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Final Tweaks [Solo, Weapon Upgrade/Second Form]

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Today was the day. Finally it had arrived. The last few materials that Lloyd needed to complete Gae Bulg had just been delivered to him. Rubbing his hands together as he stared at the crate, he began his work.

As of custom with how he works, Lloyd obviously dismantled his weapon, all of it was now a well arranged catalog of spare parts laying on the floor of his dorm room. Turning towards the package, which was a weapon case, he opened it to reveal the latest model of an anti-material rifle that wasn't even available for the public as it was a military exclusive model. How did he got it? Well... lets say that some weapon company sent it to him as a sympathy gift after the latest event concerning his father...

Lloyd took a moment to admire the weapon, but not for the reason you'd think. He was looking for how to dismantle this gun and would have been labeled as an idiot for doing that but he didn't care. First of he only needed the core component of it and no one was around to see him destroy this beauty of ballistic ingenuity. Beginning his dismantling, Lloyd ended up removing the firing mechanism, the barrel and magazine slot, so basically the skeleton of the rifle. He then lied the pieces on the floor and aligned others from the lance near them and tried to see how he could fuse those two different weapons in order for them to work well together.

He did need to consider the fact that his lance could extend and that part made it difficult to implement the barrel without having to work on it so it could collapse the same way. The piece was also made from a sturdy steel that he never worked with before, so he didn't want to risk damaging it by trying things. Instead, Lloyd decided that he would rebuild his lance around the core of the rifle, but in two parts. The first would be the lance core, which would be usable on its own and house the firing mechanism of the gun and the second the the barrel and the magazine. everything would be connected and functional upon insertion of the first part into the second.............. Lloyd realized how all that sounded in his mind and shook his head before continuing his work.

After about two hours of work, it was done. Gae Bulg had now achieved a new level and was ready to be used in melee and ranged encounters. The only thing that Lloyd didn't liked was that he needed to remove the lance part from the second if he wished to use it efficiently because of the general weight of the weapon. When shooting with it, all he has to do is crouch or lie down on the ground so it wasn't too bad. "If only it was my right arm that had been chopped off... everything would have been simpler... way simpler..." did he said out loud to himself while admiring his new gunlance, happy about the result overall.


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