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Serenity, Solitude and Ember [Open]

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1 Serenity, Solitude and Ember [Open] on Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:11 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
It had been a long while sins Lothric had taken himself a true day off from his training and studies, even over the summer he had continued to train and harness his skill while keeping his mind sharp by reading volume after volume on everything from Grimm biology to poetry. Still today there was something gnawing at the back of his mind, something he had noticed in the news and it haunted him heavily.

Wearing only some simple blue jeans and a black long sleeved shirt, Lothric had not been able to dress properly when the news had hit him and not for a lack of trying but it was just something within his mind that had been screaming at him to get away from it all.

Letting out a heavy sigh he once more looked at the small pendant he had received from his mother when he had not been more then a simple child. "It can't be, no they wouldn't risk the travel just to come here. Or well I doubt they would..." it was still his own voice saying these things but Lothric couldn't figure why he would say them, it had been clear from the point where the he had chosen his flames above his family, there was no going back for him and there certainly was no way his father would ever forgive him right?

Shaking his head a few times Lothric looked around and noticed he had reached the clearing of the forest and let out another sigh. "Clearly I am in need of something to take my mind away from what is potentially going to happen when or if I meet them." still holding his normal tone Lothric was putting a lot of effort to keep his composure and even tho he was fairly certain no one else was around he would not give up his composure so easily.

Them, it felt like a life time ago that Lothric had turned his back on the family and his father most of all, could it be that they where her to settle the score and attempt to break his spirit just so that they could savior their victory. Lothric felt anger at these thoughts but there was not much to do and if they came after him he would, he would...

"What will I do when I and forced to face them again..." his voice started to crack slightly as he forced himself to continue his words even tho his mind screamed against it "Will...I...Embrace them or will...I...Burn them!" he shouted the last bit and as he did the area around him burst into fire and slowly it spread until he was completely engulfed by the growing inferno. Control was not in his mind any more as his mind started to torment him with screams and images of people burning and how they reacted to it and then beyond all of it he heard his own voice say They deserved it!

Lothric opened up his eyes and was terrified by the sight in front of him self. The fire seemed so alien and dangerous this time, it was well beyond his control, he was engulfed by it and before Lothric knew panic had set in as he started to scream while he fell to his knees.

They DESERVED it! THEY DESERVED IT! the same voice his voice rang through his mind as the fire seemed to grow in size before it quickly extinguished itself. Lothric slowly with panicked eyes looked around at the damage he had caused and then over his own being as he looked for any burn marks but there where none. "I had at least that much control over it..." his voice sounded wrong as if he was on the verge of tears but with a strong hate deep inside "I can't see them like this, never like this."
Lothric looked up to the skies as tears started to form in his eyes and slowly made their way down his face before landing on the scorched ground around him.

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