked freely on the city streets for a couple of years now, long enough for most of the citizens to become accustomed to seeing him. The shop keepers certainly were at the very least. Even though he didn't eat he'd often visit bakeries and food-stands, if only to collect food to give to others. He thought for a moment that perhaps he was staring to blend in, that he was just a regular fixture in this city, something people knew about and simply accepted, when a yellow balloon flew into his vision.

With his accurate sensors he was able to leap catch it's tail, scanning the land before him. He was standing by the fountain in the center of the city, the world around him hustling and bustling. Hardly noticing him. It was then that he saw her, a little girl with ram horns had fallen. Eyes welled up with tears and palms a bruised and scratched red.

He crept over, gently as the massive steel man could, kneeling down next to her. Her age was unfortunate, couldn't be much older than six, Flash hopped she was able to read.

"Are you okay little one? You Fleshy people need to be gentle with yourself, can't go falling over so hard." Flash scanned the surrounding area, not a single person had stopped. "Where are your parents? Are they around?"

Unsurprisingly, having been approached by a massive green machine in a pink apron, the girl was quite confused. Any attempt made at reading his screen was brief, she was soon enamored by the balloon in his hand. Reaching for it. He gently lowered it to her, wrapping and loosely tying the ribbon around her arm.

With that done the little girl rose, still much shorter than the droid even as he knelt. Looking around the sea of bodies that surrounded her. A lost look on her face. Flash rose slightly, gently ruffling the dungaree clad girl's hair.

"Are you lost?"

She didn't even look to his face, instead making a snotty bubbling sound. On the verge of crying again. The droid gently took her hand, leading her a few steps from the crowd and sitting her on the bench before the fountain.

"Hey don't worry, I'll cry- try to find your parents okay? They can't have gotten too far."

But with that the child started to ball, the flustered droid with his awkward body unable to calm her.

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2 Re: Big World, Big City, Big Android (Open) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:44 pm

With the day's weather only getting better and better the blonde teen walked the town. She had just finished getting settled up at Syne, it'd had taken a whole day of taking her stuff and moving into the dorm. She then toured the campus, met some teachers all before spending most of the night tinkering with her sword in what was an unsuccessful attempt at improving it. Inori was just looking forward to unwinding while walking around Bellmuse, something about the quaint city streets calmed her, the people always were very friendly and she knew a good deal of the store owners having lived here for almost six years now.

Inori was heading nowhere in particular, just letting her feet walk. She passed a bakery and stopped in front of the window. The amazing line of cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and pies looked amazing which reminded her that she might pick one up for tonight, maybe just a slice, she was having dinner with her Father tonight and he might enjoy a little something extra. She moved her left wrist in front of her and dialed on her tactical pad. While it was an excellent tool for combat and learning information, it also was a nice invention for keeping notes such as a grocery list! She added to stop by later that day and put a question mark next to cheesecake letting herself know of the possible interest in that particular type of sweet. Inori closed the program on her wrist and took one last glance at the food inside the window before moving on down the street. As she approached the center of the city she saw a scene unfold, what look to be a person from a distance, he was minding his own business when a yellow balloon almost floated by him before he leaped into the air and caught it. Inori stopped her movement and her eyebrows raised at the athletic display. The man seemed odd and then she figured out what it was that made him seem so and Inori couldn't believe she didn't notice sooner! He wasn't a man at all but an Andriod! Her mind practically exploded, she had worked on certain Androids at the lab but they were just shells, hardly as polished as this one, she had to get closer...but she'd need an excuse. She couldn't just nerd out for no reason in front of him, that would be weird. Inori noticed the girl crying and saw her chance, was it selfish? Maybe, but this could be her opportunity to see this Andriod up close and do a good deed potentially in the process. Inori took a deep breath and walked towards the duo. She came just in time to read a message on the Andriod's screen.

"Hey don't worry, I'll cry- try to find your parents okay? They can't have gotten too far." the girl started to ball and Inori winced, she wasn't the best in these kinds of situations. What could she do...?! She swallowed and waved calmly at the girl who was now sitting on the bench, she was inconsolable and Inori was thinking this wasn't the best idea for her to have randomly involved herself, she glanced at the Andriod and tried not to stare at its flawless work, whoever made this was certainly a genius. Inori shook herself, this wasn't the time for this! Inori took the little girls hand, she was a little unsure but she pulled up a small hologram on her tactical pad, it was a panda bear who flopped onto his stomach and rolled over. It was a looping video clip. The little girl giggled through her tear covered cheeks, hopefully, she would cheer up a little. Silly little things like that tended to break the ice, it seemed to work. Inori counted her blessings, thank god her tactical pad was hooked up to her scroll otherwise that little trick wouldn't have been possible. She took her own eyes off the screen and back at the little girl.

"Hey sweetie...where are your parents?" she repeated the Androids question, the girl stopped crying and sniffed before she simply pointed toward the very same bakery that Inori was just next to, what a coincidence! Inori offered her hand toward the girl, hoping it wouldn't be super creepy that she would be leading someone that wasn't related to her off somewhere. "Come on! Let's go find them." the girl took Inori's hand and Inori turned toward the Andriod. "Will you come as well? I'm sure the girl would like the hero who saved her balloon to come." she acknowledged that she saw the balloon catching display. Inori hoped the girl would say yes or some sort of approval, she wanted to talk to the Andriod and maybe ask it a few questions. Luckily the girl nodded and cutely muttered "Balloon!" Inori giggled and led the girl toward the shop. Inori nodded happily on both accounts.

Inori looked back towards the Andriod.

"I never got your name? Mine's Inori, it's a pleasure." she waved her free hand at him. She nodded forward indicating that they could interact while they walked, she had so many questions but she'd play it cool right now, she didn't want to seem strange.

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3 Re: Big World, Big City, Big Android (Open) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:27 pm

Flash Driver
Flash was happily surprised when a fleshy one walked over, he initially thought this might be the mother though soon realized she was probably too young to be so. That and judging biologically it was rather unlikely the child would have so few traits of her mother. But as she revealed some kind of wrist gizmo, a hologram of a panda appearing. He quickly turned a set of optics to the little girl.

Glad to see her finally somewhat happy the large droid let some words slip from his mind to his screen, "I'm glad she's okay now >.< I'm afraid she was finding me quite un-bear-able. I'm so very thankful you showed up ^^" He started to walk toward the bakery ahead of the two, acting as almost a shield to ease their passing through the crowded streets. Hearing her speak, asking her name, his head turned a whole one hundred and eighty degrees. Making sure she could clearly see the words on his face, "My name is Flash Driver, Second year student at Syne Academy ^^ It is nice to meet you Miss Inori. I am here to provide service for whatever is needed whenever it is ^^ Fleshy ones use me a lot for help and I enjoy helping them."

Using his optics to maintain safe passage, only halting when necessary to let the elderly passed or a family, he reached the bakery's door and tried to gently open the mostly glass door. Holding it open and waving the two through, returning his head to it's front with a "^^" on his face and the words "Roll on through." He would follow in after them, trying to step lightly so as not to draw attention nor damage the floor.

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